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Games Like Cake Mania – Free To Play Online

cake maniaLooking to play some games like Cake Mania? Well you are in luck because we have just the list for you. Cake Mania is an original time management game first developed in 2006. The story behind the game follows a character known as Jill Evans whom has just gotten back from culinary school and finds out that her grandparents old bakery is now closed. With this bad news, Jill decides she wants to open her own bakery to make enough money and reopen her grandfathers bakery.

Gameplay within Cake Mania is very simple and straight forward yet still challenging for its users. Players control Jill through baking cakes for her needy customers. All customers have different orders and you simply direct Jill around the bakery to correctly bake the cakes the customers want before they get tired of waiting and leave without their order.

The faster and quicker you bake the cakes the more money you will earn in the game. This money can be used to buy better equipment for your bakery such as ovens and microwaves which will keep Jill ahead of orders. There are even other features in the game such as users allowing their customers to watch TV and eat cupcakes so that they do not get so impatient while waiting for their cake. There are tons of games online that are very similar to Cake Mania and all of them are completely free to play. Check out the list below for the ones we think you would like.

Best Free To Play Games Like Cake Mania Online

Cake Mania to the Max

cake mania to the maxThis game brings players back to Jill Evans in high school during the 1980’s. This is the 6th installment of the series and has much more to offer then the previous 5 Cake Mania games. In this time management game, players again take the role of Jill Evans whom is having trouble deciding what she wants to do with the rest of her life. As she balances her options, her grandfather, who owns his own bakery, asks her to design the most important part of the upcoming high school prom, the centerpiece cake.

While designing and making this masterful cake, players simply help Jill attend to all the customers lining up in her grandfathers bakery. This installment of the series features all new equipment as well as upgrades and improvements that will help you along the way. It is an awesome game if you are looking for something like Cake Mania and will keep you busy for hours.

Features of Cake Mania top the Max

  • 100 levels of non stop customers and cake making
  • All equipment and machines to help you make cakes faster
  • All new customers to take orders from
  • Multiple game modes for all new fun

Hell’s Kitchen

hell's kitchen gameHave you ever heard of the online television series called Hell’s Kitchen? Well if not, it is a show where world wide known chef Gordon Ramsey simply puts willing chefs through a culinary so called “boot camp”. If you have heard of it then you know exactly what I am talking about! Well now is your turn to go through this rigorous camp of food challenges and put your skills to the test. Players make unique and tasteful meals in Hell’s Kitchen where each one is tested and scored by Gordon Ramsey himself. This game is full of great challenges as well as tons of game modes and has a fast paced cooking atmosphere. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimeate chef and take on Gordon Ramsay yourself?

Features of Hell’s Kitchen

  • Work your way up from new restaurant status to advance status with a 5 star rating as your ultimate goal
  • Multiple Hell’s Kitchen game modes
  • Have Gordon Ramsay himself test and rate your hand made meals
  • Over 35 different recipes to try and perfect within the game

Burger Shop 2

burger shop 2Burger shop 2 is exactly like Cake Mania except instead of building cakes for customers, players simply make burgers and sides for customers. The ultimate goal within the game is to build a massive chain of fast food restaurants with their hard earned money. There is just one big problem, you have just awoken from a dumpster and have found out that all of your restaurants have been shut down and you have no idea as to why. Well now you must find out what happened through a series of activities starting with helping customers with their orders. Give them what their order desires such as burgers, fires, soft drinks and more. As the game goes on, the mystery will be unraveled and the challenges will begin to get harder.

Features of Burger Shop 2

  • Great storyline with some built in humor
  • Multiple game modes that are all challenging and fun
  • 8 different restaurants to play through all with 15 challenging levels
  • More than 100 different food variations that customers will order
  • Interesting customers to attend to as well as multiple upgrades within the game