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diabloAre you looking for some online games like Diablo that share all the same features? Well check out the list below and I guarantee you will find one. Diablo is a dark fantasy-themed role-playing computer game which was developed by Blizzard North. It is set in the fictional kingdom called Khanduras, which is located in the world of Sanctuary. Players battle through 16 levels or floors that consist of dungeons and creatures from hell within the game. The goal is to ultimately get to the devil himself and defeat him.

The first Diablo game sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide when it was first released and is still considered the top PC game by GameSpot.com as of June 2011. It is no wonder that people love it. Diablo 2 was accepted just as well by the gaming community and with Diablo 3 coming out, players are even more into this series than ever before. Check out the list below for similar games to this amazing series. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Best Free Games Like Diablo

Drakensang Online

drakensang onlineDrakensang Online is a 3D fantasy themed browser style role playing game with almost the exact look and feel of the Diablo games. Players take the role of a character whose land has been corrupted by evil and must embark in mysterious adventures to stop this dark force.

The exploration of dungeons is one of the key features in Drakensang, where players will fight waves of evil monsters such as devil looking characters and skeletons while at the same time finding massive treasures. Both sword combat and magic combat are available for use in this game. Drakensang is a completely free to play game and there is no download required. It is played right through your browser.

Features of Drakensang Online

  • Amazing and eye catching graphics
  • No download or install required
  • Unique skill progression system
  • Plenty of quests and game mode variations
  • Arena battles available

Conquer Online

Are you looking for a game very close to Diablo just not as dark of a theme to it?! Well here you go. Conquer Online is easily the one you are looking for and has more to offer than any other game that I have played. This massively multiplayer online RPG puts you into a dungeon and dragon filled world where survival of the fittest is key. With a vast amount of character classes and job advancements combined with the extraordinary game play and quest play, you will not find a better game online right now that is completely free to play. Conquer Online also features a unique auto walk feature and tons of player vs player options to check out. Seriously, you got to check this game out and let us know how it goes for you. It truly blew my mind.

Features of Conquer Online

  • Unique auto walk feature
  • Vast amount of character classes and job advancements
  • Fast paced game play
  • So many quest and dungeons to complete
  • Amazing skill animations


overkingsOverKings is a unique role playing game which also almost has the exact look and feel of Diablo. The game has a unique crafting system as well as a great trading system allowing players to trade between one another. Stealing is also a feature of the game though if caught the punishment is severe.

Exploring the land filling your inventory with resources and gold as well as battling evil enemies are the main activities that players take part in while playing this amazing game. Raiding dungeons and going on adventuresome quests either alone or with friends are also options for players. Some people consider Overkings to be a healthy medium between the World of Warcraft and Diablo games.

Features of OverKings

  • 8 different classes of characters to choose from including Assassins and Witches
  • Huge Monster Bosses at the end of certain quests
  • Amazing and unique inventory system
  • 7 different classes of items including godly items and legendary items

Call of Gods

call of gods onlineCall of Gods is a 100% free to play online role playing game. Visit dungeons that are full of challenges or go on a diversity of quests. The background story of Call of Gods is based on a world of war among the gods. Players have the ability to also build and customize cities. Call of Gods is a good mix between games such as Diablo and Civilization.

Features of Call of Gods

  • Beautiful and fluid animated battle system
  • Impressive 3D graphics that will grab everyone’s attention
  • Player interaction is mostly the central component
  • Multiple ways to play with RPG elements as well as MMO and strategy elements

Dragon Soul

dragon soulDragon Soul is an online role playing game set in a dark mysterious world. With eye catching 3D graphics and almost 800 different quests to fullfill this game is nothing short of amazing. There is an extensive charcter class selection as well as 160 different skill sets that they can earn within the game. The tale revolves around eight massive and unique kingdoms who are attempting to overthrow the existing alliance from the land and you are the leader.

Features of Dragon Soul

  • 800 unique quests to fulfill
  • 160 different game skill sets
  • Character level cap of 100
  • Completely free to play game
  • Some of the best graphics around

Shards of the Dreams

shards of the dreamsShards of the Dreams is a browser-based massively multiplayer online role playing game in which players can complete dungeon quests by themselves or with up to 5 other players. There are many features that go along with Shards of Dreams that include unique abilities, trading, gathering resources and item customization. There is a massive diverse world within this game with over 200 quests to complete.

Features of Shards of the Dreams

  • Unique engine and game play
  • More than 200 quests available for players within the game
  • 8 character classes with 2 factions
  • Player vs player and clan battles available

Fortune Online

fortune online gameFortune Online is an action role playing game that is played on your browser with no download required. Create your own character and battle your way through tombs and dungeons filled with evil creatures and enemies. Throughout the journey in the game, players can find useful items which will then make them even more powerful. You can even team up with your friends in this must play fantasy role playing game with Diablo like features.

Features of Fortune Online

  • Very flashy class mechanics
  • Simple game to play and easy to get used to
  • Characters progress through a class-specific skill tree with four stats
  • Built off the same platform as Diablo


requiemThis is an MMORPG that will bring you into the dark world of complete bloodshed. It is for mature audiences but truly reminds me of the Diablo games. You fight against massive monsters and band together with your allies to survive creatures that will stop at nothing to rip you apart. This game is full of action and evil creatures.

Features of Requiem

  • 4 classes each with a unique skill tree
  • Unique item crafting system
  • Very dark themed and lots of blood shed for those of you that like that
  • Amazing 3D graphics and unique design


florensiaFlorensia is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which you fight monsters and other enemies on land or at sea. The game is a bit like World of Warcraft but with better 3D graphics and more of an animated look to it. Players take part in quests which can lead you into dark dungeons or marvelous towns.

Features of Florensia

  • The ability to play the game on land or at sea
  • 12 different playable classes
  • Solid and unique skill tree system
  • Ability to own and customize your own ship
  • player vs player and party vs party duels

Adventure Quest

adventure questThis is an online single player role-playing game is similar to Diablo and has eye catching 2D graphics and an alright design. Game play revolves around battling evil enemies in a turned based battling system. By defeating these enemies, players gain XP points and gold which they use to upgrade their character like in most role playing video games played on the internet.

Features of Adventure Quest

  • Players can instantly travel to any where through the world map
  • Tons of quests that are all repeatable
  • Real time combat
  • 4 available classes but multi-class is available

If these games like Diablo are not what you are looking for then check out the rest of the pages on the website. For some MMORPG’s you can check out the Games Like Wow page.