Games Like Dota – Free To Play Online

dotaDota, or Defense Against the Ancients, is a real time strategic video game. It features two teams of players going against one another, the Scourge and the Sentinel. Each team has a base in opposite corners of the map defended by towers and armies of guards. In the middle of this base is the “Ancient” which must be destroyed by the opposite team to win the game. There is obviously a bit more to the game that that but I am sure you know all about it!

Generally, five players are appointed to each side and the match begins. Battles can take anywhere from ten minutes up to hours but they are always action packed and full of fun. This game is truly a great game but unfortunately it is not free. We have posted a list of free to play games like Dota below, just for players like you.

Top free online games like Dota

League of Legends

league of legendsLeague of Legends is a strategic real time video game that is largely based off of the game Dota and is literally the most similar game out there to it. Game play within League of Legends is fairly simple. There are two teams that each start out defending a “Nexus” on either side of the map which needs to be destroyed in order for the opposite team to win. This is the same as defending the “Ancient” as it is called in Dota. Players can choose between playing 3 v 3 or 5 v5 battles as well as 5 different game modes. These game modes include but are not limited to co-op, normal and ranked. With over 90 different champions to choose from and 3 huge maps, League of Legends has a ton to offer and it is completely free to play.

Features of League of Legends

  • 90 different characters to choose from
  • 5 game modes including Ranked and Normal
  • 3 different maps for team battles to take place on
  • Very competitive and fast paced game play
  • Always coming out with new maps and game types
  • Competitive play that even offers real cash prizes
  • Awesome graphics and highly reviewed game design

Land of Chaos Online

land of chaosLand of Chaos Online is my favorite game out of this whole list for a few reasons. For one, it mixes some of the greatest game types such as massively multiplayer online, third person shooters and strategy. Second, it is exactly like Dota except it is played in completely 3D mode instead of an overhead mode. This allows players to feel like they are almost in the game and the graphics actually pop out at you unlike any overhead games. Lastly, this game has so many different great features that makes it hard to stop playing after you start. With tons of different weapons to choose form and 2 unique game modes, this massively multiplayer thrid person shooter will easily jump to the top of your favorite games to play.

Features of Land of Chaos

  • Unique skill progression system
  • 2 distinct game modes to play
  • Tons of characters to choose from each with unique capabilities
  • All equipment is upgrade-able
  • Ladder ranking system

Rise of Immortals

Rise of ImmortalsRise of Immortals is an action packed MMO game with all the same features that Dota has to offer plus more. It adds multiplayer game play together with strategy game play and was actually inspired by Dota itself. The one big difference between these two games is that Rise of Immortals features an awesome player progression system as well as much better socialization features. The game is largely based on player vs player team game modes but does offer a player vs environment feature to allow players to learn the game first. The object of the game in player vs player battle is to ultimately destroy the other teams base exactly like you would in Dota.

Features of Rise of Immortals

  • Persistent character progression instead of having to always start over
  • Awesome and unique maps
  • Player vs Player and Player vs Environment game play available
  • Much better social features than most online games
  • Developers are always adding new maps, weapons, etc
  • Over 10 different heroes to choose from

Avalon Heroes

avalon heroesAvalon Heroes is a a tactical game as well as a battle game with Dota like Matches. Battle mode is a full out team vs team battle to the end. Tactical mode is an adventure where players will have to defeat strong boss monsters and evil enemies. This game has it all and definitely needs to be checked out!

Features of Avalon Heroes

  • Solid online ranking system
  • Unique single player mode
  • Great hero customization system
  • Multiple game modes

Warmage Battlegrounds

warmage battle groundsWarmage battle grounds is a free to play, browser based multiplayer fantasy battle game. You pick a side and you go to battle. It is as simple as that. This game is just like Dota with a turned based battle system just not as good of graphics or game play.

Features of Warmage Battlegrounds

  • 2-4 player cooperative and competitive fantasy battles
  • Tactical combat strategy game mechanics
  • Very fast paced game play
  • Strategic thinking, knowledge-based skill and careful battle preparation are all part of the game

Khan Wars

khan warsKhan Wars is a free to play massively multiplayer online role playing video game found online. In this medieval based browser game players choose their character from multiple classes and begin their quest against thousands of other players from all over the world.

Features of Khan Wars

  • Choose your knights from 4 different classes
  • Infinite battle tactics
  • 11 well balanced nations to choose from
  • Thousands of players to fight against


shaiyaShaiya is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where players can fight each other or against insanely scary monsters. Players enter into Shaiya where they can socialize if they choose or just play the game with thousands of other players simultaneously. It has great graphics and is an easy game to play.

Features of Shaiya

  • More than 15 dungeons to raid
  • Competitive player vs player combat
  • Multiple difficulty modes
  • Unique guild system