Games Like Fantage – Free To Play Online

fantageWant to play some games that are similar to Fantage? I think the list below should help you out in that department. Fantage is a browser based virtual playground game for kids aged 7 and up. The world within Fantage was designed so that children could go online and play mini-games as well as go on adventures by themselves or with their friends. In this fantasy world, kids have a wide range of activities to choose from including hosting and attending parties, playing player vs player mini games and chatting with buddies.

A game like Fantage allows its users to use their creativity through ways like customizing their own avatars and even their homes. Using problem solving skills to master the mini tasks as well as missions the game provides is another thing players can do. There are many games online today that are closely related to Fantage and most are published by Disney itself.

All the games provided below are safe and secure in all aspects. They all support customized chat filtering systems and live moderators who monitor the online activity to make sure nothing inappropriate is going on. Some of the games must be downloaded but not all of them. Check them out and enjoy!

Best Online Games Like Fantage – Free To Play


woozworldWoozworld is an online virtual world for kids aged 7 to 14 and has a ton of game content to offer. Whether you are looking for a place to play games, meet new people or even just use you imagination and creativity, Woozworld offers it. There is no download required to enter this virtual game world and it is 100% safe and secure for all users. Players simply create their own avatar and start playing games and earning prizes. Woozworld is almost exactly like Fantage or Club Penguin but i believe has much more to offer.

Features of Woozworld

  • Ability to virtual create your own world
  • Has the highest standards in terms of online safety for all virtual online games
  • Take on the world by storm and complete diverse missions or quests
  • Fully customize your own unique avatar
  • Participate in Woozworld’s animations and activities for prizes

Virtual Villagers

virtual villagersVirtual Villagers is a village simulation game where users hang out, socialize and play mini games with other users. The game is based mostly on puzzles and strategy within the virtual world which takes part on an island called Isola. There are four different parts to this island that all have unique characteristics as well as different puzzles and mini-games to play. Players must uncover the secrets of the island as well as create and grow their own village.

Features of Virtual Villagers

  • Hundreds of unique villagers to choose from
  • Plays in real-time with new surprises every time you play
  • Unique and unpredictable “Island Events”
  • Raise your villagers and create your own tribe

Secret Builders

secret buildersSecret Builders is an online virtual world for children between the ages of 5 and 14. It is very similar to games like Fantage or Club Penguin and has pretty much all the same features. All in all, kids can explore virtual lands, undertake multiple quests, play unlimited mini games and even nurture a pet. Players can also interact with other players in a safe and secure way. One great feature that sets Secret Builders aside from other games similar to it is that players can make and publish their own art, videos and writings making Secret Builders their own personnel creativity platform.

Features of Secret Builders

  • Children can create the site from within
  • Safe and secure chat system
  • Features a wide variety of multiplayer games including action and puzzles
  • Endless amounts of adventures and quests to take part in
  • Customize your own avatar as well as your own home

Club Penguin

club penguinClub Penguin is another online virtual game world for younger kids just like Fantage is. Kids take the role of cute looking penguins and roam the fun filled land doing activities such as taking care of a pet or playing mini games. One of the more popular mini games is racing other kids online down a mountain of snow dodging varies obstacles. Club Penguin is completely safe and does feature online chatting. All chats are filtered and monitored to make sure nothing is going on that should not be.

Features of Club Penguin

  • Already has over 30 million user accounts
  • Huge community of users that are more than willing to help out if someone is in need
  • Handful of various rooms and areas that all have unique activities to check out
  • Earn points in mini games to buy items for your penguin

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