Best Free Online Games for 2014 – Top 10

Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free online games for 2014 to help you find some new games to play for the new year. They all cover a variety of different types including mmorpg’s, strategy, virtual simulation, sandbox building, and online battles! Each and everyone brings something new and unique to the table and there is one for every type of game player. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list below and let us know what you think of the game you choose!


Top Free Online Games of 2012


luvinia review

Luvinia – Luvinia is a 3D massively mutliplayer online role playing game with amazing cel-shaded anime style graphics. Players simply take the role of a character placed in a world of war a chaos where a variety of nations have been split into two alliances. Luvinia features a very extensive class system for its characters including 15 starting classes and many sub-classes. The world within the game is a very diverse and unique one at that with a variety of different environments including space like and lava like environments. Luvinia truly has a ton of things to offer to its users and it is nothing short of an outrageously awesome online game.



Drakensang – Drakensang online is a very unique role playing game that is played very similar to diablo. It is a hack and slash game with a big emphasis on raiding dungeons and defeating treacherous dragons scattered across the land. It has very good graphics and plenty of quests available for its users to fulfill. One great thing about Drakensang is that there is no download required to  play it. It can be played right through your browser and is easily one of the best browser based games out there. If quests and exploration is not what you are looking for then the player vs player arena battles may be something you want to check out. There are multiple mode variations and the combat is fast paced and challenging.



Wizard 101 – Wizard 101 is another massively multiplayer online role playing game where players take the role of a wizardry student who has recently discovered that one of his/her professors is not who he seems to be. The storyline is based on the player finding out what this professors evil plans are and ultimately stopping him from following through with them. There are also a number of other missions where the player helps other wizards carry out dangerous missions throughout the world of Spiral (the world within Wizard 101). Wizard 101 features amazing 3D animated graphics and is full of witches, wizards and warlocks.



Second Life – Second Life is an online social entertainment website where players can virtually do whatever they can think of. Within the game players can explore the world known as the grid, meet other players, socialize with them, participate in individual or group activities, and even create and trade virtual property/services with each another. Second Life features a three-dimensional modeling tool that allows players to build any virtual product they so desire. There is also the ability to create and customize your own virtual space if you so choose. Players can purchase this space on the mainland or even buy their own island. There are virtually no limits within Second Life.


bubble tanks tower defense

Fiesta – Fiesta is another massively multiplayer online role playing game with 3D cel-shaded graphics a lot like Luvinia. It has a very upbeat and vibrant look and feel to it. Gameplay is based strongly on players going on challenging quests as well as player vs player battles. The gathering and crafting systems are definitely two things that need to be talked about for they are quite unique. While exploring the world within Fiesta and completing quests, players can gather secret items. These items can then be used to craft things like better weapons and armor. Fiesta also has a great skill progression system and is also very easy to learn and navigate.



IMVU – IMVU is another online social entertainment destination where players use 3D avatars to do things like meet new people, go shopping for cloths or cars, go to parties or bars, chat online, customize their own virtual space and even play mini games for prizes. Users can also create their own virtual products and sell them on the IMVU market if they so choose. IMVU features the worlds largest virtual goods catalog which has pretty much anything you can imagine in it. This game already has 50 million users and is still growing.



Roblox – Roblox is an online massively multiplayer sandbox game or virtual playground and workshop designed for people who want to create their own world. Players can build virtually whatever they want from spaceships to massive houses with blocks of various shapes, sizes and materials. The online Roblox catalog contains user created items such as clothing, images, models, gear, sets as well as body parts that any player can use if he/she wants to. A user can also choose to create one of these items and upload it onto the Roblox online catalog if they would like. Roblox is a very similar game to Minecraft and offers virtually the same types of features. It is a great building simulation game and continues to impress its users.



Virtual Families – Virtual Families is a family simulation game very similar to the all so popular Sims games. It has many great features that are the reason for it making this list. One awesome feature is the real time weather and day/night cycles it implements. If it is day time where you live, then it is day time within the game. The same thing goes for the weather. If it is raining where you are then it is raining in the game. Players also have complete control over the residents within their home. They are fully trainable through scolding or praising options and there is even an emotional system built into each resident. Virtual Families tries to create real life events and it does a great job at doing so.



Dragon Soul – Dragon Soul is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that strongly emphasizes large scale player vs player battles. It still does have a quest system where players can go on challenging adventures and discover secrets and rare items around the world within Dragon Soul, but its strong point is definitely the arena combat. There are over 160 skills for players to master and even around 800 quests to fulfill. The game features very colorful and eye catching 3D graphics as well as multiple other great features.



Jade Dynasty – Jade Dynasty is the last massively multiplayer online role playing game on the top ten list but that does not mean it is the worst MMORPG here. It is largely based on ancient Chinese mythology including the treacherous monsters within it as well as the beautiful landscape. There is a unique auto walk feature built in making the longer quests not so boring. Jade Dynasty also features land and sky based mounts allowing for players to get around very quickly and easily. It was nominated for 6 different Reader’s Choice awards in 2011 and is a challenging yet insanely great game.


If the list above was not what you were looking for then check out another top game of 2014 here!