Games Like Evony – Free To Play Online

evonyEvony is an online multiplayer flash game which shares a lot of the same elements that civilization does. Based back in the medieval times, players  simply begin developing a city from scratch while also creating new technologies and building structures that will ultimately create a massive army. This army is used to try to conquer other players throughout the game as well as gathering resources which in return will allow for more structures to be built and a larger army to be made. The name of the game is ultimate domination and the last one standing wins the game.

Evony was first released in 2009 and become fairly popular upon this release date. Even before this game hit the market there were tons of other games online just like it. Below I have compiled a list of the most popular games exactly like Evony just with some different twists to them such as unique themes as well as different in game features. They all follow the idea of building a massive city as well as a huge army in order to conquer the rest of the game world.

Best Free to Play Games like Evony Online

Dragons of Atlantis

dragons of atlantisDragons of Atlantis is a real time strategy game where players build a massive empire and virtually try to take over their enemies and conquer other lands. This game has 2D graphics and features plenty of quests and challenges for players to take part in. It plays exactly like Evony but just has a dragon like theme to it. Gather resources to build tons of different structures as well as military units to protect your city and conquer others within the game field. There is an awesome trade system implemented into the game as well as a dragon feature that allows you to have a dragon protect your city from enemies. Dragons of Atlantis has a ton of in game features and even plays when you are not logged in.

Features of Dragons of Atlantis

  • 4 different resources each used for different purposes within the game
  • Tons of builds to construct including science centers and theaters
  • 10 different military units to construct
  • Awesome graphics with plenty of quests to check out
  • Great trading system and huge community to do so with

Thirst of Night

thirst of nightThirst of night is an online browser based strategy game with a dark vampire based theme. It is played exactly like Evony in the way that players build their cities, which have a futuristic and Gothic look to them, and then harvest the biggest army of vampires that they can. One great feature about his game is that players can even produce a gargoyle which will protect their city for them. After your city and armies are developed and you are consistently researching new technologies, you can start attacking your opponents around the game world. The game is fairly simple but massively addicting and has a ton of great features to offer.

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Completely browser based game
  • Ability to upgrade buildings, train soldiers, generate resources and research new technologies
  • Unique dark theme that is a refresher from most games similar to this
  • Very detailed visuals throughout the game
  • Tons of different structures to build including night clubs for your vampires to feast at

The Godfather: Five Families

godfatherThe Godfather: Five Families is another browser based strategy game with all of the same elements as Evony. Instead of being based in the medieval times however, it is placed back when mobsters and gangsters ruled the cities. Players choose from one of five gangster families and then start trying to make a name for themselves within New York and ultimately try to take over the city completely within the game. Building your city from scratch is one of the key features in this game in which players can construct buildings such as cement factories, steel mills, hideouts and restaurants. Some of these buildings are needed for resources such as weapons and what not and some are for your mobsters to hide out in. When your army of mobsters and gangsters is created, you can continue on to attack other players making your army even bigger and creating more resources from doing so to build yourself up within the game.

Features of The Godfather: Five Families

  • Completely browser based game
  • Awesome and unique mobster theme
  • Easy game interface
  • Tons of different weapons to equip you gangsters with