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Games Like Counter Strike – Free To Play Online

counter strike gameLooking for some games like Counter Strike online? The list below will guide you to where you can do that. Counter Strike is a tactical first person shooter video game that was made first for PC only and later was made available for Xbox. It features two opposing teams of military persons. One team is the counter terrorists and the other is the terrorists. These two teams go head to head in a series of rounds. In order to win, one team must complete their objective or eliminate the entire enemy team.

The objective for the terrorists is to plant a bomb on the targeted area and protect it until it explodes or of course kill the entire counter terrorists team. If this bomb is defused after it is planted by the counter terrorists then the terrorists lose. As for the counter terrorists, their objective is to either eliminate the entire terrorists team or, if it is called for, defuse the bomb if and when it is planted.

By killing enemy players or completing missions, such as planting or defusing bombs, players gain money that they can then use towards buying better weapons, armor, or tactical and lethal grenades. Obviously the better weapons a player has, the easier it is to kill the opposing team! Enough about Counter Strike though, lets get to the list of games similar to it.

Best Free Online Games Like Counter Strike

Black Shot

blackshotBlack Shot is a massively multiplayer online first person shooter that is fast paced and very similar to Counter Strike. It is set some time around the year 2033 after a nuclear war has brought destruction to the whole world. There are many different modes and maps available in Black Shot and it is a game that definitely will live up to your expectations.

Features of Black Shot

  • Excellent character ranking system
  • 4 game modes available
  • Unique tactical skills
  • co-op player vs environment gameplay

Alliance of Valiant Arms

alliance of valiant armsAlliance of Valiant Arms is a first person tactical shooter video game that is as close to being like counter strike as you can get. There are two opposing teams, the EU forces and the NRF forces, and these two opposing teams battle head to head to complete their missions or to eliminate the entire enemy team.

Features of Alliance of Valiant Arms

  • 3 classes available
  • 9 different game modes to play
  • Unique skill system
  • Tons of weapons to choose from

Sudden Attack

sudden attackSudden Attack is an online multiplayer first person shooter video game with two opposing teams, the Silent Fox corps and the SA Anti-terrorist Police. These two teams face off against one another in various modes including team death-match and destruction just like in most tactical first person shooter games.

Features of Sudden Attack

  • 10 game modes available to play
  • Fully customizable classes
  • Multiple weapons to choose from

Crazy Shooter Online

crazy shooter onlineCrazy Shooter Online is a free to play shooting game with more of an anime look to it. Instead of having more real military weapons, players can use weapons that change enemy players into funny animals and such. Crazy Shooter Online is a team vs team game but with a more cartoon look to it!

Features of Crazy Shooter Online

  • Unique weapons that have different abilities
  • Anime style graphics away from more original FPS’s
  • Awesome ranking system


crimcraftCrimcraft is a fast paced massively multiplayer online shooter game that is set in the aftermath of an urban collapse. It combines role playing elements with first person shooter elements. Players can choose between many available game modes including Turf War, Robbery and Shootout.

Features of Crimcraft

  • Player vs player and player vs environment game modes
  • More than 8 different modes available
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Tons of weapons to choose from with 5 weapon slots per character

If the list above does not do it for you when it comes to games like Counter Strike then check out out Call of Duty page!