Death Of Video Gaming Predicted

Ask yourself this – Would you rather PLAY a video game or LIVE one ??
The Matrix Force biofeedback controlled Super Coaster spells the end of sitting at home in the dark sipping a warm beer & living someone else’s virtual reality.

This radical new design which inspired the [In Development]Thrill Rider Movie and graphic novel Thrill Rider, will significantly alter the multi-billion dollar Entertainment Industry, but it raises significant ethical questions”.

Literally putting the rider INSIDE a life and (potentially) death experience under their own control – mimicking virtual reality – but this is NOT movie CGI or an enhanced video game – this is real.
The Matrix Force Super Coaster is the next incarnation of the Thrill Ride

The Matrix Force Coaster inventor comments: “If not today – that day will come soon. The Historical, Social and Legal precedents are clear. This new innovative technology has opened the lid of Pandora’s box just a little wider, whether that is a good thing for Society – is less clear