Games Like Age of Empires – Free To Play Online

age of empiresAge of Empires is a real time strategy game that was first released in 1997 and has since come out with 6 squeals and 3 spin offs. Everyone knows how awesome this game is and it can easily be compared to a game such as Civilization or even Evony. Within this game players simply create a Greek civilization in which they progress through being a tiny village to a massive empire.

Players can play this game with their friends if they would like while creating either friendly rivals or allies. Not only can you just create an empire in this game but you can also embark on quests and explore an open world of animated characters and epic tales. You have the choice to attack other civilizations or leave them be. Age of Empires allows its players to engage in adventure and even history and has a ton of in game features to offer.

For all of the reasons mentioned above and more, online game players are always looking for free alternatives to Age of Empires. Well look no further because we have found a bunch of games online as closely related to it as possible and every single one of them is completely free to play. We have tried to list them according to relevancy meaning the first game is the closest as possible to Age of Empires (Which it really is almost an exact match!). Check them out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is always encouraged.

Best Online Games like Age of Empires – Free To Play

Castle Empire

castle empireWhen I first came across Castle Empire I thought it was to good to be true. This game truly brings all the features that Age of Empires does but is a free to play browser based strategy game and it even does it with great graphics and design. When you see a knock off game of another game you usually think that it is going to be bad graphics and limited game play. But not in this case.

Within Castle Empire, players of this amazing game control a group of settlers who are simply trying to turn their tiny village into a great empire with flourishing castles and structures. You can send workers into the forest to cut down trees and gather resources which allows you to build your city faster. Different resources are needed for different structures. All buildings can be upgraded and obviously the more you upgrade a building the larger and more castle like it becomes. Castle Empire has so much to offer its users while being a free to play browser game and for that reason it has become one of my favorite online games.

Features of Castle Empire

  • Based on a classic system of advancement
  • 9 different types of troops to be developed to help protect your city and conquer others
  • You have the ability to collapse your buildings in order to build better or more expensive ones
  • Ability to create roads between your villages or empires
  • Tons of unique resources all used for different things


grepolisGrepolis is a massively multiplayer online game that is completely browser based and set in Ancient Greece. Within this game, players simply build their own massive city and then raise their armies to take over the world with. Armies can consist of land troops, naval troops and even mythological troops that are very powerful. Grepolis shares many of the same features that Age of Empires does but also takes a lot of features that Civilization has. Take a look below for some of the in game features.

Features of Grepolis

  • Raid non-player character villages as well as real players
  • Tons different unit types including ships & mythological troops
  • Completely free to play and browser based
  • Collect different resources that can be used to build your city and army

Chronicles of Merlin

chronicles of merlinChronicles of Merlin is a real time strategy game that seems to be a great mix between games like Age of Empires and Risk. Players have the ability to construct massive cities to grow their armies and then their armies can be sent out to attack other civilizations across the land. Outside of the building process within Chronicles of Merlin, the game reminds me of a 3D risk game . This is also considered a massively multiplayer online role playing game and features very detailed formation selection as well as the ability to upgrade certain character “heroes”. Capturing different parts of the land and gathering different resources are key to becoming the most powerful force in Chronicles of Merlin.

Features of Chronicles of Merlin

  • Tons of challenging quests to check out
  • browser based and completely free to play game
  • Detailed formation selection
  • Vast number of buildings to construct including a City Hall that collects taxes