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Best iPhone & iPod Games 2014 – Top 10

Its no wonder that with the release of the new iPhone 4S people are looking for new and improved games for it. The new phone features a duel core A-5 chip and even better graphics making games more appealing to all audiences. For this reason I have compiled a top 10 list of the best iPhone games for 2014. Some of these games you may recognize for they have been around for awhile but are still popular games to all. Others have been creeping up the list for a number of reasons including better overall design and even more depth as well as more detailed structure.


dead space iphone

Dead Space – Dead Space is still at the top of the list because of its action-packed and suspenseful gameplay. It is a futuristic third person shooter that would fall in the horror category and is filled with gore and dismemberment. Dead Space features tight corridors and endless amounts of undead frantic creatures stalking you throughout the game. You can’t go wrong with Dead Space as it features over 4 hours of gruesome and grim gameplay.



order and chaos online

Order & Chaos Online – If you are looking for a World of Warcraft clone for your iPod or iPhone then Order & Chaos Online is the game you are looking for. This is a massively multiplayer online game with PC quality graphics and is said to be such a good game that it should not exist on a mobile phone. Players explore the massive world of this game while battling evil undead creatures. Quests are another option for players to take part in while trying to reach the maximum level of 60. Order & Chaos Online can be played both in the 1st person and 3rd person views. This is definitely a game that everyone needs to own for their iPhone.



angry birds rio iphone

Angry Birds Rio – Angry Birds is still as popular as ever and it is amazing how big of a game it has become. Players simply destroy structures made of wood, concrete and glass either freeing or killing whatever is stuck within it. Angry Birds Rio has its players killing monkeys instead of pigs as well as finding golden fruit instead of golden eggs. It features new level designs and even more birds all with unique abilities. Angry Birds never gets old and it is no wonder that it is on this top 10 list of iPod and iPhone games. There is just not much else to say about it.



plants vs zombies iphone

Plants vs Zombies – Plants vs Zombies for the iPhone might just be one of the most addicting games that I have played. Fight off waves and waves of zombies from reaching your front door simply by placing plants, each with unique abilities, within your front yard.  With over 36 different zombies all with unique abilities as well as 49 different plant types, this game has more than enough to offer. Battle through 50 zombie creeping levels and see if you have what it takes to survive in this amazing game.



fruit ninja

Fruit Ninjas –

Fruit Ninja is probably one of the most addicting while easy to play games for the iPhone.  The basis is pretty simple with the player trying to cut the fruit before it falls to the bottom of the screen and disappears. The key to getting high scores involves combining back to back combo’s  by cutting multiple fruit in succession without hitting the bombs which come out randomly as well.

To add to the excitement there is also “Power-Up Bananas” which give you bonuses for 10 seconds like Freeze (causes the fruit to fall in slow motion), Frenzy (causes a huge increase in the amount of fruit flying around the screen), and Double Points (causes all of your point totals to double during the power-up)

There is a few different game modes including an Arcade mode which is 60 seconds of non stop action, Classic which you can only have 3 fruit fall and then your game is over OR if you hit a bomb you lose as well, and finally Zen Mode which is 90 seconds with no bombs and no lives…

This game is a true test of your reflexes and your ability to string together large fruit combos!  There’s a reason it’s been one of the top 3 games for over a year!



words with friends

Words With Friends – Words With Friends was app of the year in 2009 and is still a huge hit in the app store. This game came from the same people that brought you Farmville so its no wonder it has been just as successful. Words With Friends is essentially Scrabble but played on your iPod with or against a friend. The longer the word is that you create, the more points you get within the game. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. It is as simple as that.



infinity blade 2

Infinity Blade II – Infinity Blade II starts right where the first one left off. This role playing game has eye catching graphics and will keep you on your toes with its exceptional gameplay as well as its improved particle effects. For those of you who do not know much about this game, players use Infinity Blades touch powered sword slashing combat to battle and destroy gigantic evil enemies one at a time. Each enemy you encounter has something unique to offer and this game does not sell its players short. To finish the game start to finish it will take you about 5 hours and is well worth it.



tiny wings iphone

Tiny Wings – Tiny Wings was chosen as the iPhone Game of the Year in App Store Rewind 2011 in Europe as well as many other countries. The game is simple. Players use hills as jumps swallowing as much sunlight as possible and only dream of flying because as the title says, their wings are too small to stay in the air. Procedural generated graphics make Tiny Wings look different everyday making it unique and fresh.  When players jump oceans, the other side brings them new adventures on a different landscape. There are 30 achievements to unlock within this game. Do you have what it takes to master it?



peggle iphone

Peggle – Peggle has been a huge hit in the gaming market ever since its release a few years back for PC’s. Well now it is available for the iPod and iPhone and let me tell you, it has only gotten better. For those of you that don’t know about Peggle, it is a game where players control a cannon loaded with 10 silver balls. Below the cannon, there is a field of pegs and bricks. In order to finish the stage, players must hit every orange peg or brick. There is a bit more to the game than that but that is for you to check out for yourself! Peggle is as addicting as its graphics are eye catching and will keep you busy for hours.



nba jams iphone

NBA Jams – There is not to much to say about this top 10 game. That’s right, the all so popular basketball game first available on the Super Nintendo is back and better then ever and is available on the iPhone. NBA Jams is an arcade classic where basketball players can preform dunks from ridiculous distances and even set the ball on fire. The game is fully updated to be played on the iPhone and features tons of extras and fast gamplay.


Did we miss any games you think should of made the list?  Our staff is always updating our list, so leave your suggestions in the comments below and we will evaluate them and possibly add them to the rankings!