Civilization II Review

civilization 2As most gamers probably know, Civilization II is a sequel of Civilization but equips you with more features and options to choose from while playing the game. This game allows you to take charge and develop a civilization from the ground up, until year 2020 or before if you successfully win the space race. Civilization is not like your average game; it is more complicated and takes a lot more effort from the gamer to complete the game, making it worth playing.

To start the game you are given a simple settle unit and must build up cities and manage your population from there. As I stated earlier, there are many different features to choose from in Civilization II. You have the option to choose different maps to play including random, downloaded, real earth, or even maps that you created. After choosing a map you get to choose a civilization to start with including French, English, Roman, or Egyptian. There are more civilizations to choose from if you wish as well.

Furthermore, in the beginning the most of the map is covered up, it is up to you to explore the map and find areas to build a city and begin a civilization. To build a city you need valuable resources, so finding a good spot it crucial in developing your city.

As you would in real life, in Civilization II you spend your money you earn towards the most important resources for your civilization such as research, materials for your buildings, or luxury items. However, spending money will be partially determined by the government type of your civilization. Whatever you spend your money on will help speed up the process of that category. For example, if you put money into research, things that require education will start to develop, such as electricity.

If you believe you have the skills to beat this game I highly recommend playing it. It defiantly blows the original Civilization out of the water with all the new features added to it.