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Games Like Harvest Moon – Free To Play Online

harvest moonHarvest Moon is a virtual simulation role playing game series which was first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1996. Since its first release, its developers have made and released over 15 different Harvest Moon games which are available on mostly Nintendo brand consoles, including the Wii, as well as portable devices.

The game play of Harvest Moon is fairly simple and is largely based on farming. Players complete daily tasks such as watering vegetables, feeding animals and even taking care of the animals in ways such as brushing them and milking some of them. If these tasks are not completed the vegetables or other crops and even the animals can end up dying. Using ones time wisely is one of the most important parts of the game for there is only so many hours of light within one day.

Harvest Moon is split up into 4 month long seasons and each day starts at 6 a.m. and becomes dark at 6 p.m. Players have access to many tools including a watering can, axe, hoe, sickle, and a hammer all of which can be upgraded. There are also special features built into the game like a unique marriage system as well as a storm/disaster system. It is possible in the summer for your farm to get hit by a hurricane or an earthquake which does massive damage to your farm.

Harvest Moon is an exceptionally unique game and that makes it hard to find games like it online. Below we have compiled a list of online games both from the virtual simulation genre as well as the farm simulation genre. All of these games have the same basic idea as Harvest Moon and we have tried to put them in order from most relevant to least with comparison to Harvest Moon itself.

Top Free Games like Harvest Moon Online

Ranch Rush

ranch rushRanch Rush is the best farm simulation game that I have come across online and it seems to have the best design and graphics as well. It is considered a time management game for there is a limited time each day that players have to complete their tasks. There is also a level system in place that gives players a unique challenge for each level which must be completed in order to move to the next level. Ranch Rush ultimately allows players to build and create their own farm doing things such as gathering eggs and honey as well as tending to live stock and crops. If that’s not enough, there are even bonus mini games that can be found in the farmers market. Ranch Rush has a ton of game content to offer as well as unique features that other virtual farm games just don’t have.

Features of Ranch Rush

  • 80 levels of awesome yet difficult challenges to complete
  • Ability to completely develop and design your own farm
  • Bonus farmers market mini games
  • Tons of trophies and upgrades available