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Games Like Club Penguin – Free To Play Online

club penguinClub Penguin is the ultimate kids massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in a virtual world where characters are penguins and can do all sorts of great stuff like play mini games or interact with other penguin players. My favorite game is the down hill sled game! By playing these mini games, players earn coins which can then be used to by items within the virtual world.

Club Penguin has blown up and is a very popular online virtual world. But even though this game is great, their are people that have either mastered it and/or are looking for different games to play other than Club Penguin. For that reason we have found five free games like Club Penguin and are all virtual world games. Check them out today!

Top free games like Club Penguin


woozworldWoozworld is a free online virtual world for kids aged 7 to 14 where they can virtually do anything that they want including mini games, creating their own content, customizing their own virtual space and avatar and much more. There is no downloads required to play Woozworld and it is 100% safe and secure for all users. Woozworld is as close to Club Penguin as you can get just without the penguin looking avatars. It has as much to offer if not more and players can even earn virtual prizes within the game.

Features of Woozworld

  • Ability to virtual create your own world
  • Has the highest standards in terms of online safety for all virtual online games
  • Take on the world by storm and complete diverse missions or quests
  • Fully customize your own unique avatar
  • Participate in Woozworld’s animations and activities for prizes

Virtual Villagers

virtual villagersVirtual Villagers is an online, virtual world, village simulation game that runs in real time. Players control a whole village of people and guide them through survival of the wilderness. Along the way, players can play mini games like solving puzzles and exploring the islands the game takes place on. Put your villagers to work rebuilding your village from the ground up.

Features of Virtual Villagers

  • Hundreds of unique and customizable villagers
  • Breed your villagers and raise your own tribe
  • Unique and unpredictable “Island Events”  that keep you on your toes
  • The ability to uncover mysteries as you unravel the story of Isola
  • Mini games and puzzles to solve
  • You can control the destiny of all your survivors and create your own adventure

Secret Builders

secret buildersSecretBuilders is an online virtual world for children around the ages of 5 to 14 years old. Within the game, players have the ability to do an endless amount of activities. These activities include things like going on adventuresome quests, playing mini games, taking care of online pets and even customizing their own houses and tree forts.

Some of the places that players can visit within Secret Builders include the Mango Lounge, the Haunted Mansion and the Weird Brew. Each individual lounge/place has their own activities and fun within. Solving puzzles and playing action games are a few that you will run into!

Features of Secret Builders

  • Customize your own 3 story tree house
  • Submit your own ideas for the game
  • Build within the world of SecretBuilders to make it your own virtual world
  • Get rewarded for creativity
  • No download!

Toontown Online

toontown onlineToontown Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game made by Walt Disney company designed for ages 7 and up. In this 3D virtual world, players can play on play grounds, battle evil cartoon characters, as well as go on toontasks. This is a fun game and is quite similar to club penguin. Team work is strongly encouraged in Toontown for the beginner level players will have trouble with missions if they go at it alone.

Features of Toontown Online

  • Easy to learn mini games but hard to master
  • Many RPG elements integrated in
  • Team up with 3 other players to go on battle quests
  • Very in depth gameplay

Animal Jam

animal jamAnimal Jam is an online virtual world for ages 6-14 made by National Geographic. In this virtual world, players can experience a full spectrum of play that includes activities, games, and even online chat with your friends. It is a fun animated 3D game with constantly evolving content and a great atmosphere.

Features of Animal Jam

  • Tons of mini games that involve nature and animals
  • Safe online chat with friends
  • Enriching story lines paired with National Geographic’s multimedia content
  • Live in game moderators at all times


fantageFantage is an online virtual world for young computer users. This world is full of exciting features and games such as surfing and dance offs! Users can also chat with friends they meet online and explore as much as they want through the secret adventures feature. Everything done on the Fantage site is completely safe and secure.

Features of Fantage

  • Ability to customize your cartoon avatars from hair color to clothes
  • Mini-games to play, such as Splash!, Buzzer Beater and Bricks Breaking
  • Raise and take care of pets
  • Automatically given a basic home upon registration