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Best Free Game Apps 2014 – Top 10

Are you looking for a list of free game apps? With tablets and smart phones becoming so popular it only makes sense that gaming apps are at more of a demand. When you look for these you want the best ones right? Of course you do. No one likes going to a top ten list and finding games that are no fun. That’s why I have put together this top ten list of the best free games out there available for smart phones and tablets. There are 5 available for apple devices as well as 5 for android devices and they are all free to play. Don’t be afraid to check them out and let us know how it goes. Also, if you have a game you think should be on this list, let us know and we will throw it up for you.


Top 5 Apple apps: iPad, iPhone and iPod


Temple Run – Temple run has become a vastly popular game on apple devices as well as droid devices. It is on the top 50 most downloaded apps of 2011 and is an amazingly addicting to play. Players take the role of a character who has stolen an idol from an ancient temple. Now you must escape while a group of evil monkeys tries to catch you. You simply run down a path while jump over obstacles or diving under them by sliding your finger either up or down the screen. There is no finish line so you keep going until you either die or the monkeys catch you. There are gold coins that you can collect that can be used in the store to purchase upgrades or even special power-ups. If you haven’t played Temple Run before then you got to check out it. It is one of the best games out there and is completely free to play.



Angry Birds HD Free – Every one has heard of Angry Birds right? Well now there is a free to play app that is just as awesome as the version that you can purchase. If you have never played this game, the idea behind it is simple. All you do is fling different types of birds with unique abilities, towards structures with evil pigs in them. Destroy all the evil pigs in the level and move on to the next. It may seem kind of boring and not so exciting but trust me, it is an awesome game and millions of people have already played. As you progress through the game, different birds are awarded to you which will help you to destroy the more well built structures.



Words With Friends – Words With Friends is said to be the Scrabble of online gaming. The basic game idea is the same. All you do is play against one of your friends and create words from the group of letters given to you to try to gain the most points. When one of you cannot make a word with your given letters then the game is over and who ever has the most points at that time wins. This is another very simple game to play but very addicting as well. One good thing about it is that you do not need to constantly play it, you simply can play it throughout the day and it is your turn whenever your friend makes a word. There is no time limit as to when you need to choose your word.



Pocket Legends – Pocket Legends is the most popular massively multiplayer online role playing game app for all iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. Explore a vast open world with millions of other players online. Starting out, you can choose between 3 different character classes each that have unlimited skill combinations. From there you simply start going on challenging quests either alone or with other players online. Uncover massive treasures and secrets of the land while battling evil creatures and gruesome monsters. Pocket Legends has a ton of content as well as a variety of features. If you are looking for a great adventure/role playing game then this should be at the top of your list.



Tower Madness HD – Tower Madness is one of the top tower defense games available for apple devices and does so with great graphics and a 3D design. Defend your land from evil aliens who will stop at nothing to destroy you. Tower Madness features 9 different weapon types as well as 5 upgrades for each one. Weapons range any where from cannons and plasma guns to missiles and mortars. There are 30 challenging levels for you to work your way through, each with its own unique and diverse environment. Try out the all so popular endless mode and put your skills to the test. Fight off waves of enemies until they are just to much for you to handle.


Top 5 Android apps: HTC Evo, Samsung Epic, Droid Razr, Droid Bionic, AT & T Inspire and My Touch 4g


Air Control – Take control of all the air space and point the air traffic where you want and need it to go. Air Control puts you in charge of an airport like environment where any mistake in your guidance could lead to terrible destruction. Players simple re-route air traffic so that all planes and jets land safely and securely.  Making one mistake may make them run into one another and then it is game over for you. Like many smart phone and tablet games, Air Control may seem simple and boring but once you start playing it you will not be able to stop.



Fruit Ninja Free – Fruit Ninja is one of the bombest games out there and is probably one of the easiest and simplest. So what is it all about? Well all you do is wait for fruit to start appearing on your screen and simply slide your finger through it to cut it into two. Watch out though, mixed in with all different types of fruit are bombs. If you accidentally slice one of these bombs you lose points and potentially the game. Fruit Ninja offers a variety of modes to check out and even online leader boards. Do you have what it takes to get the ultimate high score?



Let’s Golf! HD – Let’s Golf is a great golf game with awesome animated styled graphics and design. Play golf in outer space or even next to the Great Wall of China. Let’s Golf allows you to play golf in outrageous places and has a ton of content to offer. Your character is fully customizable as well, with different accessories such as clothing, hair styles and clubs. You can even play against people from across the world to try to reach the top of the leader boards. Swipe and slide your finger across your screen to hit the ball as far and accurate as possible. What are your golf skills like?



Assaulter: War on Terror – Assaulter: War on Terror is a shooter game app that reminds me a lot of the Contra games from way back in the day. While going through levels of enemies, your character will shoot automatically which limits your controls to running, jumping, and rolling out of the way of enemy fire as well as picking up bigger and better weapons. Machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles are all available for you to use. Do everything you can to defeat all the terrorists you see for they will stop at nothing to kill you.



Fast Five the Movie: Official Game HD – Have you seen Fast Five the movie? Well this is a game based completely off the movie and allows you to get behind the wheel of cars such as the Dodge Challenger and Charger. Become one of the top racers in the world and check this game out today. It even has devastating events happen during your races such as the environment collapsing or even the track changing in front of your eyes.


If this list of free game apps does not cut it for you, let us know how we can improve it!