Games Like Guitar Hero – Free To Play Online

Want to play some games like Guitar Hero but for free? Well you are in luck because we have just that. Guitar Hero is one the best Music Video Games out there and was the basis for a ton of other games such as Rock Band and Dj Hero. It allows you to play a variety of songs through your console and gives you the feeling of being a guitar king. Ever since the original was released,  more than 20 other installments have hit the market. This game exploded and truly is one of the most addicting ones out there.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward. If you are playing on a console, you simply plug in your guitar and start rocking out. Other devices just make you tap the screen when need be. There are a ton of different modes including online player vs player where you can test your skills out against the best in the world. Reaching the top if the leaderboards is the name of the game in this mode.

The most popular part of guitar hero is the career mode. This is where you work your way through a ton of famous and awesome songs unlocking more as you complete them. There are hundreds of songs to unlock and each one brings something different and more challenging to your guitar playing skills. This game is one of the greatest things to ever be developed and for that reason we have found some games like Guitar Hero that can be played right through your computer. Check them out and leave us some feedback as to what you thought of them.

Top Free Games Like Guitar Hero

Frets on Fire

frets on fire gameFrets on Fire is almost an exact copy of guitar hero except for on your computer. It is played virtually the same way and has got some awesome built in features. The one that sticks out in my head is the built in song editor that allows you to edit and even create your own songs. Frets on Fire can be played alone or with your friends, which ever you prefer. It has been around for a few years now and has not got the recognition that I believe it deserves. Being just like Guitar Hero and even have some features that it did not is one of the reasons I played this game so much. It has a ton of songs to check out and is also an addicting game. It is definitely worth checking out and I guarantee you will love it. After you get into this game a bit send us some feedback on your experience.

Features of Frets on Fire

  • Built in song editor and creator
  • Ability to import songs from any guitar Hero game
  • Ability to use USB joysticks if you want
  • Online multiplayer available in new versions