First Person Shooter video games have become unbelievably popular but lets face it, these games are games to be played on video game consoles. Playing an FPS on your computer is pretty tough to get used to and just does not have the capabilty and ease of play that playing that same game on a video game console does.

Even so, there are still a ton of first person shooter games that can be found online completely free and a lot of them are similar to games you play on your Xbox 360 or your Playstation 3. Most of them offer a wide variety of weapons and armor that players can use but not a lot of them have a campaign to play. These online FPS’s usually stick to the player vs player matches for that is usually what players are looking for is it not?

They still have a ton of features to offer and are still exciting and time consuming which is what most video game players play for. Below is a list that we have compiled of popular first person shooter video games on the market today. Within the game pages themselves we have put together a list of games similar to the game in question which can all be found online completely free to play. Some of them have real money upgrades available but you do not have to pay anything to play the games with the basic weapons and game modes.

Don’t be afraid to check some of these games out and do be sure to visit this page often for we are always updating it and adding new games to it. We are also adding new games for you to play within these pages that are like the games in question which will all be free to play online.