Evony Review

evonyEvony is a great MMORPG like Civilization that is free to play. The game starts you in an empty town and has you slowly build it up into a large territory.  Your goal is to start with the town hall and build your city from scratch into a powerful kingdom. Each time you build something, a timer is set. For example, when you first structure a barracks it may take five minutes for the first level up; however, it may take even longer for the next barrack level up.

The city building concept may be one of the best out there. Evony restricts you to only being able to build one structure at a time no matter how many resources your city has. I like this approach because it is does not depend on how long you play the game but rather how often you play the game. You can play for an hour or so one day and come back to it the next to check up on your progress.

A great feature about Evony is that it divides your city into two parts, a town and the city. The town consists of residential and commercial buildings such as the town house, markets and your military academy. The city consists of different structures outside of the protective walls such as iron mines, farms, and your resource buildings.

Along with collecting resources and building different structures, there is also city management where you are in charge of different things like tax rate, maintaining your city’s population, and assigning a mayor for your city. The city management may seem hard at first but it’s actually pretty easy; you will learn everything within 10 minutes of playing.

While trying to prestige through your city’s progress, you will also have to battle against other territories after your army is ready. You need to scout the area before you attack first so you can find out how many and the type of troops your enemy has.

Evony is the game in which you are rewarded for leveling up. This means for every certain level up, you are rewarded so many prestige points in which you can spend on different features.

This is a great game to to play if you are looking for a game like Civilization. There are many different things you can do in Evony that will keep you playing for a long time. If you think you have what it takes to build a city from ground up, I encourage you to try playing the game.