Games Like Clash of Clans – Free To Play

For those of you that have played Clash of Clans, you know exactly how addicting it can be but at the same time annoying with the long wait times as you progress through the game! Of course if you can afford to purchase large amounts of gems in the game then the point I made is completely irrelevant. However, if you are looking for free alternatives to Clash of Clans then I bet that is not the case!

Games Like Clash of Clans

I have found that a good way to pass the time when playing Clash of Clans is to download a few games just like it onto my tablet or phone so that I have multiple games I am managing at once. Gives me more to do! For that reason, I have put together this list of free to play games very similar to Clash of Clans. My guess is that you have heard of most of them if not all of them! If you are looking for unlimited gems, gold or elixer check out this Tool here.

Top Free Games Like Clash of Clans

Castle Clash

Castle Clash - Game Like Clash of ClansCastle Clash is also a game available on most all tablets and smart phones. It is played almost identical to Clash of Clans but with 1 unique add on. There are characters called “Heroes” in the game that you can bring with you when attacking another player. You can also use these heroes to battle in what is called the “Arena” against other player’s heroes.

The game works just like Clash of Clans in the sense that when building your village, you wait a specific amount of time depending on the level of the building you are upgrading. Obviously the higher the level of the building the longer you are going to have to wait! You can also rush these by using your pink diamonds if you would like. In my opinion, they are much easier to come by than the green gems in Clash of Clans so why not use them!

I think you will find the graphics a bit more kiddish in Castle Clash which by all means is not a bad thing. The creators of the game did a good job differentiating themselves from one of the most popular game apps of all time if you ask me! The graphics were just one way that they did so. These few paragraphs do not even come close to explaining the in depth game that Castle Clash actually is so please keep that in mind! If you get a chance, download Castle Clash for free at the app store. Remember that is completely free to play and is played just like Clash of Clans!

Boom Beach

boom-beach-game-like-clash-of-clansBoom Beach is actually made by the same company that created Clash of Clans so as you can imagine, there are quite a few similarities. With that said though, Boom Beach is a completely unique game and is definitely worth checking out! In this game, you have an island to your self which is where you will build your village. When other players attack you, they have to come from the beach so of course the strategy would be to create your defense towers around that and place your more important buildings towards the back.

When attacking other villages, you can actually use your ship to do a lot of the damage and then send in your ground troops to clean up. Obviously the more you upgrade your ship the more you can fire from it when attacking other islands.

The basics of the game are very much the same as Clash of Clans. When upgrading something, you will have to wait a specific amount of time depending on the level of that building or troop. The higher the level of that building or troop, the harder it is for enemies to destroy it or them. If you are looking for a game similar to Clash of Clans then you have to check out Boom Beach. In my opinion, this game is a bit more fun and not as competitive!

Free Games Like Tribal Wars

About Tribal Wars

Are you looking for some great free games like Tribal Wars that can be played online? Well if you are then you have come to the right place. As you probably already know, Tribal Wars is an online browser based massively multiplayer real time strategy game. It is set in the Middle Ages and the game is fairly simple. Players start out by taking control of a small village with one goal in mind, world domination.

Throughout the game, players grow their village while also growing the size of their warriors or army. When players think the time is right, they can send this army out and start taking over other tribes or villages. Tribal Wars was first released in Germany in 2003 and released internationally in 2006. It has sense blown up and become very popular. For that reason, I have found some amazing games that relate very closely to Tribal Wars and believe everyone should try them out. Check out the list below.

Games Like Tribal Wars – Free To Play Online

The Settlers: Castle Empire

Castle Empire is a free to play online strategy game with no download required. The basis behind this game is simple; players take control of a small group of pioneers that have just found a completely uninhabited land. These pioneers are rushing to build a village, settle in and begin to explore the area. While establishing the village, players also need to secure resources and build specific buildings that they will need later down the road such as workshops.

Players also want to start building their army as soon as possible before other armies or looters find their village and attack it. There are nine different troop types ranging from basic trainees to expert gunners. There are also robber bosses that you will face throughout the game that may have some special attacks that you need to watch out for. I don’t want to ruin everything for you before you try the game so check out some features below and enjoy!

Features of The Settlers: Castle Empire

  • Completely Browser Based with no download required
  • Armies can consist of 9 different troop types
  • Tons of tasks and quests to complete
  • Play against other players online


Grepolis is a massively multiplayer online 2D strategy game that is also completely browser based. This game is set in Ancient Greece and has the same gameplay that most online strategy games do; build a city and take over the world with your army.

Grepolis features three main resources that are the base of everything else in the game. These resources are Wood, Rock, and Silver. Each one of these require a separate building to produce and are all used for different things throughout the game. There are a ton of troop types within Grepolis which include land and naval based troops as well as mythological troops or creatures. This game is very well put together and is definitely worth checking out.

Features of Grepolis

  • Complete free to play and browser based
  • Varied unit types including land troops, naval ships and mythological creatures
  • Ability to battle non-player characters as well as other players online
  • Very easy to learn and play

If these games are not what you are looking for, check out our games like civilization page.

Games like Travian – Free To Play Online

TravianTravian is one of the oldest browser based strategy games around. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose from three tribes to form alliances, go to war with each other, and begin the race to claim victory. The three tribes consist of the Romans, the Gauls, and the Teutons. Before choosing a tribe to play with, you should take time to consider your options because each tribe has different strengths and weaknesses. All three tribes also have ten unique military units to control during battle.

Travian is based in the Roman age, and at the start of the game you are given an undeveloped town and have to build it into a global empire before a specific period. Depending on the server every 100 to 300 days the server enters in to end of the game mode in which an NPC controls the tribe Natars and it continually sends out its military units to stop you from growing your empire. If you successfully hold off Natar’s military units and can fully construct what is called a “wonder” you beat the game and the server starts over.

Best Free Online Games like Travian

Castle Empire: The Settlers

castle empireCastle Empire brings many of the same features that Travian offers including its graphics but it is free to play. It is a 2D browser based strategy game created by Ubisoft; the same company that developed Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms. Like other browser based strategy games your objective is to control a group of settlers to turn an undeveloped town into an empire. Castle Empire’s game play consists of many different features. To grow your city you must explore and send workers to the forests to find resources. The more resources you find the faster you can grow your city; each resource has a distinct purpose. If you think you have what it takes to build a global empire our team encourages you to try this game out.

Features of Castle Empire

  • Built around a classic system of advancement
  • Many unique resources to find
  • 9 different military units to use for battle
  • Create roads to connect all your cities

Thirst of Night

thirst of nightIf you are looking for a new browser city building game similar to Travian then look no further than Thirst of Night. Thirst of Night is a browser based game developed by Kabam with a unique twist to it. Instead of playing with a normal civilization, Thirst of Night is based off a vampire based theme. This game is a great combination for the gamers who enjoy playing horror games and for those who love playing strategy games. In the beginning of the game, you are presented with a map of the city, in which each portion is available for conquest through military force or economic means.  In Thirst of Night, there are many different tasks to complete, once you complete a task more features open up such as weaponry and different skills.

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Vampire themed strategy building empire game with unique features
  • Manage tax levels to increase your cities wealth
  • Complete tasks one at a time
  • Many different troops to choose from for battling

Games Like Total War – Free To Play Online

Total WarTotal War is a strategy based game that involves resource management and lets you control tactical battles in real time.  The first game of the Total War series was released in 2000, and the most recent was released on March 15, 2011.

Total war is a series of different games, in which all take place in a different setting and era. Total war games include Shogun, Medieval, Rome, Medieval II, Empire, Napoleon, and Shogun II. Playing this game takes time and strategy. When you start the game, you need to find a place to settle down and build your city into a territory. To expand, you need to collect resources and achieve points to unlock different objectives. Furthermore, Total War lets you control your own battles from the front of the lines. Before each battle you get to choose from a variety of troop options; however, you need to strategically place your troops to defeat your enemies.

Total War is an awesome game and we have therefore put together a list of closely related games to it. Check them out and leave us some feedback on your experience. Each game brings something unique to the table but they are all strategy based games.

Top Free to Play Online Games like Total War

Castle Empire Online

castle empireCastle Empire Online is a free to play browser game similar to Total War. The game was developed by a company based in Germany and was recently awarded as the “Best Online Browser Game” at the German Computer Game Award Ceremony. Playing Castle Empire lets you start fresh by finding uninhabited land and settling down. To start you must find a piece of land that you would like to settle down in and then you have to clear the land by cutting down trees. Cutting down trees can be an issue at times; however, there are foresters that plant seeds while you are cutting them down. Furthermore, you must strategically settle down, collect resources and build workshops to grow.  There are several different resources to collect; in which all have a distinct purpose for the game.

Castle Empire Online is based on an advancement system. This means that as you accumulate more experience points you will get close to advancing to the next level. At different levels, you are able to unlock different objectives and objects such as new buildings. You can gather points by accomplishing different quests throughout the game. There are many different quests to gain points and to expand your territory. One way to expand your territory is to send out explorers to gather information about different pieces of land. Besides expanding your territory, you need to worry about the security of it as well. During game play there are countless number of robbers waiting to take down your workshops and houses so keep any eye out for them.

On the battle side of it, the choices are endless. There are a total of nine different troops you have to choose from, including skillful gunners to new recruits. Everyone involved in the battle will automatically be placed. Of course, infantries will be in front of the rangers; however, you should consider placing some skilled worriers in the mix of your army to control your worst enemies.

If you are looking for a game similar to Total War our team encourages you to check out Castle Empire. Not only does it have many of the same features that Total War offers but also it is completely free to play.

Chronicles of Merlin

chronicles of merlinChronicles of Merlin is another great exploration battle and conquer game like Total War. In Chronicles of Merlin you get to experience with many different features including playing with swords, bows and arrows, unlock new armor, build castles and best of all attack your enemies to expand your territory. This game has many different tasks that need to be completed by yourself; besides attacking your enemies to expand you territory, you will have to keep any eye out for bandits from damaging your city as well. The battles are relatively easily; however, the focus is to make sure that your heroes are leveling up in their training so you can get the best armor and weapons.

Features of Chronicles of Merlin

  • In depth tasks to complete
  • Level up your hero’s training
  • Use gold to purchase features
  • Experience with many different weapons and armor

Games Like Settlers – Free To Play Online

the settlers onlineAre you trying to find some games like Settlers Online that you can play for free? If so, the list below is just what you are looking for. The Settlers Online is a free to play massively multiplayer online browser based strategy game. It follows the same type of play as most real time strategy games in the sense that building a massive empire is the main goal. Game play is fairly simple within The Settlers Online. Players first have control of a pioneer group in which they choose a piece of land to begin their village on. They then begin to take care of this land and start building their village while providing a shelter for the local people. Different locations and land types are both things that players take into consideration when building for some places are better than others. Such characteristics of villages will either push other people away or attract them so they are very important within the game. Gathering resources is another key factor in this game because such resources are used to build different structures and even a military. Military is used to either defend your cities from opposing empires or even attack other cities and conquer them.

I have noticed lately that real time strategic games are becoming more and more popular and there is a larger demand for them online. The Settlers Online and Civilization are just a few examples. We have been looking around online for games similar to The Settlers Online and have had some luck. We have compiled a list below that are all real time strategy games but each one does have some unique characteristics. We have tried to list them in relevancy to The Setters Online meaning that the first game listed is the most similar to it that we could find. They are all great games and will keep you busy for hours. Check them out and leave us some feedback letting us know if your experience was a good one.

Best Free Online Games Like Settlers

Castle Empire Online

castle empire onlineI was shocked when I first came across Castle Empire Online because this real time strategy game is almost to good to be free to play and very much a game like The Settlers. This is a 2D browser based massively multiplayer strategy game. The basic story line of Castle Empire is that there are pioneers exploring an uninhabited land and they are looking to start a settlement. Guiding them to the forest and back to allow them to cut down trees and start building is your first objective within this game. As you start to get your settlement under way, gathering resources becomes very important. Different resources are used for specific purposes. This game does have a lot of features to offer that players will love and if you are looking for free to play games like The Settlers Online then this is our first recommendation.

Features of Castle Empire Online

  • 9 different types of military units to use in the game
  • Tons of quests to check out around the land
  • All buildings can be upgraded or even destroyed to make room for others
  • Wide variety of resources that are all used for different purposes
  • Very similar layout to Settlers 7
  • Completely free to play and browser based

Games Like Age of Empires – Free To Play Online

age of empiresAge of Empires is a real time strategy game that was first released in 1997 and has since come out with 6 squeals and 3 spin offs. Everyone knows how awesome this game is and it can easily be compared to a game such as Civilization or even Evony. Within this game players simply create a Greek civilization in which they progress through being a tiny village to a massive empire.

Players can play this game with their friends if they would like while creating either friendly rivals or allies. Not only can you just create an empire in this game but you can also embark on quests and explore an open world of animated characters and epic tales. You have the choice to attack other civilizations or leave them be. Age of Empires allows its players to engage in adventure and even history and has a ton of in game features to offer.

For all of the reasons mentioned above and more, online game players are always looking for free alternatives to Age of Empires. Well look no further because we have found a bunch of games online as closely related to it as possible and every single one of them is completely free to play. We have tried to list them according to relevancy meaning the first game is the closest as possible to Age of Empires (Which it really is almost an exact match!). Check them out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is always encouraged.

Best Online Games like Age of Empires – Free To Play

Castle Empire

castle empireWhen I first came across Castle Empire I thought it was to good to be true. This game truly brings all the features that Age of Empires does but is a free to play browser based strategy game and it even does it with great graphics and design. When you see a knock off game of another game you usually think that it is going to be bad graphics and limited game play. But not in this case.

Within Castle Empire, players of this amazing game control a group of settlers who are simply trying to turn their tiny village into a great empire with flourishing castles and structures. You can send workers into the forest to cut down trees and gather resources which allows you to build your city faster. Different resources are needed for different structures. All buildings can be upgraded and obviously the more you upgrade a building the larger and more castle like it becomes. Castle Empire has so much to offer its users while being a free to play browser game and for that reason it has become one of my favorite online games.

Features of Castle Empire

  • Based on a classic system of advancement
  • 9 different types of troops to be developed to help protect your city and conquer others
  • You have the ability to collapse your buildings in order to build better or more expensive ones
  • Ability to create roads between your villages or empires
  • Tons of unique resources all used for different things


grepolisGrepolis is a massively multiplayer online game that is completely browser based and set in Ancient Greece. Within this game, players simply build their own massive city and then raise their armies to take over the world with. Armies can consist of land troops, naval troops and even mythological troops that are very powerful. Grepolis shares many of the same features that Age of Empires does but also takes a lot of features that Civilization has. Take a look below for some of the in game features.

Features of Grepolis

  • Raid non-player character villages as well as real players
  • Tons different unit types including ships & mythological troops
  • Completely free to play and browser based
  • Collect different resources that can be used to build your city and army

Chronicles of Merlin

chronicles of merlinChronicles of Merlin is a real time strategy game that seems to be a great mix between games like Age of Empires and Risk. Players have the ability to construct massive cities to grow their armies and then their armies can be sent out to attack other civilizations across the land. Outside of the building process within Chronicles of Merlin, the game reminds me of a 3D risk game . This is also considered a massively multiplayer online role playing game and features very detailed formation selection as well as the ability to upgrade certain character “heroes”. Capturing different parts of the land and gathering different resources are key to becoming the most powerful force in Chronicles of Merlin.

Features of Chronicles of Merlin

  • Tons of challenging quests to check out
  • browser based and completely free to play game
  • Detailed formation selection
  • Vast number of buildings to construct including a City Hall that collects taxes

Games Like Evony – Free To Play Online

evonyEvony is an online multiplayer flash game which shares a lot of the same elements that civilization does. Based back in the medieval times, players  simply begin developing a city from scratch while also creating new technologies and building structures that will ultimately create a massive army. This army is used to try to conquer other players throughout the game as well as gathering resources which in return will allow for more structures to be built and a larger army to be made. The name of the game is ultimate domination and the last one standing wins the game.

Evony was first released in 2009 and become fairly popular upon this release date. Even before this game hit the market there were tons of other games online just like it. Below I have compiled a list of the most popular games exactly like Evony just with some different twists to them such as unique themes as well as different in game features. They all follow the idea of building a massive city as well as a huge army in order to conquer the rest of the game world.

Best Free to Play Games like Evony Online

Dragons of Atlantis

dragons of atlantisDragons of Atlantis is a real time strategy game where players build a massive empire and virtually try to take over their enemies and conquer other lands. This game has 2D graphics and features plenty of quests and challenges for players to take part in. It plays exactly like Evony but just has a dragon like theme to it. Gather resources to build tons of different structures as well as military units to protect your city and conquer others within the game field. There is an awesome trade system implemented into the game as well as a dragon feature that allows you to have a dragon protect your city from enemies. Dragons of Atlantis has a ton of in game features and even plays when you are not logged in.

Features of Dragons of Atlantis

  • 4 different resources each used for different purposes within the game
  • Tons of builds to construct including science centers and theaters
  • 10 different military units to construct
  • Awesome graphics with plenty of quests to check out
  • Great trading system and huge community to do so with

Thirst of Night

thirst of nightThirst of night is an online browser based strategy game with a dark vampire based theme. It is played exactly like Evony in the way that players build their cities, which have a futuristic and Gothic look to them, and then harvest the biggest army of vampires that they can. One great feature about his game is that players can even produce a gargoyle which will protect their city for them. After your city and armies are developed and you are consistently researching new technologies, you can start attacking your opponents around the game world. The game is fairly simple but massively addicting and has a ton of great features to offer.

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Completely browser based game
  • Ability to upgrade buildings, train soldiers, generate resources and research new technologies
  • Unique dark theme that is a refresher from most games similar to this
  • Very detailed visuals throughout the game
  • Tons of different structures to build including night clubs for your vampires to feast at

The Godfather: Five Families

godfatherThe Godfather: Five Families is another browser based strategy game with all of the same elements as Evony. Instead of being based in the medieval times however, it is placed back when mobsters and gangsters ruled the cities. Players choose from one of five gangster families and then start trying to make a name for themselves within New York and ultimately try to take over the city completely within the game. Building your city from scratch is one of the key features in this game in which players can construct buildings such as cement factories, steel mills, hideouts and restaurants. Some of these buildings are needed for resources such as weapons and what not and some are for your mobsters to hide out in. When your army of mobsters and gangsters is created, you can continue on to attack other players making your army even bigger and creating more resources from doing so to build yourself up within the game.

Features of The Godfather: Five Families

  • Completely browser based game
  • Awesome and unique mobster theme
  • Easy game interface
  • Tons of different weapons to equip you gangsters with

Games Like Starcraft – Free To Play Online

starcraftAre you looking for any games like Starcraft that share the same features and design? Well we can help you out in that department. Starcraft is a real time strategic computer game that Blizzard Entertainment first released in 1998. The storyline behind the game follows a newly formed Terran Dominion who is now in the presence of two very dangerous alien races: the enigmatic Protoss and the savage Zerg. The idea behind the game is to gather as many resources as possible and expand your forces for these two alien races will stop at nothing to destroy you. There is an all out war going on between the three of you.

Starcraft was considered a very advanced game for its time and become the the best selling computer game of 1998. It followed up the statistic by winning the Origins Award for Best Strategy Computer Game of 1998. Blizzard’s second installment of this game was released July of 2010 and is even better than the first one with up to date graphics and a very popular campaign mode that is estimated to take any where from 20 to 60 hours to complete. It features 29 different missions with multiple mission types.

Starcraft II was considered the fastest selling strategy game of all time and sold 1.5 million copies within the fist 2 days of being released. After a month of being on the market it had sold more than 3 million copies and had some of the best review scores for any game. It is no wonder that after playing this all so popular installment, people want even more things to play like it. Below is a list of games I have compiled that are very similar to Starcraft. Keep coming back for I am always adding to this list trying to make it bigger and better!

Best Free to Play Games Like Starcraft Online

Steel Legion

steel legionSteel Legion is massively multiplayer strategy game with awesome 3D graphics and fast paced player vs player action. It is browser based and completely free to play. Players simply control a huge steel tank and battle 3 other empires for ultimate control over things such as land, resources and power. If players would like, they can team up with one another to join the same empire. They can then play Steel Legion as they would normally except they can work together to control the land. There is gear scattered across the land that players can collect to upgrade their vehicles weapons or armor as well. Steel Legion has a ton to offer its players whom love strategy games and it also has great gameplay and design.

Features of Steel Legion

  • New maps and challenges always coming out
  • Unique and fair player vs player combat
  • Multiple power ups and upgrades
  • completely free to play with no obligations

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is considered a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game where multiple players battle it out against one another on one piece of land. Each player starts out by building their cities and armies up until they decide it is time to start exploring and attacking others. Thirst of Night brings a more darker themed look to this type of game (vampires and blood sucking demands) and also some pretty amazing features. Constructing things such as homes, steelworks, crystal pits and blood labs are just a few of things to look forward to while playing Thirst of Night. It is completely browser based with no download necessary and shares a lot of the same features that Starcraft does. Play Thirst of Night completely free right now. You will not be disappointed!

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Very straight forward story line and player vs player combat
  • Free to play and browser based
  • Very polished interface
  • Ability to control and army of vampires and gargoyles
  • Dark theme giving it a unique look

I hope this list of games like Starcraft helped you out. Come back often for we are always updating this page with new games. Be sure to leave a comment with any suggestions as well.

Games Like Command and Conquer – Free To Play Online

command and conquerGames like Command and Conquer can be hard to find. That’s alright though because we have a great list for you to check out. Command and Conquer is a real time strategy video game first released in 1995. Within it,  players typically first construct a base and start to collect resources. These resources are used towards production of varies forces or war machines in which are then used to attack the opponents around the map. The forces constructed can be any where from infantry troops to very large tanks/machines.

Like a lot of other strategy games, there are both a single player storyline mode as well as a multiplayer mode. Single player game mode is fairly linear and involves a player simple completely certain missions one right after another until the storyline is over. Multiplayer game mode is played with a certain number of players all starting on different parts of the map and simply making their armies as big as possible in order to defeat the rest of the players. The last player left wins. It is as simple as that.

The Command and Conquer series has more than 15 games in it and are playable on a variety of different consoles including PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. More than 30 million game copies have been sold and EA has even confirmed that there is yet another version being developed right now.

Top Online Games Like Command and Conquer – Free To Play

Steel Legion

steel legionSteel Legion is a new massively multiplayer real time strategy game that is exactly like Command and Conquer except completely free to play online. The game combines amazingly rich 3D graphics with exceptionally fast paced player vs player combat. Steel Legion features 4 empires or players that are battling for complete control of land, resources and power. After establishing a base, players need to start exploring the game world to collect gear to upgrade their vehicles weapons and armor. This will ultimately help them in becoming the one and only legend on the battleground.

Features of Steel Legion

  • Player directly through your browser with no download
  • Completely free to play
  • 4 empires battle it out until the end
  • Varies resources and power ups to collect around the maps
  • New maps and challenges are coming out all the time

Our team is constantly looking for more games to add to our lists. If you have any suggestions or ideas of some that we should include or take a look at let us know in the comments section below.  We will be updating this page periodically with your suggestions and our staff’s findings so check back soon!

Games Like Risk – Free To Play Online

play risk onlineTrying to find games like Risk online? Well check out the list that we have for you. Risk is a strategic board game that was produced by Parker Brothers and has been around since 1957. Can you believe that? It has been around for more then a half of a century and is still as popular as ever. It is a turn-based game for anywhere between two to six players. The standard version is played on a board depicting a map of the World. This map is divided into forty-two territories, which are grouped into six continents and does not include Antarctica.

The primary object of the game is ultimately world domination which is done by controlling every territory on the board and eliminating all other players. To do so, players control massive armies and move them in accordance to what they roll on the dice.

With Risk becoming so popular, it is no wonder that people are looking to play it online. There are an unlimited number of them out there all played online and they range any where from controlling the high seas to controlling ancient medieval lands. Check out the list of games like risk played online below.

Games Like Risk – Free to Play Online

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is a great browser based strategic game where players battle against one another for ultimate domination of the land within the game. This is done through doing many different things such as the construction of buildings, the gathering of resources as well as attacking the other players’ cities. One great feature of this game is that it is played even when you are not logged in. This means your buildings and armies are growing even if you are not at your computer.

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Buildings can individually upgraded as high as level 10
  • 20 different technologies available to players
  • Players can construct up to 10 cities each with 74 areas to construct buildings
  • Unique player prestige/ranking system
  • New players given 7 day protection

Civilization II

civilization 2 Civilization II is the second game made within the Civilization series. This is a turn based strategic video game where players have two paths to victory. They can either claim world domination by defeating all other players (up to 5 others) or they can claim a technology victory by being the first player to launch a shuttle to outer space. The graphics of this game are a bit outdated but it shares all the same concepts and design that risk does.

Features of Civilization II

  • Ability to consult high council for all decisions
  • Two different paths to victory
  • Different land topography which have defense bonuses and productive value
  • 21 different civilizations to choose from
  • Unique scoring system measuring players performance throughout the game

Chronicles of Merlin

chronicles of merlinChronicles of Merlin is a real time strategic game that can be played online completely free. When I came across it, the first thing that jumped into my mind is that it seems to be a 3D risk type game. It is completely browser based and is considered a massively multiplayer online RPG because when you play you are competing against others online. It is fairly simple. Players choose a hero in the beginning whom will run their empire. Then it is time to start growing this empire as well as your military. There are pretty much two parts to Chronicles of Merlin. The first is building a massive city and the second is conquering other cities or territories. The game truly amazing and even shows you the battles between to armies when you attack someone or they attack you. Try it out and give us some feedback on your experience.

Features of Chronicles of Merlin

  • Not only can you battle other players online but you can also take on challenging quests
  • Choose from detailed army formation selections
  • Completely free to play right through your browser
  • Great mix between games like Risk and Evony


naviageNaviage is an online strategic game where players develop the perfect world through battles, trading and the growth of there fleet. Invading and defeating other countries is one way to go about doing this but players can also attack players by sea and even butt heads with enemies such as pirates. By defeating pirates around the Globe players get rewarded with things like gold or new resources. Naviage includes three different battle types within the game which include invading shipping lanes, invading ports and going to war on land.

Features of Naviage

  • Very user friendly interface
  • Countless number of goods coming into the exchange center each day
  • Naviage offers different quests to complete with high rewards
  • Multiple character options to choose from
  • Amazing graphics and design