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Games Like Zone

“PC and console gamers looking for more games like the ones they love are in for a treat with This site specializes in creating curated lists of recommended games similar to other specific titles. Current lists include ‘Games Like Life Is Strange” (Insert link) and ‘Games Like Fallout 4‘, among others, with more lists added every week!

Definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for more titles catered to your genre, gameplay, graphics, and storyline preferences.”

Thank you for this great gig! Please let me know if I can help in any way!

Minecraft Multiplayer Review

Who would’ve ever thought that a game comprised of cubical blocks for constructing various structure would become such a global phenomenon! Minecraft has transcended from a single player game to multiplayer. Upon closer inspection, you’d find out that Minecraft Multiplayer is not very different from the single player. What both the modes have in common is ‘pure addiction’. For those who haven’t yet indulged in the multiplayer side of this highly immersive game, here are a few tips:

First and foremost is obviously finding a server. Simply using a search engine will reveal a plethora of results. Opt for a server which has high uptime and decent population size. After all, the gist of multiplayer is having diversity of user content. Once that is done, next order of business is finding the right game type. There are various options to choose from. There is PVP (player Vs. Player) which can be a little daunting at first for a newcomer as they face off against seasoned players. Other choices include role playing, capture the flag, and simple free style building, which is a lot of fun.

Every server has its unique set of rules and their implementation. Some servers allow players total freedom, but this is where anarchy reigns supreme. A new comer is bound to face looters and thieves. There are servers with strict rules and even stricter enforcement. In these kinds of servers, high ranking players are on the top of the food chain. There’s little room to let your imagination run wild while crafting.

In the end, a person’s Minecraft Multiplayer experience is heavily dependent on server selection. Selecting the right one will keep you entertained and amused whereas the wrong one will have you hopping from one server to another like a nomad.

Death Of Video Gaming Predicted

Ask yourself this – Would you rather PLAY a video game or LIVE one ??
The Matrix Force biofeedback controlled Super Coaster spells the end of sitting at home in the dark sipping a warm beer & living someone else’s virtual reality.

This radical new design which inspired the [In Development]Thrill Rider Movie and graphic novel Thrill Rider, will significantly alter the multi-billion dollar Entertainment Industry, but it raises significant ethical questions”.

Literally putting the rider INSIDE a life and (potentially) death experience under their own control – mimicking virtual reality – but this is NOT movie CGI or an enhanced video game – this is real.
The Matrix Force Super Coaster is the next incarnation of the Thrill Ride

The Matrix Force Coaster inventor comments: “If not today – that day will come soon. The Historical, Social and Legal precedents are clear. This new innovative technology has opened the lid of Pandora’s box just a little wider, whether that is a good thing for Society – is less clear

OverKings Review

OverKings is a one of a kind role playing game where players fight for glory, power and wealth. With almost the exact look and feel of Diablo, it has become a game of great dynamics and popularity. Within OverKings players simply choose their own path of adventure. The features to this game are truly endless with eye catching graphics, and spectacular special effects.

There is a massive war developing across the land and it is your responsibility to stop it. Fearsome creatures awaitoverkings game behind every corner of the land and even the darkest dungeons seem more creepy than ever before. Make your way over gigantic mountains, icy caves and mysterious dungeons to attain gold treasures and mysterious artifacts. All your enemies desire power and gold and their is nothing holding them back except you.

This game offers much more than one can tell just by reading about it. Not only can you roam the land, go on adventures or quests and battle evil monsters, but you can also rebuild the land that you knew as home. By doing so, you will gain the gold, resources, experience and even the popularity of the people. This is all key to your success in OverKings.

You also have the ability to join together with your friends to engage the massive waves of monsters that stand in your path to controlling the land. Conquer mines to give yourself the ability to construct the most advanced armor and the finest weapons around giving you the advantage you need. You can even make potions that can be used for virtually anything through your adventures.
overkings gameOverKings has a unique crafting system as well as the ability to trade with other users to fill your inventory with things you need rather than things you have found. You can also steal from other users but if you get caught the consequences will be fetal. This game is truly a perfect mix between World of Warcraft and Diablo and has all the same features as both. There is not much else to say about OverKings besides that.



Why Play Assassin’s Creed Games

So what makes the Assassin’s Creed game series so good? It could be the fact that it is a completely unique and a different game from most others out there and it was virtually the first of its kind. Or it could be that every time a new game comes out in the series, there is something new brought to the table. Take Assassin’s Creed Revelations for instance. This game brought to the table mini tower defense games that can be played throughout the storyline.

So what is this game all about? Well, players take the role of an Assassin who is roaming the lands and stopping all

evil. You kill top ranked officers but you do it so that no body knows. You can scale buildings, find treasures and even complete mini tasks. Every single game in this series had something new and exciting to do which is why it has become my favorite video game series of all time.

If you have not ever tried the Assassin’s Creed game series, then you got to go check out it today. I encourage you to start from the first game and go through them all because the storyline really continues through each one. This is also one of the best storylines I have ever played. I really have nothing bad to say about any of the games. Usually I tell you if there are more than three games in any game series, then the developers and publishers have gone to far. Not in this case though. They keep the game unique with fresh content which makes them better then all other games. That is why you need to play the Assassin’s Creed games!

Gears of War 3 – Best of the Trilogy

All this hype about Gears of War 3 really caught my attention when the game first came out. All this talk about the developers making the game easier for users that were not familiar with that particular type of game style was a little much though. I have played every single game in this series and they have not changed one bit. All the controls seem to be the same and there is nothing easier about it! You either are good at the Gears of War games or you are not.

The multplayer of Gears of War 3 was the best of the three games in my opinion. I never really got into the first two games for the multiplayer modes but in this one, I was hooked from the beginning. Also, the new horde mode was genius

and my favorite part of the game as well. I know they got the game type off of the all so popular Call of Duty Zombies mode but it does have its own twist and is not easy one bit. It is challenging and that is one of the best things about it.

If you are reading this and you have not tried playing Gears of War 3, then I strongly encourage you to go pick it up and try it out. I usually have some bad things to say about a video game but I really don’t have much bad to say about this game. The campaign mode, the multiplayer mode and the horde mode are all great and never really get old! This is the best game in this series and if you do not believe that then you are sadly mistaken!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Spawn Points

I have been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 since it came out probably like most Call of Duty fans. Us gamers that love the Call of Duty series, just like any game series, are ecstatic when a new game comes out. Why is that? Well there are a few reasons. First of all, a new game in a series means that there are probably new features, new maps, and even new game modes. What features do we look forward to? Well that can range from anything such as new player abilities, new weapons and much more. We enjoy these things because it is almost like an add on of the recent game in the series and everyone likes when something new arises.

So why am I not that impressed and happy with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? It has great graphics and very fast paced action packed gameplay but it lacks the new and improved game that I was expecting. Everything seems to be virtually exactly the same except for a new game mode where players kill an opponent and have to pick up there tags to receive the points for the kill. The mode was exciting for about the first week. Then it was back to the basics of all the Call of Duty games. Team Deathmatch or Domination. There are more game modes but those two are the main ones.

The one thing that really gets me about this game and is a continuous problem though, is the spawn points that the developers put into the game. Are you ever playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and notice that after your team kills your opponents they spawn virtually right behind you or even next to you? It is absolutely ridiculous and gets old really fast. It makes no sense to me why the developers do this. You can make an unbelievable game with amazing graphics and gameplay but cannot perfect something as simple as spawn points? I think some people need to be fired. It got to frustrating to me that I have stopped playing the game and will not buy another one when it comes out. Let’s face it, they are stretching this game series too far anyway just like every game series. After about the third one, it gets repetitive and nothing new can be brought to the table.

In my opinion, this game series needs to stop while they are ahead. They did try something different with the whole elite package thing but look how well that worked. The thing was down for the whole first month and they did nothing to make up for it. It was a money maker and it turned out to be pathetic. I know it may seem like I am ranting about this game. I never mentioned that I hated it. I actually enjoyed the game and what it had to offer, for a while. It just got real old real fast and the developers did nothing to fix it. The game is dead in the water!

Is Halo anniversary Worth it?

So I recently bought Halo Anniversary and am really starting to think that it was not worth the purchase. I was under the impression that this game was going to be pretty much Halo 1 and 2 combined and online. How wrong I was! So those of you who have not played the game, it is basically an add on to Halo: Reach, just with 5 multiplayer maps that you can play just like Halo 1 as well as the Halo 1 campaign mode “re-made”.

A few of these maps are also from Halo 1 which is pretty cool. Hang Em High and Prisoner are two of them off the top of my head. One thing I do not like about Halo Anniversary is that it only features 5 maps total. You play these 5 maps over and over and if you do not play Big Team Battle you only play three of them over and over. That really sucks. Why did I invest money into this game if that is all that I get to play!?

I know they made a ton of money of this game and the more I play it the more I just think it was a way to make money because the games were dying a bit. They went to far with the Halo series and they are going to try to go even farther with Halo 4 coming out in the up coming months. I hope this game is a vast improvement from the last 3 games they have released because lets face it, these Halo games have become a joke.

May 2012 iPad Game of the Month

Our staff has voted for what our favorite game of the month is for May 2012, and our team has decided to give that title to Kingdom Rush.  Kingdom rush is probably the best tower defense game ever developed for the iPad and could arguably be considered the best tower defense game of all time.


With over 75 levels (3 per map) there is tons of fun to be had.  Also the best thing about the game is it’s ultimate customization abilities.

For example there are four different types of towers you can choose from.  However that doesn’t even come close to how much you can do.  Each of these towers has tons of upgrade paths you can take.  For example you can build a wizard tower that has the ability to shoot highly damaging purple rays or you could decide to have your wizard tower become a defensive tower by creating a tower which lets you build giant stone warriors.

Also there are tons of different enemies with over 20 kinds of enemies with various types of resistances against the specialty towers it takes a lot of strategy to beat the maps.

One of the coolest things that’s been added to the game is the new hero’s option.  This new facet of the game allows you to choose from six “super warriors” how can quickly bolster you teams effectiveness.  Again each of these super warriors has special attacks which range from creating a clone that fights along side your forces to a warrior can throw exploding mines around the map.

It’s a pretty in depth game so instead of reading some long review we think you should just go download the game for your new iPad 2 and have the best iPad game of may 2012!