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Games Like Command and Conquer – Free To Play Online

command and conquerGames like Command and Conquer can be hard to find. That’s alright though because we have a great list for you to check out. Command and Conquer is a real time strategy video game first released in 1995. Within it,  players typically first construct a base and start to collect resources. These resources are used towards production of varies forces or war machines in which are then used to attack the opponents around the map. The forces constructed can be any where from infantry troops to very large tanks/machines.

Like a lot of other strategy games, there are both a single player storyline mode as well as a multiplayer mode. Single player game mode is fairly linear and involves a player simple completely certain missions one right after another until the storyline is over. Multiplayer game mode is played with a certain number of players all starting on different parts of the map and simply making their armies as big as possible in order to defeat the rest of the players. The last player left wins. It is as simple as that.

The Command and Conquer series has more than 15 games in it and are playable on a variety of different consoles including PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. More than 30 million game copies have been sold and EA has even confirmed that there is yet another version being developed right now.

Top Online Games Like Command and Conquer – Free To Play

Steel Legion

steel legionSteel Legion is a new massively multiplayer real time strategy game that is exactly like Command and Conquer except completely free to play online. The game combines amazingly rich 3D graphics with exceptionally fast paced player vs player combat. Steel Legion features 4 empires or players that are battling for complete control of land, resources and power. After establishing a base, players need to start exploring the game world to collect gear to upgrade their vehicles weapons and armor. This will ultimately help them in becoming the one and only legend on the battleground.

Features of Steel Legion

  • Player directly through your browser with no download
  • Completely free to play
  • 4 empires battle it out until the end
  • Varies resources and power ups to collect around the maps
  • New maps and challenges are coming out all the time

Our team is constantly looking for more games to add to our lists. If you have any suggestions or ideas of some that we should include or take a look at let us know in the comments section below.  We will be updating this page periodically with your suggestions and our staff’s findings so check back soon!