Games Like Borderlands – Free To Play Online

BorderlandsLooking for games like Borderlands online? Try some of the games in the list below. I think it will be just what you had in mind! Borderlands is a science fiction based first person shooter. It has role-playing elements but is not considered to be an RPG. To start, the player chooses one of four characters. Each one has a unique special skill and uses a different weapon. After the player has chosen his/her character, they then take on quests within the gae where they can be rewarded with experience points or money (sometimes also an item).

As the player’s level of experience grows, they can put these skill points towards their characters specializations. Each different character has three specializations which are different for each.  Borderlands sold over 2 million copies when it was released and is definitely a great game. Check out the list below for some games just  like Borderlands and let us know what you think of them! Your feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

Top Online Games Like Borderlands

Land of Chaos Online

land of chaosLand of Chaos Online is a multiplayer online game that combines role playing elements with first/third person shooter elements. It is fairly simple to play. Players choose from multiple characters and then jump into one of two types of modes. Battlefield mode can be played with up to 10 players, 5 vs 5, and features two teams that have control of a base. The goal is two destroy the other teams base and whoever does this first wins. Annihilation mode can be played with up to 16 players, 8 vs 8, and is won by a team reaching a certain number of kills. Although Land of Chaos is only a multiplayer game and features no campaign mode, it still has the same look and style that Borderlands does and is awesome as well as fast paced.

Features of Land of Chaos Online

  • 12 different “heroes” to play with
  • Each character features 10 skills and not all are the same
  • 2 distinct and exciting modes
  • Awesome graphics and design
  • Ladder ranking system
  • Ability to have 3 characters on your account

Battlefield Heroes

battlefield heroesBattlefield Heroes is a cartoon style third person action filled video game. It is more of a team vs team game but has some characteristics closely related to Borderlands. You can drive vehicles as well as customize your characters. Battlefield Heroes is amazing and even if its not what you are looking for it will be worth checking out.

Features of Battlefield Heroes

  • Intelligent spawn system
  • Level cap of 30
  • Tons of player vehicles to choose from
  • Variety of weapons available

Wolf Team

wolf teamWolf Team is a free to play online first person shooter game. Players can either choose to be a Wolf or a Human at the beginning of the game and then it is a full out battle from there. There are multiple game modes including Wolf Hunt which is where human players track down all the wolves.

Features of Wolf Team

  • Large selection of unique weapons
  • Impressive visuals and audio
  • Innovative pride system as well as ranking system
  • Tons of different game modes to check out

Team Fortress 2

team fortress 2Team Fortress 2 is a team based first person shooter that is free to play online. Choose a character from 9 different classes that all have different specifications. It features many different game modes including team deathmatch, capture the flag and king of the hill. It is more of an animated theme but is a well put together game.

Features of Fortress 2

  • Multiple game modes available
  • 9 unique character classes
  • Tons of achievements to achieve
  • Awesome anime style graphics


gunzGunZ is a 3D massively multiplayer online shooter game from a third person perspective. What sets this game apart from others is there is emphasis on gun fights and swordplay. Deflect bullets with your sword or run on walls. The sky is the limit in this fast paced MMO Shooter. The game features both quest mode and player vs player mode.

Features of GunZ

  • Unique quest mode with up to 4 players
  • Variety of different maps to play on
  • Unique movement system
  • Tons of weapons and equipment available

Savage: The Battle for Newerth

savageIn Savage you are placed in a unique fantasy 3D game world where beasts and humans are battling for their very existence. Check out all the unique weapons, powerful units, and even siege vehicles to give your side an advantage in this fast paced fight. This game is an easy mix between MMORPG’s and FPS’s.

Features of Savage: The Battle for Newerth

  • Only multiplayer modes available
  • Combination of beast and human races
  • 10 different units to choose from