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Games Like Farm Frenzy – Free To Play Online

farm frenzyFarm Frenzy is a time management farm simulation game with tons of features and tasks for players to check out. The title pretty much explains the game. All you do is run a farm by tending to your fields and producing goods such as eggs and milk. The game features a level system where players must complete a specific challenge to task in order to move to the next level. Each task can be very different but range any where from collecting a certain amount of eggs or make a certain number of baked goods.

As the levels progress, the challenges get harder. Collecting eggs is as simple as placing ducks on your farm and waiting for them to produce eggs. But something like baking goods takes just a little more than that. To complete a challenge within the game such as this, you must first purchase ducks, then purchase grass so the ducks can eat, collect the ducks eggs, build a bakery, purchase ingredients and use these ingredients in combination with the eggs to make baked goods within the bakery. As you can see there are quite a lot of steps to such a challenge and that is only the beginning.

Farm Frenzy is a great game and has many games within the series. It is no wonder that Farm Frenzy players are looking for free alternatives that are similar to it. There are multiple games online that are free to play and share very similar gameplay and features to Farm Frenzy. Check out the list below for such games and don’t be afraid to try them out. From experience they are all great games and each one brings something new to the table.

Best Online Games like Farm Frenzy – Free To Play

Ranch Rush

ranch rushRanch Rush is one of the best farm simulation games online today and is free to play. Within the game players simply own a nursery that has failed and needs to be taken care of. Can you turn this failed 3 acre nursery into a thriving ranch? There are tons of crops within the game that you can plant and gather including tomatoes, blueberries and corn. Ranch Rush is based on a level system where players must complete a certain task in order to get to the next level exactly like you do in Farm Frenzy. You can fully customize your ranch however you want it to look and there is even a ranch market allowing you to but the equipment and supplies necessary to do so. I challenge you to complete all the achievements and earn all the trophies available in this awesome time management game.

Features of Ranch Rush

  • 80 challenging but unique levels to play
  • Ability to fully design and customize your own ranch
  • Bonus mini game within the farmers market
  • Tons of achievements and trophies to be had
  • Better graphics then most time management farm games

Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

farm frenzy gone fishingFarm Frenzy Gone Fishing is exactly like the all so popular Farm Frenzy game except for one large difference; instead of raising crops and animals, you get to run a fish farm full of exotic fish and aquatic goods. This game has a ton to offer including the original features such as fending off bears that can be found in Farm Frenzy. Take the role of Scarlett whom has recently bought a brand new island farm in which contains a huge pond right in the middle of it. Raise fish such as sharks that will produce fish eggs in which you will take care of and turn into more fish for your farm. Predators will be an issue within the game and it is your job to fend them off and make sure they don’t have a feeding frenzy on your crops and fish. From experience this game is amazing and very addictive!

Features of Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing

  • 6 new animals/fish along with all the original animals
  • 90 brand new levels in order to test your farm skills
  • All new endless mode
  • Over 12 new buildings for your farm
  • Over 24 new products to plant and grow