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Games Like Diner Dash – Free To Play Online

diner dashThere are a lot of games like Diner Dash out there and we have a huge list of them for your. Diner Dash is a time management strategic video game that can be played on a variety of different platforms including PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Play is simple within this game. It involves the user seating customers and waiting on them as fast as possible while at the same time cleaning up after other customers and doing it all over again. It features a level system where players must have enough money from the previous level to go on to the next level. If they did not make enough money to move on then they lose the game.

Diner Dash has become a very popular game within the United States and has even been mentioned on CNN and the New York Times. There have been five sequels to it since its release and each has brought something new to the table. It is a very fun and interactive game for young users and certainly keeps them busy for quite some time. Below is a list of games very similar to Diner Dash. All of them are completely free to play and can be found online.

Best Online Games Like Diner Dash – Free To Play

Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills

cooking dash 3Cooking Dash 3 features the same character from Diner Dash, Flo, and is as close of a game to Diner Dash as you can get. Flo is working her very first summer job at an amusement park with all of her friends. There are multiple restaurants within Cooking Dash 3 which makes the game that much more challenging. Players simply seat their customers and begin to wait on them. Bringing them their food, cleaning up after them and seating new customers are just a few of the things that you will have to do within this time management game.There is even a drive thru that players will have to be concerned about. Time is of the essence throughout gameplay and the last thing you want to do is make your customers wait for their food for to long!

Features of Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills

  • 50 levels of play challenging you in speed and quality
  • Multiple restaurants such as Log Jam, Spooky Shack and Deep Dive
  • A new drive-thru service challenging you even more than ever
  • 9 customer personality types
  • Completely free to play game and can be found online

Amelies Cafe

amelies cafeIf you are looking for a time management game like Diner Dash with maybe some mini tasks mixed into it then Amelies Cafe is definitely the one you want to check out. You take the role of a person who owns a run down cafe which needs a lot of work to be successful. Turn this cafe around while waiting on customers as well as making all the decisions for the cafe yourself. You must seat the customers, take the orders and deliver the food as fast as they can while at the same time keeping the cafe clean and tidy. Earn as much money as possible to move onto the next level and even play mini games to earn some extra bonuses. You also have the ability to upgrade things within your cafe such as cooks and ovens.

Features of Amelies Cafe

  • Over 50 levels of fast paced challenging fun
  • Mini games available to earn extra bonuses
  • 3 different cafe interior customization’s
  • 3 different modes available
  • Free and easy to play online game

Diner Dash: Home Town Hero

diner dash: home town heroThis is another installment of the Diner Dash series and is very similar to the original one but has many more features and much more to offer. Take the role of Flo once again as she goes back home to visit her old memories. With 5 restaurants in total that you have control of, there is more than ever before for you to take care of. There are brand new customers on your hands such as the “Hungry Man” and the “Celebrity”. There are even new features available such as being able to combine tables together in order to seat larger groups. This is an action packed fun filled time management game that never gets old and is very challenging for its users. Are you ready to help Flo restore her hometown back to what it originally looked like?

Features of Diner Dash: Home Town Hero

  • Brand new reservations features allowing you to reserve table for incoming customers
  • Great moving tables feature allowing you to seat larger groups of customers
  • Ability to train brand new waiters to help you
  • Great fun and challenging level play

I hope this list of games like Diner Dash was what you were looking for. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.