Games Like Guitar Hero – Free To Play Online

Want to play some games like Guitar Hero but for free? Well you are in luck because we have just that. Guitar Hero is one the best Music Video Games out there and was the basis for a ton of other games such as Rock Band and Dj Hero. It allows you to play a variety of songs through your console and gives you the feeling of being a guitar king. Ever since the original was released,  more than 20 other installments have hit the market. This game exploded and truly is one of the most addicting ones out there.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward. If you are playing on a console, you simply plug in your guitar and start rocking out. Other devices just make you tap the screen when need be. There are a ton of different modes including online player vs player where you can test your skills out against the best in the world. Reaching the top if the leaderboards is the name of the game in this mode.

The most popular part of guitar hero is the career mode. This is where you work your way through a ton of famous and awesome songs unlocking more as you complete them. There are hundreds of songs to unlock and each one brings something different and more challenging to your guitar playing skills. This game is one of the greatest things to ever be developed and for that reason we have found some games like Guitar Hero that can be played right through your computer. Check them out and leave us some feedback as to what you thought of them.

Top Free Games Like Guitar Hero

Frets on Fire

frets on fire gameFrets on Fire is almost an exact copy of guitar hero except for on your computer. It is played virtually the same way and has got some awesome built in features. The one that sticks out in my head is the built in song editor that allows you to edit and even create your own songs. Frets on Fire can be played alone or with your friends, which ever you prefer. It has been around for a few years now and has not got the recognition that I believe it deserves. Being just like Guitar Hero and even have some features that it did not is one of the reasons I played this game so much. It has a ton of songs to check out and is also an addicting game. It is definitely worth checking out and I guarantee you will love it. After you get into this game a bit send us some feedback on your experience.

Features of Frets on Fire

  • Built in song editor and creator
  • Ability to import songs from any guitar Hero game
  • Ability to use USB joysticks if you want
  • Online multiplayer available in new versions

Games Like Golf – Free To Play Online

golf games onlineAre you looking for some free online golf games? There are a ton of golf games online that you can play but they are just not as in depth as you would like. Maybe you are looking for an actual golf game like the all so popular Tiger Woods PGA Tour, but you can only find a putt-putt game on a kiddish website. With golf becoming a more popular sport all together, such games are higher in demand. Well we have found a few golf games online that are free to play and are all excellent in every aspect of their game play. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Best Online Games Like Golf – Free To Play

PangYa Golf

pangya golf gamePangYa Golf is an online golf game with eye catching anime style graphics and is played like most golf video games. Power and accuracy of a players shot are determined by a meter at the bottom of the computer screen. You control this meter with your mouse in the sense that the first click activate the meter, the second to set the power and the third to set the accuracy.

Hitting a ball with perfect accuracy leads to a shot called a “PangYa”.  If you do not get a PangYa then the ball is either hooked or sliced and your character will lose a small amount of power. If you continue to hit perfect shots, then your player will gain power as well as other skills.

Golf clubs within the PangYa Golf game mostly resemble household products or even baseball bats for certain characters which adds a uniqueness to the game. Most of the courses that you play within the game are based on 3D fantasy realms and each bring something new and challenging to the game. Such courses are called Silvia Cannon and Wiz Wiz golf course. In addition to these features, PangYa Golf also allows players to perform impossible special shots that you will be quite intrigued over.

World Golf Tour

world golf tour onlineWorld Golf Tour is a multiplayer virtual golf game that can be played online for free. If you are looking for a more realistic golf game online then this is definitely the game that you want to try. World Golf Tour features actual golf courses found around the world using a unique 3D photorealistic technology. Players can play this game against others on the same computer, join a foursome online, of just play on their own. There are a variety of different game modes to play including skill challenges and even online tournaments for prizes.

Within World Golf Tour, there is a unique tier system where players progress from tier to tier depending on their skills that they show on the course. These tiers include Hack, Amateur, Pro, Tour Pro, Master, Tour Master, and Legend. Players advance from one tier to the next based on the number of rounds that they have played in their current tier as well as their average score in that tier. Players can only go up in tier class, they cannot fall regardless of how bad they shoot after they get to a certain tier!

There are more than 15 courses for players to play in this game and they are all based on real life courses. Such courses include the Bali Hai out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Pebble Peach golf course and even Bethpage Black. World Golf Tour is an amazing game and for everything that it offers it is ridiculous that it is free to play!

Games Like Bejeweled – Free To Play Online

bejeweled gameWhy not play some free games like Bejeweled? We have a great list for you filled with just that! Bejeweled is a match 3/puzzle online game. The object of this all so popular game is to switch one gem with an adjacent gem to from chains of three or more identical gems. These lines can be either horizontal or vertical. Gems disappear when chains are formed and then all remaining gems drop and other gems fill in the top spaces. Players level up in the game when the level up bar reaches the end. You lose when there are no more moves that can be made to form chains of identical gems.

Bejeweled may be a very simple game to play but it has been a huge hit on the market. There have been over 500 million downloads and over 75 million copies sold of this great puzzle installment since its release in 2001. Three follow ups of Bejeweled have been made since the release of the original along with hundreds of games exactly like it just with different names. It is available over all platforms and continues to be a popular title all around the world.

Top Free Games Like Bejeweled

7 Wonders II

7 wonders II7 Wonders II is a match 3/puzzle game with seven levels of  great fun. On each level in the game players must switch runes with adjacent ones to make sets of three or more. Each time a player matches a set of runes they turn into stones that then fall into the arms of workers below. These workers then use them to construct the Wonders.

Features of 7 Wonders II

  • New explosive power-ups!
  • 7 all new locations.
  • Totally fresh look and feel

Jewel Quest 3

jewel quest 3Jewel Quest 3  is a match 3/puzzle game found online. Players match jewels into groups of three or more to clear them from the board. This then turns the tiles below into gold which is your ultimate goal! With 200 levels of perplexing puzzles, Jewel Quest 3 will definitely be a game worth your time!

Features of Jewel Quest 3

  • 200 challenging levels
  • 11 regions to explore
  • Awesome story line
  • colorful full screen graphics

Atlantis Quest

atlantis questAtlantis Quest is an adventure match 3 game in which you try to find the lost land Atlantis and it is very similar to Bejeweled. While on your adventure, it is your job to find old artifacts and put them together like a puzzle. These artifacts will give you clues on where to travel next in search of Atlantis. Some artifacts will give you time extension, including several other added bonuses. Do you have what it takes to make this adventure with over 76 different levels and be the first explorer to find Atlantis?

Features Atlantis Quest

  • 76 brain bending levels
  • Stirring story line
  • New and exciting power ups
  • Very easy to learn and play

The Treasures Of Montezuma II

Treasures Of MontezumaThis Match 3/puzzle game is jungle themed and features 120 adventure mode levels and 40 puzzle mode levels. The Treasures of Montezuma II also features 3 difficulty levels and an un-lockable endless mode where high scores are the name of the game.

Features The Treasure of Montezuma II

  • 41 levels across five episodes
  • Four bonus games (eight bonus levels)
  • Six bonuses to use
  • Seven Power Totems to activate
  • Nine trophies to earn throughout game play

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

ancient questAncient Quest of Saqqarah is a match 3/puzzle game online where players descend to a magical oasis of puzzles and treasures. Your ultimate goal is to stop an evil god from breaking out of his tomb. This game features many different types of puzzles and mini games that are all just as good as the next!

Features of Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

  • Dynamic Match 3 game
  • Hand-crafted levels
  • Earn ranks and magic powers
  • Awesome graphics