Games Like Grand Fantasia – Free To Play Online

Grand Fantasia is yet another massively multiplayer online role playing game from Aeria Games. It has awesome cell-shaded anime styled graphics and a great design. This game is also called Dreamy Journey Online in other parts of the world. The developers of Grand Fantasia prided themselves in the vast amount of mounts, both flying and land based, that they made available to their users.

Grand Fantasia truly has a ton to offer its users and for that reason, when people are done playing the game, they look for other games online that are just like it. There are a ton of massively multiplayer online role playing games on the internet today that are completely free to play. Each one brings something unique to the table and each one is probably worth trying out individually. Either way, below we have posted of list of the top MMORPG’s out there that are all free to play online and are all games like Grand Fantasia. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Top Free Games Like Grand Fantasia


Rappelz is a complety free to play massively multiplayer online role playing. It truly has so many features to offer its users and is easily one of the sickest games that I have played myself. I will tell you a little bit about it but let the pictures below tell the story as well! First off, Rappelz has an awesome dungeon siege system built in. This allows you to raid dungeons and collect massive treasures for your character. Secondly, there is a huge player base on this game already and it is continuously growing. With Rappelz’s extensive training system combined with built in pet systems and mount systems, the game will easily be to the top of all MMORPG’s soon. Check it out yourself to get a taste of what it is all about and let us know what you think!

Features of Rappelz

  • Extensive training system
  • Awesome pet system built in
  • Massive player base
  • Vast amount of classes and races for character selection
  • Amazing dungeon siege system
  • Top of the line and out of this world graphics

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