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Best Tower Defense Games 2014 – Top 10 Free Games

Tower Defense games have been around for as long as I can remember and they are still as popular as ever. The goal for players in tower defense games is to stop evil enemies, whatever they may be,  from crossing a map by building defensive units which then shoot at them as they pass by. Tower Defense games are extremely addicting and 2014 has brought even more of them for us to play. Even though most of the games on the top 10 list below have been around for awhile, they have been upgraded and remade for better overall performance and graphics. These are the the best free and paid tower defense games of 2012!


plants vs zombies

Plants Vs Zombies – Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game with cute anime graphics. In this game, players simply place different types of plants around their house in order to stop waves of zombies from reaching it. There are over 40 different plants to choose from each that have their own unique abilities such as freezing or blowing up zombies. As players progress through the game, the environment changes. For instance, you may have to defend the backyard during one level and the roof during the next. There are also levels that are played at night as well as during storms. The game also features over 20 different types of zombies that attack you through the varies levels. Plants vs Zombies truly is a very in depth tower defense game which is probably why you have to buy it to play it. The game is available on a variety of platforms including PC, Xbox Arcade, the PlayStation Network, iPad and iPhone.



when pengins attack 3

When Penguins Attack 3 – With evil penguins trying to take over the world, you are the only person that can stop them! When Penguins Attack 3 is a tower defense game where players strategically place defensive units in a field that evil penguins must cross in order to “destroy the world”. Like most tower defense games, When Penguins Attack 3 is very addicting but also so much fun to play. There are 10 different defensive units for players to choose from all ranging in power and range. With 15 levels to play through and up to 99 waves per level, this game offers more gameplay than most games like it. When Penguins Attack 3 is a free to play game and can be found online.



prison planet

Prison Planet – Prison Planet has more of a dark themed look to it where players take the role of  warden of an intergalactic penitentiary. There is a riot going on and the prisoners will do whatever it takes to get through your line of defense. There are a variety of different maps for players to work their way through in which they strategically place guards armed with different weapons to stop the rampaging force of convicts.



sanctum game

Sanctum – When playing a tower defense game why not get into the action yourself with your own weapons as well as the defensive units that you place around the map? Well that is exactly what Sanctum allows players to do. It combines a tower defense game and first person shooter game into one. The game is broken up into two distinct phases: a build mode and an attack mode. Building mode is exactly how it sounds; players use the resources they have available to strategically place unique defensive units around the 3D map. Attack mode is where it gets fun! Waves of enemies begin to appear and as your defensive units are doing what they can, you are also placed right in the middle of the action with your own weapons. Sanctum is a game that ou must purchase to play but it is definitely worth it. You can even go at it with a friend in co op mode.



bubble tanks tower defense

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense – Bubble Tanks Tower Defense does have some unique features to bring to the table that most tower defense games do not have. For one, players can combine four defensive towers together to make one huge tower of destruction. And if you feel the need, you can combine four of these already massive and powerful towers to make one bubble-blasting engine. The second unique feature is that the enemies do not follow a pre-determined path. They randomly go where they want and can. Bubble Tanks Tower Defense offers a variety of different levels for players to try and the difficulty level is perfect. This game can be found online and is also free to play.



mini robot wars

Mini Robot Wars – Mini Robot Wars is a game that is very similar to Plants Vs Zombies except players are trying to keep robots from getting past their line of defense instead of zombies. There are 40 little robots for players to choose from to defend against waves of “The Machines” which there are 32 different types of. These machines can come by land, sea or even air which is a unique characteristic that most tower defense games do not support. As you destroy The Machines, they drop energy particles and metal parts which you can then use to upgrade your army with. Mini Robot Wars also features many different mini games other than the 150 level story mode. This game does need to be purchased but there are free demos that can be found online.



bloons tower defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Bloons Tower Defense games have been around since 2007 and now has a fifth game to add to its series. The main object of the game is exactly like the rest of the tower defense games out there which is to stop the enemies from reaching the end of the playing field. In this case, the enemies are bloons and players must destroy them by using defense units such as Dart Monkeys, Ice Towers, Super Monkeys and other various weapons. The game features multiple levels to choose from as well as varies difficulties to choose from so that the game is fair for all users. Bloons Tower Defense 5 can be played free online like all of its predecessors. And if you have already mastered this Bloons game, I am sure that 2012 will bring another game to the Bloons series.



sol survivor game

Sol Survivor – Sol Survivor is a tower defense game that specializes in turret defense units. This game can be played on PC or Xbox live as far as I know. The best thing about Sol Survivor is that it offers so many different game modes to its users. These game modes include single player and co op campaign modes, single player and co op survival mode, a Versus mode and many more that are very unique. The featured enemies in Sol Survivor are called Creeps and they come in massive waves through pre-determined paths. Players destroy these Creeps either with there turret units or by calling in “orbit” support. Sol Survivor is not free to play but its graphics and gameplay are well worth the purchase of the game.



defense grid the awakening

Defense Grid: The Awakening – This tower defense video game can be played on PC or on Xbox live arcade and is one where players must defend their military bases against evil attacking aliens. There are 10 different tower types that players can place on the battle field and the main goal is to protect his/her power cores. If these are destroyed then the game is done. There are 15 different alien types that all have unique abilities and each one is harder to destroy. Defense Grid: The Awakening has a more 3D look to it and is not like the ordinary top down tower defense game. It is a game that must be purchased but players will definitely get their money’s worth.



tower madness

Tower Madness –  Tower Madness is a 3D tower Defense game that is available for the iPod touch, the iPhone and the iPad. Your goal is to keep evil aliens from reaching your beloved sheep and turning them into “intergalactic scarves”. The game features 16 different alien types as well as 9 weapon types that can each be upgraded up to 5 different times. There are 30 + maps for players to choose from and there is even an Endless mode where players simply keep going until they cannot stop the waves of aliens any longer. Tower Madness can be purchased through the apple App store for $2.99.