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Games Like Angry Birds – Free To Play Online

angry birds gameBelow is a list of games like Angry Birds but first, lets find out a little about this game. Angry Birds is a puzzle video game that original become popular on apple’s iPhone. It sold over 12 million copies just in Apple’s app store and is now available for other touch screen based smart phones like the Android.

Within this game, players use a sling shot/launcher to shoot birds towards various structures made of objects such as ice or wood. Within these structures, there are pigs that must fall to the ground and blow up. In order to pass the level, players must destroy all the pigs with a set amount of birds. Some may think this is easy but trust me, it gets pretty tough!

As players progress through the different levels, birds that do different things appear and can be used by the players. Some examples of different tyoes are: blue ones can separate into three birds which covers more area, yellow ones can speed up while in the air making for a larger impact, black ones explode and white ones can drop eggs that explode. In later levels, every bird can be very useful for different types of structures. So lets check out the list of games like angry birds.

Best Free Games Like Angry Birds Online

Angry Birds Rio

angry birds rioThis is a game where you catapult birds trying to knock down forts that are made with different materials. These forts are not stacked very well. Every fort has a unique week spot, where the whole fort will collapse if you hit the perfect spot. This game looks as if it is an upgraded version to the original one.

The game includes 60 different levels, with you having to beat the boss at the end. The cool thing about it is that you get to fight against Nigel (the boss) in the 60th level. For those who do not know who Nigel is, he is the bad guy from Rio. Furthermore, you also get to fling the two main birds from Rio, Blue and Jewel.

Ninja Dogs

ninja dogsNinja dog is another catapult game where you fling different types of dogs towards cats trying to kill/destroy them. You are ultimately trying to save the ninja dog master from the black cats. There are many different levels, and each level has a different fort. Each ninja dog has a unique specialty. For example, one ninja dog can shoot a dart in midair, while another can release fire.

Features of Ninja Dogs

  • Tons of achievements to unlock
  • Multiple types of dogs to fling different structures
  • Challenging yet fun to play game

Chick N Bash

chick n bashChick N Bash is exactly like Angry Birds except instead of slingshotting birds, players slingshot chickens towards a pile of bricks, hay bales, pigs, roosters, mean wolves and farmers. Play through ten levels of great Chick N Bash fun!

Features of Chick N Bash

  • 10 challenging levels to work your way through
  • Multiple types of farm animals to destroy
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Free to play online

Crush the Castle

crush the castleCrush the Castle is a game very much like the ones above but instead of using birds to destroy the structures, players use a catapult full of rocks. There are many different rocks that can be used in the catapult including a small rock, three small rocks, a medium rock and three medium rocks (you get the picture!). Destroy all the castle structures and you win the game.

Features of Crush the Castle

  • Multiple types of rocks to catapult
  • Challenging structures to destroy
  • Tons of levels to work your way through

Siege Master

siege masterSiege Master is a catapult game where you are the chosen mercenary hired to destroy and take over land. You get to select different missions; sometimes you are just destroying buildings and enemies, and other times you are killing the enemies but trying to save different things, such as an oil field or a church. Try to see how much land you can conquer by using three different types of medieval weapons and ammo.

Features of Siege Master

  • Very challenging structures to destroy
  • Levels where there are people in the structures you cannot destroy making for a challenge
  • Ton of levels to play through


siegeSieger is a great game where players shoot rocks at different castle structures trying to kill all the kings men within them. There are 28 different levels as well as three different rocks that players can use to shoot at these structures. To win a level, players must kill all the kings men and save the hostages. The fewer shots players use the better rank they get!

Features of Sieger

  • 28 different levels to play through
  • Hostages in the levels that cannot be killed or you lose
  • Free to play right through your browser

If you want to play the original Angry Birds find it at the Apple Store!