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Games Like Adventure Quest – Free To Play Online

adventure quest gameAre you looking to play some games like Adventure Quest online? Well check out the list below and I think you will find one. Adventure Quest is an online single player role playing game. Its fighting system is based on a turn based system and usually involves players attacking or being attacked by different types of monsters including dragons. As players defeat these monsters, they gain experience points, gold and sometimes even Z-tokens which is the currency that can also be bought with real money. As players gain experience throughout the game, they can upgrade their armor and weapons that obviously allows them to do better in battles.

Within Adventure Quest, players can purchase houses with Z-tokens. They can then place guards outside the house so that when other players want to get in, they must battle the guards first. Some buildings do supply things like potions that players love to get their hands on. Adventure Quest also has some other features that make it great game such as clan availability and skill points. Enough chatting though, let’s get to the list that you came here for in the first place!

Top Free Online Games Like Adventure Quest

Grand Chase

If you are looking for the best 2D side scrolling game out there that is similar to Adventure Quest then you have to check out Grand Chase! It has amazing graphics and design and has so much to offer its users. With 3 continents to explore and the ability to switch between any character you unlock at anytime, Grand Chase gives you no limitations to your game play. It is set in a medieval action packed fantasy world where you explore the landscape and fight for your survival. There is also an awesome co-op system implemented in allowing you to play with your friends. I could go on and on about features of Grand Chase but you got to check it out for yourself. I guarantee within the first hour of playing you will be locked in, loving every moment of game play!

Features of Grand Chase

  • Ability to freely switch between multiple characters
  • 3 continents to explore
  • Ability to play with your friends in co-op mode
  • Amazing graphics and game design
  • Completely free to play

Dragon Fable

dragon fableDragon Fable is a browser based single-player fantasy role-playing game found online. It is actually the prequel to Adventure Quest itself. Players can go on quests where at the end, they usually have to fight a boss. Dragon Fable is full of adventure and great features. I’m not going to explain much about Dragon Fable for it is played almost exactly like AQ is.

Features of Dragon Fable

  • Set story line for players to follow
  • Bosses that are very powerful and challenging after each quest
  • Unique battle system with special attacks

Adventure Quest Worlds

adventure quest worldsThis is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that is browser based. The plot of it is centered around the player hunting down the 13 Lords of Chaos. The player can choose to do so as a good or evil character. A great feature of AQW is that the battling system is based in real time. No more turn based battling! This game is obviously based off the original as you can tell by its name but does have a bit more to offer.

Features of Adventure Quest Worlds

  • Ability to obtain loyal pets
  • All new quests and unique gear to collect
  • Battling system is based in real time

Mech Quest

mech questMech Quest in a sci-fi role playing game that can be found online and is free to play. The setting of this game is on a star ship until players reach level three and then they have the capability to land the ship and begin on land in a city called Soluna City. As players progress through Mech Quest they receive credits which in return can be used for things like new weapons and mech. This game is made by the same developers as three games above so it will look and feel the same.

Features of Mech Quest

  • Destructive war machine battles instead of humans or wizards
  • New and unique equipment, story lines and items
  • The game is always in development so new weapons and quests are always popping up

Dream of Mirror Online

dream of mirror onlineDream of Mirror Online is a free to play massively multiplayer online role playing game with a story line based on Chinese ancient mythology. This game has a similar look to Adventure Quest except it has more of a 3D look to it instead of a 2D look. The main story line involves an artifact called the Kunlun Mirror which is a device that can copy anything from the real world in order to keep a record of things that actually exist. An event caused this mirror to have a flawed reflection making people that look into it turn into creatures. It is players responsibility to find out what is going on with the mirror!

Features of Dream of Mirror Online

  • 4 different races of characters to choose from
  • Job system very similar to the one in the Final Fantasy games
  • Ability to care for a pet that will help in battle
  • Once characters reach level 15 they are eligible to go on the quests available in the game

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