Is Halo anniversary Worth it?

So I recently bought Halo Anniversary and am really starting to think that it was not worth the purchase. I was under the impression that this game was going to be pretty much Halo 1 and 2 combined and online. How wrong I was! So those of you who have not played the game, it is basically an add on to Halo: Reach, just with 5 multiplayer maps that you can play just like Halo 1 as well as the Halo 1 campaign mode “re-made”.

A few of these maps are also from Halo 1 which is pretty cool. Hang Em High and Prisoner are two of them off the top of my head. One thing I do not like about Halo Anniversary is that it only features 5 maps total. You play these 5 maps over and over and if you do not play Big Team Battle you only play three of them over and over. That really sucks. Why did I invest money into this game if that is all that I get to play!?

I know they made a ton of money of this game and the more I play it the more I just think it was a way to make money because the games were dying a bit. They went to far with the Halo series and they are going to try to go even farther with Halo 4 coming out in the up coming months. I hope this game is a vast improvement from the last 3 games they have released because lets face it, these Halo games have become a joke.