Games Like Civilization – Free To Play Online

civilizationCivilization is a turn-based single player strategic game. The player takes on the task of being a ruler of a civilization and is given one settler unit at the beginning of the game to start his/her civilization. The player then attempts to build his/her civilization while competing with up to six other civilizations.

This game not only makes you think about warfare and exploration but also where to build your city and what to build in the city, whether it is army units or a new building. These factors could lead to your civilization being the ultimate empire or a total failure. There are many games out there exactly like civilization that are free to play. We have the top picks listed below.

Top free games like Civilization

Castle Empire Online

castle empire onlineCastle Empire Online is a real time strategy game that can be played online completely free of charge. The game has many characteristics that Civilization does in the sense that in order win the game players must grow their empire as large as they possibly can and then conquer other lands with the armies that they have created. The main story behind the game is that a group of settlers have found an uninhabited land and they have decided to start a life on this land. Sending these settlers back and forth from the forest is players’ main objective which will lead to a city being built. As the game goes on, gathering resources will become very important for this is how players will be bale to make different/better buildings as well as a barracks which will support a massive army.

castle empireTo be successful while playing Castle Empire Online it is necessary to first establish your settlement, then secure all the resources you possibly can and finally begin building workshops and other important buildings to ultimately increase your own sphere of influence step by step. Castle Empire Online is easily a game that mixes a game such as Civilization with a game such as Age of Empires. Check it our today and leave us some feedback telling us about your experience. 

Features of Castle Empire

  • Completely free to play right through your browser
  • Wide variety of resources each which are used for different constructions
  • There are quests that players can choose to complete
  • Players have the ability to abolish buildings to build bigger and better ones
  • All buildings are completely upgrade-able
  • Very fast paced game play for a strategy game

Uprising Empires

This is a great strategy game that can be played right through your browser completely free. You basically build a kingdom in a world that includes quite a few factions including Mongol, Turk, Byzantine and Jerusalem. You start out as a small village and slowly build it to a massive city by upgrading your buildings. Not only that but you also need to make sure your army or military presence is large enough not to be taken over by other kingdoms! Become the power of the country and take over all of your enemies for ultimate domination! This is a great game that has a bunch of similarities of Civilization. You need to try it for yourself!


grepolisThis is a free to play browser based online strategic game. The object is to turn your small town that you are assigned  into a huge city. Not only that, but you also need to build your army and navy as large as possible to conquer the rest of  Greece. It is based in the times of the gods and is a great game similar to Civilization.

Features of Grepolis

  • Multiple unit types including ships & mythological monsters
  • Non player character villages that players can raid
  • Three key resources available which are Wood, Rock, and Silver
  • Open players vs player environment

Lord of Ultima

lord of ultimaLord of Ulitma is a 2D massively multiplayer role-playing strategy game. This game is revolved around the player collecting different resources to build massive cities and armies. Once you create a city and a small army you get to battle against other cities to gain power and eventually try to take over the world. Lord of Ultima has a medieval look and feel to it and shares many of the same features that most online strategy games do.

Features of Lord of Ultima

  • Five different resources available to build structures and units including Wood, Stone, Iron, Food and Gold
  • City layouts take thought and building placement largely matters
  • Ability to complete quests and even raid dungeons
  • 18 different units to build

Dragons of Atlantis

dragons of atlantisDragons of Atlantis is a massively multiplayer game that can be played through your facebook account. There are four tribes that are at war with one another and none will rest until they save themselves. Players build their empire and armies in order to conquer their enemies. You even have control of a powerful dragon whom will help you in battle. This is truly a great game and will keep you busy for hours!

Features of Dragons of Atlantis

  • Ability to raise a powerful dragon to defend your city
  • Army’s consist of dragons, Minotaurs, giants, and much more
  • Ability to play it right through the Facebook platform
  • 4 different civilizations battle it out till the end

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is a browser-based multiplayer online game with graphics and elements very similar to civilization. The main object of the game is to ultimately control the whole land in which the game is played on. In order to do so players first construct buildings, research technology and slowly build their city up. This then allows players to build massive armies which are then used to attack and conquer other players. Thirst of Night is said to do an “amazing job at making the game look and feel appealing to all gamers”.

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Continuous game play even when logged out
  • All buildings can be upgraded individually
  • Buildings cannot be destroyed but cities can be lost
  • Control up to 10 different cities
  • Supports 20 different technologies
  • Players gain prestige by following quests, building and upgrading structures and training armies

Steel Legion

steel legionsSteel Legion is a free to play massively multiplayer real time strategic game. The game features amazingly rich, fast paced player vs player action where players have control of an empire and battle it out against 3 others for land, resource and power. For the most part, players have control over a huge, steam driven, steal tank taking on action oriented missions against the other 3 empires in the game. Collecting gear to upgrade your vehicles weapons and armor is key to becoming the ultimate legend on the gaming battlefield.

Features of Steel Legion

  • Completely browser based with no download
  • New maps and challenges coming out constantly
  • Completely free to play
  • Awesome graphics and game play

Civilization II

civilization IIWhat better game like civilization than civilization II? These games are nearly similar but the great thing is civilization II can be played on your PC for free! It is a great game and has all the same features as civilization plus more including some changes to various units, civilizations, world wonders and technologies. Building your empire to be the most powerful in the land is the name of this turn-based strategy game. While doing so, you can make alliances with other players or choose to destroy them instead.

Features of Civilization II

  • New concepts such as firepower and hit points
  • Consult the High Council for advice
  • Two different paths to victory
  • Unique scoring system
  • All the civilizations from the original game along with seven new civilizations
  • Is on the 100 greatest video games of all-time list


naviageNaviage, (Naviage Online), is a browser-based strategy game exactly like popular games such as Risk or Civilization. This game is based in the 16th century when trade and control of the seas was where all the power came from. Players simply have one goal in Naviage and that is to control the seas and conquer the ocean. Battle pirates for gold and resources, take over other ships as well as invade ports to become the master of the sea.

Features of Naviage

  • Several different battle types including battling ships and destroying ports
  • Countless number of goods coming into the exchange center each day
  • Naviage offers different quests to complete with high rewards
  • Countless variety of shops and products available in any city
  • Tutorials to guide you through the game in case one needs help

Global Warfare

global warfareGlobal Warfare is another massively multiplayer game that can be played through Facebook and has a more modern day feel to it. Players are ultimately battling for global domination while being in control of their own city and armies. You can join an alliance or go at it alone in this near-future world of geopolitical turmoil. This is easily at the top of the list for civilization like games.

Features of Global Warfare

  • Build farms, oil wells, steel mills, and quarries to secure resources
  • Ability to join an alliance
  • Create an army comprised of infantry, armored, and air troops
  • Playable through Facebook


ikariamIkariam is a free to play online game that is exactly like civilization. Players start with a tiny piece of land and a settler unit. Features include; contacting other players to trade goods, fighting enemies, exploring new land, and much more. The graphics in Ikariam are truly eye catching for a free to play game. Check it out today.

Features of Ikariam

  • 5 resources available to build with
  • Unique barrack system
  • Four loyal advisers helping you out
  • Cooperative game play available

Warmage Battlegrounds

warmage battlegroundsWarMage Battlegrounds is a free to play web-based multiplayer tactical strategy game. Combat and battles are played on a turn-based system. The goal is to build a huge force of soldiers to attack and destroy the enemies using powerful spells, deadly battle units, and ancient artifacts.

Features of Warmage Battlegrounds

  • Browser based gameplay
  • Turn based multiplayer tactical combat
  • 2-4 player competitive gameplay

Tribal Wars

tribal warsTribal Wars is a browser based game that is free to play online and is set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village and their goal is to build it to become the ultimate city (just like in most strategic based games). Try it now and strive for power and glory.

Features of Tribal Wars

  • All actions are in real time
  • Unique awards system
  • First team to take over 100% of the land wins
  • Completely browser based game

Lord of Ages

lord of agesLord of Ages is a 2D free-to-play construction and military strategy game. This game lets you build your own buildings, recruit loyal army units, join alliances, and expand your cities to obtain your ultimate goal of becoming the most powerful leader in the game. Furthermore, the game lets you be the leader of every battle by choosing how many units to send into battle, and choosing what type of equipment you are going to use to defeat your enemies.

Features of Lord of Ages

  • Discover new items and exciting armaments for your hero
  • Ability to play with your friends
  • All gameplay runs in real time
  • Different squares of land have different resources

Terra Militaris

terra militarisTerra Militaris is a historical browser based real-time strategy game where you can select one of four ancient nations to build your empire. The four nations you can choose from include Egypt, China, Persia, and Rome. A unique benefit to this game is that you get to grow your city/ empire through five eras; starting with the Primitive era to the Imperial era. So do you have the right tools to become the most powerful empire and to make history?

Features of Terra Militaris

  • 4 ancient civilizations to choose from
  • Buildings can be leveled up to level 20
  • Majority of goals to be completed
  • Ability to create or join guilds within the game

Iron Grip: Marauders

iron grip: maraudersIron Grip: Marauders is a free browser based strategy game where you create a marauder army to defeat other armies. Again, you start with an area to build your base and then you build your defenses and army. Once you have recruited your troops, you then start collecting valuable resources that are important for you to become a marauder captain.

Features of Iron Grip: Marauders

  • Completely browser based
  • Can play against computer players or other players online
  • Up to 5 units can join together to make one big unit
  • 3D graphics and great design