Imperial Hero

Imperial Hero is a free online massively multiplayer online role-playing game where you find yourself in a Medieval Virtual World. It can be compared to games such as Runescape or Runes of Magic for magical spells and warrior status is a key feature.

To start the game you pick a character out of 3 different classes – Ranger, Warrior, and Mystic. All three do completely different things but have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. They all have different weapons and skills that are better for different types of battle. By playing the game you will get used to which player is better for which types of gameplay.

You start the game in the Ayarr Empire and start your exploration from there. You then go on preforming heroic deeds such as helping the towns people, completing dangerous quests, and teaming up with your allies for a common cause and to fight your way to immortal glory

Imperial Hero is completely free, there is no installation required, you have the ability to socialize within the game as well as compete with thousands of other players and there is no limit to what you can do within the medieval virtual world!