Avalon Heroes Review

Avalon Heroes, or Avalon Online, is a 3D fantasy based massively multiplayer online game where players battle it out against their enemies in individual matches that can range any where from 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5. Most of this game is based off of the popular Warcraft III modification Dota.

To win a battle in Avalon heroes, players simply need to destroy what is called the “Sacred Nest”. This is very similar to the “Nexus” in the game called League of Legends. In order to do so, teams must work together. Teams consist of all the players that joined the game as well as computer controlled non player characters.

Killing enemy characters and non player characters gives players experience as well as gold which allows players to improve their characters. One great feature of Avalon Heroes is that during battles, creatures in the woods drop special items that can then be used to summon level 25 non player characters that help teams destroy the enemy teams “Sacred Nest”. A normal match lasts an average time of 45 minutes.

avalon heroesKey Features of Avalon Heroes –

  • Acquirable skill system
  • Single player mode and Battle mode
  • More than 7 maps to battle on
  • Countless number of Heroes to choose from
  • Solid online ranking system
  • Hero customization system