Games Like Fallout – Free To Play Online

falloutWant to play some games like Fallout but online? Take a look below for a list that we think you will love. Fallout is a computer role-playing game where you visit different locations and interact with local inhabitants. Sometimes, these inhabitants have problems that need solved. The player has the choice to solve these or not. By solving these dilemmas, the player can acquire karma and experience points which increases health, weapons etc.

The player’s decisions ultimately dictate the ending for them or the next path that they will take within the game. During game play, players ultimately encounter opponents, where they will engage in combat. The combat in Fallout is turned-based, which is one way it is different from other RPG’s. For free games like Fallout check the list below. We tried to pick ones that were as close to it as possible so leave us some feedback as to what you think!

Best Free Online Games Like Fallout –


overkingsOverKings is a unique role playing game with a more medieval look to it. The great thing about this game is that players get to pretty much choose their path of adventure. Following the story line is one way to go about playing OverKings but there are also a number of side quests and dungeons to explore. Rebuilding the land that your character once knew as home is another aspect of OverKings. Along with Fallout like features, OverKings also provides features of a game like civilization as well.

Features of OverKings

  • Graphics very much like the games mentioned above
  • Huge monster bosses to battle at the end of each quest
  • 8 different character classes as well as 7 different item classes
  • Very large and unique inventory system

Drakensang Online

drakensang onlineDrakensang Online is a computer role playing game that can be found online and is free to play. Players begin by building a starting character like in all RPG’s and then they go on exploring and fighting against evil enemies as well as completing quests to level their characters up. Drakensang Online has a very similar look to games such as Fallout or Diablo and has a very dark theme to it. Raiding dungeons is one of the key features that Drakensang has to offer along with tons of others.

Features of Drakensang Online

  • No download or installment required
  • Easy to use interface with amazing graphics
  • Plenty of quests as well as different game modes
  • Arena battles available
  • Great dark themed graphics


dragon soul onlineDragon Soul online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with a good mix of traditional role playing game features. Players simply choose their own path to ultimately become the king of their nation. There are hundreds of quests to take part in and even player vs player combat. There are already a ton of people trying out Dragon Soul and its popularity is higher than ever.

Features of DragonSoul

  • 4 different classes available including assassins and mages
  • over 100 pets and mounts available
  • Unique player vs player combat
  • Ability to rank up your character as well as your pets

Castle of Heroes

castle of heroesCastle of Heroes is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that is free to play online. Players choose a character form 4 different races and then start their journey capturing castles and raiding dungeons. There are a ton of things to do within Castle of Heroes including raiding dungeons, castles and even player vs player combat.

Features of Castle of Heroes

  • 4 different races all with different benefits
  • All players start with their own small army behind them
  • central game play evolved around combat
  • Unique quests like a 40 level tower to work your way up


cronousCronous is a 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online role playing game that is free to play and looks and plays like a classic action RPG. Players can choose from various classes and explore the world of Cronous while completing quests and other adventure. Cronous plays very similar to how Fallout does but in a more medieval period.

Features of Cronous

  • Equipment can gain experience and grow
  • Simple skill system and game play
  • 4 character classes available
  • Basic graphics and interface