Games Like Harvest Moon – Free To Play Online

harvest moonHarvest Moon is a virtual simulation role playing game series which was first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. Since its first release, its developers have made and released over 15 different Harvest Moon games which are available on mostly Nintendo brand consoles, including the Wii, as well as portable devices.

The game play of Harvest Moon is fairly simple and is largely based on farming. Players complete daily tasks such as watering vegetables, feeding animals and even taking care of the animals in ways such as brushing them and milking some of them. If these tasks are not completed the vegetables or other crops and even the animals can end up dying. Using ones time wisely is one of the most important parts of the game for there is only so many hours of light within one day.

Harvest Moon is split up into 4 month long seasons and each day starts at 6 a.m. and becomes dark at 6 p.m. Players have access to many tools including a watering can, axe, hoe, sickle, and a hammer all of which can be upgraded. There are also special features built into the game like a unique marriage system as well as a storm/disaster system. It is possible in the summer for your farm to get hit by a hurricane or an earthquake which does massive damage to your farm.

Harvest Moon is an exceptionally unique game and that makes it hard to find games like it online. Below we have compiled a list of online games both from the virtual simulation genre as well as the farm simulation genre. All of these games have the same basic idea as Harvest Moon and we have tried to put them in order from most relevant to least with comparison to Harvest Moon itself.

Top Free Games like Harvest Moon Online

Ranch Rush

ranch rushRanch Rush is the best farm simulation game that I have come across online and it seems to have the best design and graphics as well. It is considered a time management game for there is a limited time each day that players have to complete their tasks. There is also a level system in place that gives players a unique challenge for each level which must be completed in order to move to the next level. Ranch Rush ultimately allows players to build and create their own farm doing things such as gathering eggs and honey as well as tending to live stock and crops. If that’s not enough, there are even bonus mini games that can be found in the farmers market. Ranch Rush has a ton of game content to offer as well as unique features that other virtual farm games just don’t have.

Features of Ranch Rush

  • 80 levels of awesome yet difficult challenges to complete
  • Ability to completely develop and design your own farm
  • Bonus farmers market mini games
  • Tons of trophies and upgrades available

Games Like Farm Frenzy – Free To Play Online

farm frenzyFarm Frenzy is a time management farm simulation game with tons of features and tasks for players to check out. The title pretty much explains the game. All you do is run a farm by tending to your fields and producing goods such as eggs and milk. The game features a level system where players must complete a specific challenge to task in order to move to the next level. Each task can be very different but range any where from collecting a certain amount of eggs or make a certain number of baked goods.

As the levels progress, the challenges get harder. Collecting eggs is as simple as placing ducks on your farm and waiting for them to produce eggs. But something like baking goods takes just a little more than that. To complete a challenge within the game such as this, you must first purchase ducks, then purchase grass so the ducks can eat, collect the ducks eggs, build a bakery, purchase ingredients and use these ingredients in combination with the eggs to make baked goods within the bakery. As you can see there are quite a lot of steps to such a challenge and that is only the beginning.

Farm Frenzy is a great game and has many games within the series. It is no wonder that Farm Frenzy players are looking for free alternatives that are similar to it. There are multiple games online that are free to play and share very similar gameplay and features to Farm Frenzy. Check out the list below for such games and don’t be afraid to try them out. From experience they are all great games and each one brings something new to the table.

Best Online Games like Farm Frenzy – Free To Play

Ranch Rush

ranch rushRanch Rush is one of the best farm simulation games online today and is free to play. Within the game players simply own a nursery that has failed and needs to be taken care of. Can you turn this failed 3 acre nursery into a thriving ranch? There are tons of crops within the game that you can plant and gather including tomatoes, blueberries and corn. Ranch Rush is based on a level system where players must complete a certain task in order to get to the next level exactly like you do in Farm Frenzy. You can fully customize your ranch however you want it to look and there is even a ranch market allowing you to but the equipment and supplies necessary to do so. I challenge you to complete all the achievements and earn all the trophies available in this awesome time management game.

Features of Ranch Rush

  • 80 challenging but unique levels to play
  • Ability to fully design and customize your own ranch
  • Bonus mini game within the farmers market
  • Tons of achievements and trophies to be had
  • Better graphics then most time management farm games

Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

farm frenzy gone fishingFarm Frenzy Gone Fishing is exactly like the all so popular Farm Frenzy game except for one large difference; instead of raising crops and animals, you get to run a fish farm full of exotic fish and aquatic goods. This game has a ton to offer including the original features such as fending off bears that can be found in Farm Frenzy. Take the role of Scarlett whom has recently bought a brand new island farm in which contains a huge pond right in the middle of it. Raise fish such as sharks that will produce fish eggs in which you will take care of and turn into more fish for your farm. Predators will be an issue within the game and it is your job to fend them off and make sure they don’t have a feeding frenzy on your crops and fish. From experience this game is amazing and very addictive!

Features of Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

  • 6 new animals/fish along with all the original animals
  • 90 brand new levels in order to test your farm skills
  • All new endless mode
  • Over 12 new buildings for your farm
  • Over 24 new products to plant and grow

Games Like Cake Mania – Free To Play Online

cake maniaLooking to play some games like Cake Mania? Well you are in luck because we have just the list for you. Cake Mania is an original time management game first developed in 2006. The story behind the game follows a character known as Jill Evans whom has just gotten back from culinary school and finds out that her grandparents old bakery is now closed. With this bad news, Jill decides she wants to open her own bakery to make enough money and reopen her grandfathers bakery.

Gameplay within Cake Mania is very simple and straight forward yet still challenging for its users. Players control Jill through baking cakes for her needy customers. All customers have different orders and you simply direct Jill around the bakery to correctly bake the cakes the customers want before they get tired of waiting and leave without their order.

The faster and quicker you bake the cakes the more money you will earn in the game. This money can be used to buy better equipment for your bakery such as ovens and microwaves which will keep Jill ahead of orders. There are even other features in the game such as users allowing their customers to watch TV and eat cupcakes so that they do not get so impatient while waiting for their cake. There are tons of games online that are very similar to Cake Mania and all of them are completely free to play. Check out the list below for the ones we think you would like.

Best Free To Play Games Like Cake Mania Online

Cake Mania to the Max

cake mania to the maxThis game brings players back to Jill Evans in high school during the 1980’s. This is the 6th installment of the series and has much more to offer then the previous 5 Cake Mania games. In this time management game, players again take the role of Jill Evans whom is having trouble deciding what she wants to do with the rest of her life. As she balances her options, her grandfather, who owns his own bakery, asks her to design the most important part of the upcoming high school prom, the centerpiece cake.

While designing and making this masterful cake, players simply help Jill attend to all the customers lining up in her grandfathers bakery. This installment of the series features all new equipment as well as upgrades and improvements that will help you along the way. It is an awesome game if you are looking for something like Cake Mania and will keep you busy for hours.

Features of Cake Mania top the Max

  • 100 levels of non stop customers and cake making
  • All equipment and machines to help you make cakes faster
  • All new customers to take orders from
  • Multiple game modes for all new fun

Hell’s Kitchen

hell's kitchen gameHave you ever heard of the online television series called Hell’s Kitchen? Well if not, it is a show where world wide known chef Gordon Ramsey simply puts willing chefs through a culinary so called “boot camp”. If you have heard of it then you know exactly what I am talking about! Well now is your turn to go through this rigorous camp of food challenges and put your skills to the test. Players make unique and tasteful meals in Hell’s Kitchen where each one is tested and scored by Gordon Ramsey himself. This game is full of great challenges as well as tons of game modes and has a fast paced cooking atmosphere. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimeate chef and take on Gordon Ramsay yourself?

Features of Hell’s Kitchen

  • Work your way up from new restaurant status to advance status with a 5 star rating as your ultimate goal
  • Multiple Hell’s Kitchen game modes
  • Have Gordon Ramsay himself test and rate your hand made meals
  • Over 35 different recipes to try and perfect within the game

Burger Shop 2

burger shop 2Burger shop 2 is exactly like Cake Mania except instead of building cakes for customers, players simply make burgers and sides for customers. The ultimate goal within the game is to build a massive chain of fast food restaurants with their hard earned money. There is just one big problem, you have just awoken from a dumpster and have found out that all of your restaurants have been shut down and you have no idea as to why. Well now you must find out what happened through a series of activities starting with helping customers with their orders. Give them what their order desires such as burgers, fires, soft drinks and more. As the game goes on, the mystery will be unraveled and the challenges will begin to get harder.

Features of Burger Shop 2

  • Great storyline with some built in humor
  • Multiple game modes that are all challenging and fun
  • 8 different restaurants to play through all with 15 challenging levels
  • More than 100 different food variations that customers will order
  • Interesting customers to attend to as well as multiple upgrades within the game

Games Like Diner Dash – Free To Play Online

diner dashThere are a lot of games like Diner Dash out there and we have a huge list of them for your. Diner Dash is a time management strategic video game that can be played on a variety of different platforms including PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Play is simple within this game. It involves the user seating customers and waiting on them as fast as possible while at the same time cleaning up after other customers and doing it all over again. It features a level system where players must have enough money from the previous level to go on to the next level. If they did not make enough money to move on then they lose the game.

Diner Dash has become a very popular game within the United States and has even been mentioned on CNN and the New York Times. There have been five sequels to it since its release and each has brought something new to the table. It is a very fun and interactive game for young users and certainly keeps them busy for quite some time. Below is a list of games very similar to Diner Dash. All of them are completely free to play and can be found online.

Best Online Games Like Diner Dash – Free To Play

Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills

cooking dash 3Cooking Dash 3 features the same character from Diner Dash, Flo, and is as close of a game to Diner Dash as you can get. Flo is working her very first summer job at an amusement park with all of her friends. There are multiple restaurants within Cooking Dash 3 which makes the game that much more challenging. Players simply seat their customers and begin to wait on them. Bringing them their food, cleaning up after them and seating new customers are just a few of the things that you will have to do within this time management game.There is even a drive thru that players will have to be concerned about. Time is of the essence throughout gameplay and the last thing you want to do is make your customers wait for their food for to long!

Features of Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills

  • 50 levels of play challenging you in speed and quality
  • Multiple restaurants such as Log Jam, Spooky Shack and Deep Dive
  • A new drive-thru service challenging you even more than ever
  • 9 customer personality types
  • Completely free to play game and can be found online

Amelies Cafe

amelies cafeIf you are looking for a time management game like Diner Dash with maybe some mini tasks mixed into it then Amelies Cafe is definitely the one you want to check out. You take the role of a person who owns a run down cafe which needs a lot of work to be successful. Turn this cafe around while waiting on customers as well as making all the decisions for the cafe yourself. You must seat the customers, take the orders and deliver the food as fast as they can while at the same time keeping the cafe clean and tidy. Earn as much money as possible to move onto the next level and even play mini games to earn some extra bonuses. You also have the ability to upgrade things within your cafe such as cooks and ovens.

Features of Amelies Cafe

  • Over 50 levels of fast paced challenging fun
  • Mini games available to earn extra bonuses
  • 3 different cafe interior customization’s
  • 3 different modes available
  • Free and easy to play online game

Diner Dash: Home Town Hero

diner dash: home town heroThis is another installment of the Diner Dash series and is very similar to the original one but has many more features and much more to offer. Take the role of Flo once again as she goes back home to visit her old memories. With 5 restaurants in total that you have control of, there is more than ever before for you to take care of. There are brand new customers on your hands such as the “Hungry Man” and the “Celebrity”. There are even new features available such as being able to combine tables together in order to seat larger groups. This is an action packed fun filled time management game that never gets old and is very challenging for its users. Are you ready to help Flo restore her hometown back to what it originally looked like?

Features of Diner Dash: Home Town Hero

  • Brand new reservations features allowing you to reserve table for incoming customers
  • Great moving tables feature allowing you to seat larger groups of customers
  • Ability to train brand new waiters to help you
  • Great fun and challenging level play

I hope this list of games like Diner Dash was what you were looking for. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Games Like Farmville – Free To Play Online

farmvilleFarmville is an online game played on Facebook where you take the role of owning a farm and tending to it. Players start the game by customizing an avatar which can be changed at any time. After this is done, players then start working on their farm. You are given an empty farm and a certain amount of farm coins which are used to purchase plants or items.

Players can also gain XP which allows them to purchase better plants worth more in the long run. The main way to gain XP and farm coins is by harvesting crops or visiting the neighbors farms. Even though this is a free to play online game with a Facebook profile, online game players are looking for alternatives. Well look no further because a list of games like Farmville can be found below. They are all free to play and all have very similar game play to Farmville.

Top free games like Farmville

Ranch Rush

ranch rushRanch Rush has 80 farm fresh levels that require a specific task to be done before passing. Harvest fresh crops, gather eggs, collect honey from bees, and do much more while building your Ranch. This farm game truly stretches what you can do on a farm and is actually quite refreshing. There are even mini games in Ranch Rush that you can check out. Ranch Rush has the exact look and feel of Farmville but has many more features.

Features of Ranch Rush

  • 80 farm levels with specific tasks to complete
  • Tons of clever upgrades to your farm
  • Bonus farmer markets mini games
  • Amazing anime graphics


If you are looking for a game like farmville but with a magical twist to it, then you got to check out MiraMagia. This game is completely free to play and is completely browser based. Within MiraMagia, you get to manage a huge farm land full of mystical plants and herbs. Some of these plants include snapdragons, tubular mushrooms and stone truffles. You can use your magic to make them grow more quickly and then trade your plants and herbs for more advanced magic. You also get to manage your village along with the farm and even explore the world within the game. If you like farmville, then you got to play this game. You will not be disappointed.

Features of MiraMagia

  • Manage a huge farm full of mystical plants
  • Full ranking system implemented letting you know how you compare to everyone else
  • Care for a dragon who helps you with your farm and village
  • Completely free to play and browser based

Virtual Farm

virtual farmVirtual Farm puts players in charge of turning a small yet fertile farm into a massive plantation! The basics of the game are exactly like Farmville in the sense that you till the ground, choose what crop you want to plant, water and take care of them and then harvest them and sell them at the market. There are tons of upgrades to earn and the game is easy to learn and play.

Features of Virtual Farm

  • 8 different kinds of crops to grow
  • 15 different plants/buildings to build
  • 11 different products to produce
  • Endless amounts of farming fun

Farm Craft

farm craftFarm Craft is a great farm management game where players get their hand’s dirty by taking the role a a farmer who is up against a huge competitor called the Agro Corporation. As you design your own layout of your farm and choose from an endless amount of crops to plant, Argo Corp will try to run you out of business. Keep making improvements to your farm earning you more profit which will allow you to expand.

Features of Farm Craft

  • Design your farm exactly how you want it, no restrictions
  • Each level of play brings new challenges
  • Earn up to 12 awards for your farming skills
  • More crops to plant than you will know what to do with


farmeramaFarmerama is the ultimate  “run your own farm” game. Trade in your city life for a taste of the good old country. Tend to your fields, raise your own cattle, and keep trespassers off of your land. Life on this farm will keep you busy and will never get old. Farmerama has all the same features that Farmville does plus more.

Features of Farmerama

  • level up system which allows players to gain access to more advanced crops and more rare animals
  • Neighbors are able to help one another clear land
  • “Give a gift” system
  • Players visit the city to purchase new crops and livestock
  • Already 30 million registered users

Farm Frenzy 3

farm frenzy 3This is a great game if you are looking to run your own virtual farm online for free. Farm Frenzy is a level based game where on each level there is a specific task that must be completed. You can tend your fields, buy buildings, take care of five different types of animals and much more.

Features of Farm Frenzy 3

  • 90 levels of game play all with different tasks and challenges
  • Protect farm from animals such as bears trying to steal your crops
  • Unique buying system
  • Cute anime graphics

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