Dragons of Atlantis Review

Dragons of Atlantis is an online strategic game that can be played through Facebook. It takes place in the lost world of Atlantis where dark fate creeps on the horizon as four tribes are competing for world domination. Harness mysterious powers and the great wisdom of the “Ancient Ones” to build an empire that will dominate all. It will take courage and intellect to prevail within Dragon of Atlantis.

If you had to compare Dragons of Atlantis to other games out there you could say it is very similar to Evony. Games like these have close similarities to Civilization and The Settlers. They are just played a bit differently.


Game Features –

  • Build a powerful empire in an ancient and mystical land
  • Raise a powerful dragon that will defend your city at all costs
  • Conquer your enemies with an army that includes dragons, minotaurs and giants
  • Harness the wisdom of a lost civilization to boost your abilities
  • Participate in a community of alliances, fierce conflicts, and epic battles

dragons of atlantisSome Side Notes For You –

  • Want added protection? Join an alliance
  • Make use of the Dragon Hearts and Glowing Shields to enhance your military might
  • Increase building times by 10% by researching levitation
  • Taking over Wildernesses will boost productivity
  • Defeat the Anthropus camps to gain resources