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Games Like Call of Duty – Free To Play Online

call of duty gameThe Call of Duty series has eight Call of Duty games in it including Modern Warfare 3. It is a first person and third person shooter video game that can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, WI or PC. The Call of Duty games have sold over 55 million copies throughout their existence.

In the Call of Duty games, players can either do campaign mode or matchmaking mode (a couple games also have what is called zombie mode and black ops mode). In campaign mode, depending on the game, players set out to do different tasks. Each game is from a different time period in history. For instance, Call of Duty: World at War was based during World War II.

The Call of Duty Series hit the market hard becoming one of the best known video game names in the world and it continues to do so. It is no wonder people are looking for free alternatives. Below is the top five list of free to play online games like Call of Duty.

Top free games like Call of Duty

S4 League

s4 LeagueS4 League is an online multiplayer third person shooter video game. The game features more anime styled graphics but is an awesome game if you are looking for a player vs player combat. S4 League features 7 different game modes. These modes include team death-match, captain, touchdown, chaser, battle royal, arcade and siege. Most of these game modes are team based and are very mush like regular game modes you would fund in a game like Call of Duty. For instance, siege mode is virtually a capture the flag mode and battle royal mode is a free for all mode. All players that register for the game can create and have 3 different characters within their account. Each character can be customized to their liking and all share the leveling and ranking that you have gained. So if you level up one character the other character levels up as well. This is just the way that S4 League gives you variety for the characters you use in battle. S4 League is one of the best multiplayer games online and even though its graphics are a more animated style, it still shares a ton of features that games like Call of Duty or Counter-strike do.

Features of S4 LEague

  • Tons of different game modes to choose from
  • Fully customize up to 3 different characters
  • Ability to buy new weapons and equipment with in game currency earned for playing matches
  • Different camera views to get a more first person shooter look if you so choose
  • Awesome graphics and fast paced game play

Land of Chaos Online

Land of ChaosLand of Chaos Online is a 3D multiplayer third person shooter game. It is a great mix between Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. The graphics are just like World of Warcraft’s but the game play is exactly like Call of Duty multiplayer game play. The game starts off by players choosing a character whom is equipped with certain weapons and skills. After this the battle begins and is pretty awesome. There are two game modes available to play; battlefield mode and annihilation mode. Battlefield mode is a mode where two teams of up to 5 players battle against one another. Whoever destroys the enemies base first wins. Annihilation mode can be played with up to 8 players on each side and is over when a team reaches a pre-set amount of kills just like a team death-match game mode.

Features of Land of Chaos Online

  • 12 different characters to choose from before game play starts
  • 2 awesome game modes that never get old
  • Great mix between MMORPGs and First/Third person shooters
  • Great skill system
  • Awesome graphics and design
  • Ladder ranking system

Mission Against Terror

mission-against-terrorMission Against Terror is an online first person shooter that is free to play  and features real world weaponry, a vast selection of game modes and even customizable characters.  What is so great about this online video game is that it even has a zombie mode like Call of Duty Black  Ops. It truly has the same look as the Call of Duty games and even features the same weapons.

Features of Mission Against Terror

  • Survive in the ultimate zombie mode
  • Variety of game modes including death match, team death match, bomb mode, ghosts, mummies, robots,tanks, and even boxing
  • modulate your voice in real time to transform it into 3D sound
  • Variety weapons to choose from including the all so popular AK-47

War Rock

war rockWar Rock is a multiplayer first person shooter set in the midst of a nuclear war. The game features five game modes including a Zombie mode that just recently was launched. War Rock is like any other first person shooter game where 2 teams face off between one another and battle until a team reaches the score limit. This game is free to play and does share some unique content with its users.

Features of War Rock

  • 5 different game modes including Close Quarters Combat, Urban Ops, Battle Group, Hero Mode and Zombie Mode. Each of these modes have even more game modes within them.
  • Players choose from 5 service branches to play as
  • Large assortment of infantry weapons and vehicles
  • Performance is tracked with experience points and in-game money

Alliance of Valiant Arms

alliance of valiant armsAlliance of Valiant Arms is an online first person shooter video game. Players choose between two opposing sides and take part in a variety of different game play options including completing mission objectives or eliminating the other team in a classic team death-match game.

Features of Alliance of Valiant Arms

  • 3 classes available including point man, rifleman and sniper
  • 10 different game play modes to play
  • Unique infested mode similar to Call of Duty’s zombie mode
  • Unique Class Skills to further enhance characteristics of each class

Black Shot

blackshotBlack shot is a fast paced online first person shooter that is completely free to play. The game is set in the year 2033 (or close to) after a nuclear war has devastated the entire world. Players can choose a variety of game modes online including team deathmatch against users across the globe.

Features of Black Shot

  • Excellent character ranking system
  • 4 different and unique game modes
  • Rank up to level 60
  • 4 basic weapons and more available for purchase

Combat Arms

combat armsCombat Arms is the ultimate online first person shooter that is free to play. This game has a ton to offer its players including multiple game modes like One Man Army, Elimination, Team Deathmatch and even a multiplayer co-op. Combat Arms already has 6,000,000 registered users.

Features of Combat Arms

  • Offers more than 10 unique game play modes
  • 4 maps and over 30 weapons available
  • Items can be bought with real money or in game money
  • Unique player ranking system


crossfireCross Fire is a free to play online  military based first-person shooter. It features persistent rankings as well as five different game modes which includes the all so popular Zombie mode. The graphics and design of Crossfire are amazing and users will not be disappointed with this game. There is also an escape mode and a ghost mode.

Features of Crossfire

  • 15 different characters to choose from all with their own capabilities
  • Over 30 weapons available from 5 different classes not including secondary weapons
  • Tons of in game missions including a mission in Egypt where players have to kill 60 enemies
  • Unique ranking and badge system
  • The all so popular zombie mode is available called mutation

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