Games Like Farmville – Free To Play Online

farmvilleFarmville is an online game played on Facebook where you take the role of owning a farm and tending to it. Players start the game by customizing an avatar which can be changed at any time. After this is done, players then start working on their farm. You are given an empty farm and a certain amount of farm coins which are used to purchase plants or items.

Players can also gain XP which allows them to purchase better plants worth more in the long run. The main way to gain XP and farm coins is by harvesting crops or visiting the neighbors farms. Even though this is a free to play online game with a Facebook profile, online game players are looking for alternatives. Well look no further because a list of games like Farmville can be found below. They are all free to play and all have very similar game play to Farmville.

Top free games like Farmville

Ranch Rush

ranch rushRanch Rush has 80 farm fresh levels that require a specific task to be done before passing. Harvest fresh crops, gather eggs, collect honey from bees, and do much more while building your Ranch. This farm game truly stretches what you can do on a farm and is actually quite refreshing. There are even mini games in Ranch Rush that you can check out. Ranch Rush has the exact look and feel of Farmville but has many more features.

Features of Ranch Rush

  • 80 farm levels with specific tasks to complete
  • Tons of clever upgrades to your farm
  • Bonus farmer markets mini games
  • Amazing anime graphics


If you are looking for a game like farmville but with a magical twist to it, then you got to check out MiraMagia. This game is completely free to play and is completely browser based. Within MiraMagia, you get to manage a huge farm land full of mystical plants and herbs. Some of these plants include snapdragons, tubular mushrooms and stone truffles. You can use your magic to make them grow more quickly and then trade your plants and herbs for more advanced magic. You also get to manage your village along with the farm and even explore the world within the game. If you like farmville, then you got to play this game. You will not be disappointed.

Features of MiraMagia

  • Manage a huge farm full of mystical plants
  • Full ranking system implemented letting you know how you compare to everyone else
  • Care for a dragon who helps you with your farm and village
  • Completely free to play and browser based

Virtual Farm

virtual farmVirtual Farm puts players in charge of turning a small yet fertile farm into a massive plantation! The basics of the game are exactly like Farmville in the sense that you till the ground, choose what crop you want to plant, water and take care of them and then harvest them and sell them at the market. There are tons of upgrades to earn and the game is easy to learn and play.

Features of Virtual Farm

  • 8 different kinds of crops to grow
  • 15 different plants/buildings to build
  • 11 different products to produce
  • Endless amounts of farming fun

Farm Craft

farm craftFarm Craft is a great farm management game where players get their hand’s dirty by taking the role a a farmer who is up against a huge competitor called the Agro Corporation. As you design your own layout of your farm and choose from an endless amount of crops to plant, Argo Corp will try to run you out of business. Keep making improvements to your farm earning you more profit which will allow you to expand.

Features of Farm Craft

  • Design your farm exactly how you want it, no restrictions
  • Each level of play brings new challenges
  • Earn up to 12 awards for your farming skills
  • More crops to plant than you will know what to do with


farmeramaFarmerama is the ultimate  “run your own farm” game. Trade in your city life for a taste of the good old country. Tend to your fields, raise your own cattle, and keep trespassers off of your land. Life on this farm will keep you busy and will never get old. Farmerama has all the same features that Farmville does plus more.

Features of Farmerama

  • level up system which allows players to gain access to more advanced crops and more rare animals
  • Neighbors are able to help one another clear land
  • “Give a gift” system
  • Players visit the city to purchase new crops and livestock
  • Already 30 million registered users

Farm Frenzy 3

farm frenzy 3This is a great game if you are looking to run your own virtual farm online for free. Farm Frenzy is a level based game where on each level there is a specific task that must be completed. You can tend your fields, buy buildings, take care of five different types of animals and much more.

Features of Farm Frenzy 3

  • 90 levels of game play all with different tasks and challenges
  • Protect farm from animals such as bears trying to steal your crops
  • Unique buying system
  • Cute anime graphics

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