Games Like Second Life – Free To Play Online

second lifeSecond Life is an online virtual life simulation game that allows its users to be whoever or whatever they would like to be. When playing Second Life you take the role of an avatar in which is fully customizable to look virtually like anyone you want it to. With this avatar, you simply do what you would or could do in an everyday life. You meet and interact with others online, you participate in activities either alone or with groups of others, you can create your own virtual goods and trade them with others if you so choose and you can even own and customize your own virtual space to look like the house that you never got to build or buy.

Second Life has been around since 2003 and has become a very popular online game ever since its release. There is something about people being able to be the person that they always wanted to in which they could not do in real life. It is a break from peoples everyday stressful lives. The game is virtually free to play but does require players to purchase certain items or premium memberships in order to have unlimited ability to do what he/she would like. Second Life s even used by some businesses to test out their products on a market to see if they would do well or fail.

Second Life is definitely one of the best online virtual simulation games on the market but seems to very much limit its users to what they can do unless they upgrade to a premium membership. For that reason and some others we have put together a list of very similar games to Second Life. All of them share a lot of the same features and are all great games. Check them out and give us some feedback on your gaming experience.

Top Online Games like Second Life – Free To Play


IMVUIMVU is an online social entertainment or virtual simulation game like Second Life where users can be who they want to be. Within this game players have control of an avatar that they can customize to their liking. Be a vampire or an actual Avatar if you would like. The customization’s are virtually endless. With this avatar, players simply explore the open world within IMVU participating in activities, meeting others and chatting with them and even play mini games that can be found all over the place. IMVU also hosts the largest virtual goods catalog of all virtual online games and there is pretty much anything you can think of within it. One of the main features of IMVU is the ability to create and sell your own virtual products. This allows online players to actully make real money which is pretty awesome for playing a game. There are already 50 million registered users to this game and it is growing everyday.

Features of IMVU

  • Largest virtual goods catalog around
  • Virtually unlimited character customization
  • Tons of activities such as shopping, partying and even going out to dinner or buying a car
  • Ability to create your own products and sell them
  • Vast community of users with tons of forums and support

Games Like Poptropica – Free To Play Online

poptropicaWhy not play some other games like Poptropica online for free? There are a few listed below that I think you will like. Poptropica is an online game that mixes role playing elements with a virtual world. This game is targeted towards the ages of 6 to 15 and allows its players to participate in a wide range of activities such as traveling or exploration, playing various mini games and even compete with one other in head to head battles. Poptropica also features a good amount of quests for its player to complete which are called islands within the game. There are over twenty of these islands with new ones being thrown onto the game every year.

Poptropica allows its users to create and completely customize an avatar. This can be done right when you start the game or throughout game play if you prefer as well. Changing skin color, hair style and cloths are just a few of the character customizations that are allowed within the game. Poptropica also allows its user to interact through chat in its multiplayer rooms. This chat is 100% completely safe just like in most online virtual worlds.

There is also an in game store where players can purchase certain abilities or even different styles not available on the open market for their characters. Items are purchased with credits that can be either bought with real money or through completing certain quests. Poptropica has become a very popular game in the few years that it has been on the market and for that reason we have found some similar games to it that its users may enjoy. Check them out below and give us some feedback on them if you would like.

Best Online Games Like Poptropica – Free To Play


woozworldWoozworld is an online virtual game world for kids where they can pretty much do whatever they would like. Their modo is “Be what you want to be” and you truly can. Within Woozworld, players can create and fully customize their own avatar, play mini games online and even create their own mini virtual world. This game is completely safe and secure and allows its users to be creative and even make new friends. The only major difference between Woozworld and Poptropica is that Woozworld is more of a 3D based game rather than a 2D side scrolling game. Otherwise the in game features are virtually the same. Designing your own virtual spaces, deck out your avatar to make him/her look how you want and even throw awesome parties or events. These are just a few things Woozworld has to offer.

Features of Woozworld

  • Ability to design you own custom space
  • Pick from tons of min games to play
  • Meet and interact with new friends
  • Completely safe and secure game
  • Contests are held all the time some of which give real money prizes

Habbo Hotel

habbo hotelHabbo Hotel is a sort of social networking game site or virtual online world for teenagers. Within this game you pretty much just hang out and  do what you would like. Habbo Hotel is split up into different rooms which all have different features. There are certain rooms that you can visit that feature mini games played right though your browser and there are other rooms where you can order drinks and party. There are also custom rooms that allow players the ability to fully customize it to their liking. The is the main idea of the game and going on and on about different rooms would get very repetitive. Overall this game is a great game to play if you like to explore a world full of mini games and real life features. It is a game like Poptropica but for a bit of an older age group.

Features of Habbo Hotel

  • Tons of different rooms to check out all with different features
  • Clubs that you can join to meet other users
  • Over 230 million avatars already registered
  • Mini games built right into the site

For more games like Poptropica, check out our Fantage page.

Games Like IMVU – Free To Play Online

Are you looking to play some games like IMVU online? The list of games that we have below should point you in the right direction! IMVU is an online social entertainment website where players use 3D avatars to do everyday things as well as things that real life just doesn’t allow them to do. Things like meeting new people around the world, chatting online, create new and unique things/items online and even playing mini games are all part of this experience that has seemingly blown up in the past few years.

IMVU has over 50 million registered users with over 3 million of them actively playing every month. It was founded in 2004 and seems to be as popular as ever today. It has the world largest online virtual catalog and the game even allows players create and sell their own virtual product on this catalog. Users of IMVU can also fully customize their own homepages, set up public or private chat rooms and even participate or create user groups.

Being that as it may, people are still looking for alternatives to IMVU whether it is because they are sick of it or they have done everything they believe is possible within the game. Well, with social entertainment websites becoming very popular recently, there are a few games that are exactly like IMVU and maybe even better. These are all completely free to play and can be found online.

Best Online Games Like IMVU

Second Life

second lifeSecond Life is an online virtual world with truly amazing and eye catching 3D graphics and design. Players simply take the role of an avatar which is fully customizable in every aspect to look like anything the owner wants. Make him/her look exactly like you, make it an animal or even a combination thereof. There are virtually no limititations to what your avatar looks like. Let your imagination get the best of you.

second lifeOnce your avatar is made, the options within Second life are nearly limitless; meet other avatars online, instant message, socialize, participate in individual or group activities. There is even a built in software that is a three-dimensional modeling tool allowing players to build their own virtual objects. Players can build virtually whatever their mind can dream up and go on selling that item on the Second Life market if they so choose.

Along with doing everyday things like going shopping or out to dinner, Second Life allows its users to own a virtual piece of property as well. It can be a mainland piece of property or even a private island. This piece of property is fully customizable allowing players to turn it into whatever they would like. If you want to put a house on it go ahead. You could even build a store or mini mall if you would like. Second Life truly allows you to do whatever you want with almost no restrictions. It is a great game and already has 1 million active users.


woozworldWoozWorld is an online social entertainment website that is said to be a game like IMVU for kids. It is aimed at kids around the ages of 7-14 but can be played by any one. Players create an avatar and jump right into the game playing mini games, designing their own virtual space, throw exciting parties or events and even totally customizing their avatar how ever they would like.

Woozworld strongly encourages creativity for most of the world within the game is created by its users. There are new contests and activities all the time in this awesome virtual world and millions of kids have already joined the fun. The site is completely safe and secure for all its users.

Games Like Moshi Monsters – Free To Play Online

moshi monsters gameLooking to play some games like Moshi Monsters? We have the perfect list for you to check out then. Moshi Monsters is a social networking online game and virtual pet site mostly for kids aged 7 to 12. Players simply adopt the pet of their choice and care for it through all aspects of its life. It is completely free to play and has a wide variety of features for its users. The one feature that sticks out for most kids is the huge range of puzzles available. Playing these puzzles is one way that players care for their monsters. Playing these puzzles also rewards players with virtual currency called Rox. Rox can be used to buy items for the players monsters such as food, furniture, toys and even treats.

Over time, moshi monsters increase in level which allows them the ability to visit new locations within the virtual world as well as earn all kinds of rewards. It also features a chat system that is fully secure and allows players to chat with one another. With it becoming so popular, many other virtual pet games have been released with many of the same features, the main one being taking care of your own pet.

The list below are all similar to Moshi Monsters whether they are virtual world games with tons of activities for its users or nurture your pet games. Most of them are for kids from the ages of 5 – 15 but can be played by virtually all ages. All are safe and secure as well.

Top Free To Play Games Like Moshi Monsters


neopetsNeopets is a virtual pet game which allows the creation of virtual pets that inhabit the virtual world of Neopia. Players simply create a free account and can take care of up to four different virtual pets. Taking care of these pets consists of buying them food, cloths, toys and other accessories such as treats or miscellaneous items. These are bought using the virtual currency which is earned through completing mini tasks within Neopets, trading, winning contests that are being held as well as other activities.

Features of Neopets

  • Number of ways to earn Neocash including a stock market
  • Vast amount of mini tasks to play including puzzle, action and 3D life games
  • Each user is given a customizable profile page
  • Tons of Neopets to choose from
  • Ability to care for up to four Neopets at one time


powerpetsPowerpets is a virtual pet site for young children where players can choose from over 60 different species to adopt a pet from.  This game is similar to most all other virtual pet sites in the sense that not only can you take care of and nurture a pet but you can also play mini games and do other activities within the Powerpets world. Gaining Powerbucks is very important for this is what is used to buy food and other items for your pets. Players can also purchase land and build houses on them if they desire to do so.

Features of Powerpets

  • Up to 10 uniqe worlds to explore
  • More than 60 species of pets to choose your pet from
  • Wide range of quests and mini games to participate in
  • Safe and secure pet zone chat
  • Customize your pets look to remotely whatever you want
  • Ability to build houses and other buildings

Chicka Pets

chickapetsChicka Pets is another virtual pet game out there for young children to adopt and nurture a pet online. In this friendly community atmosphere, players can customize their pets look as well as play a variety of flash games through the site. Chicka Pets features a vast world to explore with countless items for players to collect for their pets. Grooming, feeding and playing are just a few of the activities players must do when nurturing their pet within Chicka Pets not to mention cleaning up after them. Just think of it as caring for a real pet, just online!

Features of Chicka Pets

  • Over 100 mini games to play on the site
  • Over 3000 items to collect and use towards caring for your pet
  • Great online community with chat availability and a forum
  • Train your pets and even send them into battle
  • Collect secret avatars and enter contests and competitions
  • Participate in quests that you can even get rewarded for

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Games Like ourWorld – Free To Play Online

ourworldOurWorld is an online virtual world where players can enjoy endless amounts of many games as well as do activities like meet people and even go to dance clubs. This is a 2D browser game that features over 22,000 virtual goods. OurWorld is mostly based on playing dozens of mini games where players can win prizes for their avatars and virtual homes.

The game also features quests that players can take part in which allows them to level up. Leveling up allows players to gain access to other areas of the game as well as gives the character new characteristics such as dance moves and other features. OurWorld also focuses strongly on character customization allowing players to fully customize their character to how they want them to look. This is done using a variety of appearance options as well as different articles of clothing and other accessories.

OurWorld has become a fairly popular game online and for that reason some people are looking for games like it but maybe with some better graphics and even an overall better feeling. OurWorld lacks in quite a few areas and that is why we have compiled a list of games below that are all virtual worlds and can be found online for free.

Best Free Online Games Like ourWorld


imvuIMVU is an online virtual world or social entertainment destination. Members of this game use 3D avatars to interact with new people, play mini games or to just hang out.  The huge focus of IMVU, like Second Life, is to have all user created content. IMVU encourages its users to participate in content creation as this keeps the in game experience fresh and new. Users can also create and sell virtual products within the game. With over 50 million registered users, IMVU is a huge part if the virtual world gaming network and keeps its members coming back.

Features of IMVU

  • Completely user generated virtual world
  • Worlds largest virtual goods catalog
  • Create and sell virtual products
  • Develop your own virtual space
  • Huge fan and gaming community

Second Life

second lifeSecond Life is an online virtual world where the possibilities are endless. This virtual world is completely user generated by the use of a built in software called a three-dimensional modeling tool based around simple geometric shapes. The main thing that Second Life strives for its users is to enable user creativity, socialization through role playing and complete avatar customization. This is truly one of the best online virtual worlds online today and already has over a million users experiencing the game today. 

Features of Second Life

  • Enourmous in game World which is always evolving
  • Top of the line role playing platform
  • Endless options for character customization
  • All content is user generated
  • Home to some of the freakiest and coolest stuff you can imagine


woozworldWoozworld is a virtual world for kids mostly between the ages of 9 and 14. The users have all the power within this game which allows them to be creative and social at the same time. A lot of the things within the world are user created which makes WoozWorld quite unique. It is completely safe to play this game for it has the highest standers in terms and conditions safety of all virtual world games for kids. Playing mini games, chatting with friends and even exploring the world within are all things you can look forward to when playing WoozWorld.

Features of WoozWorld

  • Unique in game store
  • New contests and activities held all the time
  • User created world with endless amounts of fun and excitement
  • Interact and socialize with friends and even meet now people

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Games Like Fantage – Free To Play Online

fantageWant to play some games that are similar to Fantage? I think the list below should help you out in that department. Fantage is a browser based virtual playground game for kids aged 7 and up. The world within Fantage was designed so that children could go online and play mini-games as well as go on adventures by themselves or with their friends. In this fantasy world, kids have a wide range of activities to choose from including hosting and attending parties, playing player vs player mini games and chatting with buddies.

A game like Fantage allows its users to use their creativity through ways like customizing their own avatars and even their homes. Using problem solving skills to master the mini tasks as well as missions the game provides is another thing players can do. There are many games online today that are closely related to Fantage and most are published by Disney itself.

All the games provided below are safe and secure in all aspects. They all support customized chat filtering systems and live moderators who monitor the online activity to make sure nothing inappropriate is going on. Some of the games must be downloaded but not all of them. Check them out and enjoy!

Best Online Games Like Fantage – Free To Play


woozworldWoozworld is an online virtual world for kids aged 7 to 14 and has a ton of game content to offer. Whether you are looking for a place to play games, meet new people or even just use you imagination and creativity, Woozworld offers it. There is no download required to enter this virtual game world and it is 100% safe and secure for all users. Players simply create their own avatar and start playing games and earning prizes. Woozworld is almost exactly like Fantage or Club Penguin but i believe has much more to offer.

Features of Woozworld

  • Ability to virtual create your own world
  • Has the highest standards in terms of online safety for all virtual online games
  • Take on the world by storm and complete diverse missions or quests
  • Fully customize your own unique avatar
  • Participate in Woozworld’s animations and activities for prizes

Virtual Villagers

virtual villagersVirtual Villagers is a village simulation game where users hang out, socialize and play mini games with other users. The game is based mostly on puzzles and strategy within the virtual world which takes part on an island called Isola. There are four different parts to this island that all have unique characteristics as well as different puzzles and mini-games to play. Players must uncover the secrets of the island as well as create and grow their own village.

Features of Virtual Villagers

  • Hundreds of unique villagers to choose from
  • Plays in real-time with new surprises every time you play
  • Unique and unpredictable “Island Events”
  • Raise your villagers and create your own tribe

Secret Builders

secret buildersSecret Builders is an online virtual world for children between the ages of 5 and 14. It is very similar to games like Fantage or Club Penguin and has pretty much all the same features. All in all, kids can explore virtual lands, undertake multiple quests, play unlimited mini games and even nurture a pet. Players can also interact with other players in a safe and secure way. One great feature that sets Secret Builders aside from other games similar to it is that players can make and publish their own art, videos and writings making Secret Builders their own personnel creativity platform.

Features of Secret Builders

  • Children can create the site from within
  • Safe and secure chat system
  • Features a wide variety of multiplayer games including action and puzzles
  • Endless amounts of adventures and quests to take part in
  • Customize your own avatar as well as your own home

Club Penguin

club penguinClub Penguin is another online virtual game world for younger kids just like Fantage is. Kids take the role of cute looking penguins and roam the fun filled land doing activities such as taking care of a pet or playing mini games. One of the more popular mini games is racing other kids online down a mountain of snow dodging varies obstacles. Club Penguin is completely safe and does feature online chatting. All chats are filtered and monitored to make sure nothing is going on that should not be.

Features of Club Penguin

  • Already has over 30 million user accounts
  • Huge community of users that are more than willing to help out if someone is in need
  • Handful of various rooms and areas that all have unique activities to check out
  • Earn points in mini games to buy items for your penguin

Let us know if our list of games like Fantage helped you out by commenting below!

Games Like Minecraft – Free To Play Online

minecraftIf you are looking for some free games like Minecraft, you are lucky because our staff has compiled a list of nearly 10 online games you would probably enjoy. The original game is a sandbox-building video game created by Mojang where players build constructions out of cubes in a 3D world. The game is mostly revolved around creativity and building. The world within Minecraft is mostly made of cubical blocks which represent different materials such as stones, trees, dirt and so on.

While the players can move freely within the Minecraft game world, objects and items can only be placed at fixed locations. The player can gather these blocks within the game if they wish and place them elsewhere, thus creating unique constructions and basically being the creator of their entire game world. Minecraft also offers a unique mulitplayer game type that is amazing.  If you haven’t tried it then why wait any longer!

Best Free to Play Games like Minecraft


robloxRoblox is an online virtual world/sandbox game where everything in it was designed and constructed by individual members within it. Roblox is exactly like Minecraft and the features are virtually endless for its users. When you start, you are given a unique piece of game real estate that is undeveloped so you can do whatever you want with it!

Roblox has an online virtual catalog with virtually everything in it that any Roblox user has created. Any new player can use the items within this catalog towards their creations or build new items themselves if they so choose. The community within this game is truly amazing and help is given whenever it is needed.

This is easily one of my favorite games online and the great thing about it is you can even create your own virtual mini games exactly like you would create an item or fortress. After the mini game is created, you and anyone else can play it.

Features of Roblox

  • Unique character customization
  • Visit other users’ 3-D virtual places
  • Thousands of mini games to play, all having a unique design
  • Ability to construct up to 100 places
  • Insert your own scripts to add functionality to your places

Eden World Builder

eden: world builderThis is a sandbox game found online that is just like Minecraft but not as many features. Eden World Builder is an open-ended simulation game where players create their own world from the ground up. Think of it as a cut down and trimmed version of Minecraft if you will.

Features of Eden World Builder

  • Unique, beautifully generated worlds to explore, build, and destroy
  • Dozens of block types including ice slides, water, lava, glass, ladders, TNT, trampolines, vines, and ramps
  • Painting: color any block with a touch
  • Ability to share your creations and explore new worlds within the game
  • Unique controls designed for multitouch

Manic Digger

manic diggerManic Digger is an open source clone (if you will) of Minecraft. In my opinion it doesn’t have as good of graphics as the original, but Manic Digger is a game similar to it with the same concepts and features. If you are looking for an alternative game that is easy to play with some unique features added then this is your pick.

Features of Manic Digger

  • Fully customizable textures
  • Multiplayer and single player game modes
  • Open source and free to play
  • Unique monster editor

Ace of Spades

ace of spadesAce of Spades is a game where Minecraft meets Team Fortress which is probably considered one of the biggest online multi-player hits in the last few years. You can build your own terrain, bunkers, and other defensive positions, but while you are doing so, watch your back because there is also a team vs team battle going on. You can play it as without battling or as most people play, as a first person shooter. It is your choice!

Features of Ace of Spades

  • Build anything – defensive positions to fortresses
  • Use your spade to dig through terrain – make trenches or tunnels
  • Massive maps with lakes, rivers and tunnels
  • Realistic rifle, shotgun and SMG including ironsights and recoil
  • Up to 32 players battling simultaneously
  • CTF or Territory Control game modes


cubelandsCubelands is a 3D multiplayer online game that allows players to build their very own virtual world directly in their browser. This game is free to play and really allows you to build anything out of cubes. It is very similar to all the above game and is a great free alternative.

Features of Cubelands

  • Creativity for all ages
  • Statistics of your building are kept
  • Set textures individually
  • Completely free to play game but does need to be downloaded

All in all those are some of the top alternatives for minecraft we have found online which you can play for free. However if you have some games that you think we should add to the list just let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. Our staff is constantly looking for new games to add to our list and we try to update this article often, so leave us a comment and we can add your suggestions to to the list!

Games Like The Sims – Free To Play Online

the simsAre you looking for any games like the Sims? If so then we have the perfect list for you. The Sims is a strategic life virtual computer game where the user (you) has control over one or more virtual persons and leads them through daily activities in a suburban household. In a more detailed explanation, the user directs and organizes his/her characters time to help them reach personal goals. These goals can be anything from job promotions to relationships.

This virtual game was first released in February of 2000 and sold over 6.3 million copies worldwide by March of 2002. There are now at least 7 expansion packs and sequels that have been released for this game. In 2000, The Sims won the Game of the Year Award from

Top Free Games Like The Sims

Virtual Families

virtual familiesThis is a casual family simulation game which is almost identical to The Sims. The user is in control of a whole family and can shape their personalities to however they prefer. Virtual Families runs in real time and has a ton of game features that its users have available to them.

Within the game there is a unique weather and day/night system. This system makes the weather within Virtual Families exactly like the weather where you live. It also makes it so that if it is night time where you are, then it is night time within the game.

virtual familiesAll family members are also completely trainable through scolding or praising methods within this game. They even have emotional systems and health systems built into them. If your family members get sick, then you must care them back to perfect health. All members of the family have status bars for everything you can imagine including emotions, hunger and tiredness.

Features of Virtual Families

  • Unique adoptees with hundreds of different combinations to choose from
  • Different types of weather as well as day/night cycles synchronized to your system clock. If it is dark out where you are it is dark out within Virtual Families!
  • People are fully trainable through the means of scolding or praising
  • Dynamic illness system
  • Hidden puzzles within the house that players can enjoy


IMVUIMVU is an online social entertainment destination or virtual world game in which members use 3D avatars to do a number of things including meeting new people, chatting and playing mini games. IMVU has over 50 million registered users and there are over 10 million unique visitors per month. It can easily be a game compared to The Sims but does have a different twist to it.

Features of IMVU

  • Member developed content
  • Members can create and sell virtual products
  • World’s largest virtual goods catalog
  • Customize your own individual homepage
  • Meet new people as well as chat and interact with others within the game

Second Life

second lifeWithin the Second Life game, players can truly experience and create anything they can imagine. Residents can explore the world, meet other virtual residentes, socialize with almost anyone, participate in individual and group activities and even create and trade virtual property and services with one another; play mini-games with friends, customize your living place and even your avatar as well as even attend live music performances! This is truly one of the best 3D social virtual world games online today and has nearly 1 million active users.

Features of Second Life

  • Build your own virtual objects with the three-dimensional modeling tool
  • No charge for creating a Second Life account
  • Avatars can take any form you choose (Human, Animal, Vampire, etc..)
  • Internal economy and currency (Players can buy and sell in game objects)
  • Own your own land and develop it however you want


woozworldWoozworld is a unique virtual world geared towards younger kids. This game allows players to virtually do whatever they want including things like throwing a party, create your own virtual space, make new friends and even fully customize your character. Woozworld brings everything that traditional virtual online games do and more.

Features of Woozworld

  • Create and customize your own virtual character
  • 100% safe and secure website
  • Diverse missions/quests to try out
  • Tons of animations and activities to check out

Habbo Hotel

habbo hotelHabbo Hotel is like an online social networking game site aimed towards teenagers. In short, players simply live in a hotel and live a virtual life within it. Things such as going to a dance club or a bar to get drinks are activities that players can take part in. Players are also given a guest room in which they can fully customize to their liking very much like you can in The Sims games. This game already has thousands of visitors and is becoming more popular all the time.

Features of Habbo hotel

  • Fully customizable living spaces
  • Play or even create your own mini games
  • Public rooms available to do activities like have a drink or dance
  • Online chat available

Virtual Villagers

virtual villagersVirtual Villagers was actually the basis for Virtual Families. In this game, a massive volcano has destroyed your village and now you must move and start over. The user must organize and grow the village to develop skills needed in order to survive. It is like The Sims but with an “older” look to it. Virtual Villagers has also been compared to the Club Penguin game as well.

Features of Virtual Villagers

  • Hundreds of customizable village characters
  • Breed and raise your own village and tribe
  • Unique and unpredictable “Island Events”  that keep it interesting
  • The ability to discover mysteries throughout the world
  • Players can control the destiny of all village survivors and even create their own adventure

Hopefully this guide helps you find all the games like the Sims that you are looking for. Also be sure to check back often as we will be updating this list with new games as they become available!

Games Like Club Penguin – Free To Play Online

club penguinClub Penguin is the ultimate kids massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in a virtual world where characters are penguins and can do all sorts of great stuff like play mini games or interact with other penguin players. My favorite game is the down hill sled game! By playing these mini games, players earn coins which can then be used to by items within the virtual world.

Club Penguin has blown up and is a very popular online virtual world. But even though this game is great, their are people that have either mastered it and/or are looking for different games to play other than Club Penguin. For that reason we have found five free games like Club Penguin and are all virtual world games. Check them out today!

Top free games like Club Penguin


woozworldWoozworld is a free online virtual world for kids aged 7 to 14 where they can virtually do anything that they want including mini games, creating their own content, customizing their own virtual space and avatar and much more. There is no downloads required to play Woozworld and it is 100% safe and secure for all users. Woozworld is as close to Club Penguin as you can get just without the penguin looking avatars. It has as much to offer if not more and players can even earn virtual prizes within the game.

Features of Woozworld

  • Ability to virtual create your own world
  • Has the highest standards in terms of online safety for all virtual online games
  • Take on the world by storm and complete diverse missions or quests
  • Fully customize your own unique avatar
  • Participate in Woozworld’s animations and activities for prizes

Virtual Villagers

virtual villagersVirtual Villagers is an online, virtual world, village simulation game that runs in real time. Players control a whole village of people and guide them through survival of the wilderness. Along the way, players can play mini games like solving puzzles and exploring the islands the game takes place on. Put your villagers to work rebuilding your village from the ground up.

Features of Virtual Villagers

  • Hundreds of unique and customizable villagers
  • Breed your villagers and raise your own tribe
  • Unique and unpredictable “Island Events”  that keep you on your toes
  • The ability to uncover mysteries as you unravel the story of Isola
  • Mini games and puzzles to solve
  • You can control the destiny of all your survivors and create your own adventure

Secret Builders

secret buildersSecretBuilders is an online virtual world for children around the ages of 5 to 14 years old. Within the game, players have the ability to do an endless amount of activities. These activities include things like going on adventuresome quests, playing mini games, taking care of online pets and even customizing their own houses and tree forts.

Some of the places that players can visit within Secret Builders include the Mango Lounge, the Haunted Mansion and the Weird Brew. Each individual lounge/place has their own activities and fun within. Solving puzzles and playing action games are a few that you will run into!

Features of Secret Builders

  • Customize your own 3 story tree house
  • Submit your own ideas for the game
  • Build within the world of SecretBuilders to make it your own virtual world
  • Get rewarded for creativity
  • No download!

Toontown Online

toontown onlineToontown Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game made by Walt Disney company designed for ages 7 and up. In this 3D virtual world, players can play on play grounds, battle evil cartoon characters, as well as go on toontasks. This is a fun game and is quite similar to club penguin. Team work is strongly encouraged in Toontown for the beginner level players will have trouble with missions if they go at it alone.

Features of Toontown Online

  • Easy to learn mini games but hard to master
  • Many RPG elements integrated in
  • Team up with 3 other players to go on battle quests
  • Very in depth gameplay

Animal Jam

animal jamAnimal Jam is an online virtual world for ages 6-14 made by National Geographic. In this virtual world, players can experience a full spectrum of play that includes activities, games, and even online chat with your friends. It is a fun animated 3D game with constantly evolving content and a great atmosphere.

Features of Animal Jam

  • Tons of mini games that involve nature and animals
  • Safe online chat with friends
  • Enriching story lines paired with National Geographic’s multimedia content
  • Live in game moderators at all times


fantageFantage is an online virtual world for young computer users. This world is full of exciting features and games such as surfing and dance offs! Users can also chat with friends they meet online and explore as much as they want through the secret adventures feature. Everything done on the Fantage site is completely safe and secure.

Features of Fantage

  • Ability to customize your cartoon avatars from hair color to clothes
  • Mini-games to play, such as Splash!, Buzzer Beater and Bricks Breaking
  • Raise and take care of pets
  • Automatically given a basic home upon registration

Games Like It Girl – Free To Play Online

it girl gameIt girl is a role playing game originally played through Facebook. There are other sites that host this game as well. It’s a game where you simply attempt to make a name for yourself. Being the richest girl of all, buying the best and hottest cloths and accessories, and partying the hardest will get you to the top of the popularity of women. Need to get more money? Don’t sweat it. There are care packages of money sent to just for being you in It Girl.

In It Girl, there are only female avatars so gentleman, this probably is not the game for you. It emphasizes strongly on picking out that amazing handbag or those flashing diamond earrings instead of purchasing upgraded swords and armor which is the case in most role playing games. It Girl can be played free online but even so, we have a list of top five games like it for those whom are interested. Enjoy!

Top free games like It Girl


IMVUIMVU is an online 3D social world where players can interact with others, chat, play mini games, and even shop! The game is geared toward females more than males because of the dressing up, shopping, and decorating of houses that the players participate in. It has more than 50 million registered users and is still growing!

Features of IMVU

  • Unique user content creation program
  • Worlds largest virtual goods catalog
  • Ton of mini games to play and win cool prizes
  • Virtual limitless world full of items and activities

Second Life

second lifeSecond Life is an online 3D virtual world where the possibilities are truly endless. Players take on the role of a single avatar and then take part in activities such as socializing with virtually anyone, going to live performances, developing and customizing their own land and house as well as even buying and selling virtual products.

Features of Second Life

  • Play mini-games within Second Life including going on quests
  • Build your own virtual objects with the three-dimensional modeling tool
  • Meet new people from all over the world
  • Create an avatar completely free of charge and customize him/her to your liking

Ty Girlz

ty girlz gameTy Girlz is an online virtual world for girls where they pick an avatar and participate in things such as shopping, chatting with friends, and playing mini games. It is definitely a game that will keep you involved and intrigued. If Decorating your home and dressing up your avatar is what you are looking for, then Ty Girlz will not disappoint you.

Features of Ty Girlz

  • Own and customize your own room
  • Play dress up games as well as multiple other mini games
  • Shop and customize your own avatar
  • Chat and interact with your friends online
  • Only for those own own a Ty girl doll

Oz World

oz worldOz World is a 3D social massively multiplayer online world. It differs from It Girl in the way that it is not just aimed towards girls, however it still has a lot of features that everyone will enjoy. Dressing up your avatar to your liking, decorating homes, fishing with friends; these are all possible activities within Oz World. It is mostly geared towards younger aged teenagers but all are welcome. 

Features of Oz World

  • Player housing available
  • Ability to go fishing with friends or alone
  • Buy cloths and customize your avatar to your liking
  • Unique marriage system
  • Great in game graphics and easy to use interface


ourworldOur World is a unique 2D virtual world where players can play games, chat, and buy clothing and accessories to create style for their avatars. With thousands of items to choose from within the game, creativity is all that matters. You can level up in Our World which then allows you to collect more items for your avatar. The game is geared towards the younger gamers in the world such as players 7 – 14 years old. 

Features of ourWorld

  • Dozens of mini games varying in types
  • Very in depth character customization
  • Player housing available for everyone
  • Browser based game play