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Best Android Games 2014 – Top 10

Are you looking for the Top games for your Android device for 2014? Well we have just the list for you. These devices are becoming more popular as time goes by and for that reason, the demand for gaming apps are skyrocketing. Games will always be around because they pass the time and they are simply fun and exciting to play. If you own an Android device you know that one of the main reasons you bought it was because of the fact that you could play games on it! There are a ton of awesome game apps on the market that are now available and I want to share with you the top android games of 2014. Check out the list below for the games and don’t be afraid to try them out. Let us know if your experience was a good one for I believe it will be.


Top 10 Android Games of 2012


Flight Director – Can you imagine completely controlling all air traffic from around the world? Well Flight Director allows you to do just that. This is an air strategy game that allows you to direct the flow of airplanes, helicopters and jets. How do you do such a thing? Well, it is pretty simple. All you do is click/touch the air craft that you want to control and drag a line across your screen where you want the air craft to land safely. If you let any air craft hit the edge of your screen, it will bounce back until you land it safely. If planes crash into one another or do not land safely, then you lose. Flight Director may sound kind of corny or boring but trust me, this is one of the most addictive games around. As you progress through it, more air crafts appear on your screen for you to control making the air more crowded and harder to manage.


Zenonia 2 – Zenonia 2 is an awesome role playing game available for any Android device. At first glance, it reminds me of old school Zelda and Diablo mixed together. It has a ton of features including character customization, a huge item system in place, a great skill tree system and multiple challenging quests. You can even battle against your friends in a player vs player combat arena. The world within Zenonia 2 is a vast one at that and completely open. With 1250 items to discover as well as 52 different items to own, you will virtually always have something unique to do within Zenonia 2. It is said that there are over 80 hours of epic gameplay that Zenonia 2 features including an awesome storyline. What are you waiting for? Check it out today.


ToonWarz – Are you looking for something like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor but better for your android device? ToonWarz is a great first person shooter video game with a more animated look to it. Use sniper rifles, shotguns and machine guns to mow down your enemies. It features single player modes as well as multiplayer modes where players can battle against others online. With its stunning graphics and great visuals, ToonWarz will blow your mind. If the default control setup is not working for you, ToonWarz allows you to change them up so that your controls are where you want them to be. If you are looking for a 3D online shooter for your android device then you definitely need to check out ToonWarz  and battle against hordes of maniac enemies.


Dante: The Inferno – If Diablo was one of your favorite games and you are looking for one just like it on your Android device, then look no further. Dante: The Inferno features 121 different levels bringing you through each circle of hell. With its epic storyline and eye catching graphics, you will play this game until there is nothing more for you to do in it. In Dante: The Inferno, players take the role of Dante. The love of his life has been taken by the devil himself and it is your job to save her.  Work your way through the the five circles of hell battling evil bosses and avoiding enemies to do just that.


Shadow Guardian HD – Shadow Guardian is a game that mixes elements from Call of Duty to elements from Assassin’s Creed. It is an action packed game that is full of adventure and exploration. It features unbelievably gorgeous graphics and an epic storyline. Players of this game take the role of an investigative journalist, recently a soldier,  who is trying to stop an evil group of mercenaries from stealing a powerful and precious relic. You will work your way through levels such as Egyptian temples and the ruins of India finding massive treasures and battling evil enemies who will stop at nothing to kill you so that they can steal what they think belongs to them. When developers combine first person/third person shooter game elements with adventure game elements you get one thing; one of the best games on the market.


Riptide GP – Do you remember Waverunner for the Nintendo 64? Riptide GP is almost an exact clone of that game and is available for any Android device. It features 12 different water raceways with 3 different modes. These game modes include race mode, hot lap mode and championship mode. Race to beat your own time or battle against pro racers from around the world to see who is declared world champion. Riptide GP has amazing graphics and a ton of game content. Players can unlock up to 6 different jet skies and pick which one they would like to race with. Riptide even allows you to race against your friends and others to see who can reach the top of the leader boards and stay there.


Fruit Ninja – Everyone knows what Fruit Ninja is right? Well if you don’t then you got to try it right now. It might be the most addicting game out there and has a ton of modes and features. What is the object of this addictive game? Well it is simple. All you do is wait for fruit to start flying through your screen and you simply use your finger to slice through it. Watch out though, mixed in with the fruit are bombs. If you accidentally hit one of these bombs you will either lose or you will be frozen for awhile and lose points depending on the game mode that you are playing. There are also power ups mixed in with the fruit that allow for you to get more points quicker. These power ups are in the form of bananas and do anything ranging from slowing the fruit down or throwing a ton of fruit through your screen for you to slice. This is easily my favorite game out of this list and is definitely one that you need to try.


Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim – Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a strategy game very similar to The Settlers. While growing your kingdom from a tiny settlement to a massive empire, you send out your armies to take over other parts of the land. Your army consists of 10 different types of soldiers all with unique weapons, statistics and armor. Send them out to battle against 12 different types of monsters who will stop at nothing to destroy your kingdom. Your army can battle with their weapons or choose from dozens of powerful and magical spells. There are also a variety of different buildings, 30 in all, that you can build within your kingdom that each bring something unique to your city. If you like games such as Civilization or The Settlers then you will love Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.


Sentinel 3: Homeworld – This is easily one of the best tower defense games for Android devices and features over 20 different defensive units that you can purchase within the game. Sentinel 3 features 2 unique modes including classic and endless mode. I love endless game mode because it keeps throwing enemies at you until it becomes too much to handle. You battle it out until you reach the level that you just cannot pass. What is different about this tower defense game is that in your armory you can fully customize the weapons you use for your defense. The graphics within Sentinel 3 are unreal and even the music that plays throughout gameplay impressed me. If the tower defense genre is what you are all about, then this should be the first game you check out on your Android device.


Grow –Grow is a simple game where players take the role of a fish who has a huge appetite. You start off as a tiny little minnow and eat only the fish that are smaller than you. After eating so many fish, you will grow a little bit. Keep doing this until you are the largest fish in the sea. Be careful though, if you get to close to a fish that is bigger than you then it will eat you and it is game over. Grow features 78 different levels spread out through 7 different environments. This game also features 6 unique types of enemy fish and 17 available upgrades waiting to be unlocked. Do you have what it takes to get to the top of the global leader boards?


If you have the Samsung Galaxy Android device, check out the top games of 2014 for that as well!