Games Like IMVU – Free To Play Online

Are you looking to play some games like IMVU online? The list of games that we have below should point you in the right direction! IMVU is an online social entertainment website where players use 3D avatars to do everyday things as well as things that real life just doesn’t allow them to do. Things like meeting new people around the world, chatting online, create new and unique things/items online and even playing mini games are all part of this experience that has seemingly blown up in the past few years.

IMVU has over 50 million registered users with over 3 million of them actively playing every month. It was founded in 2004 and seems to be as popular as ever today. It has the world largest online virtual catalog and the game even allows players create and sell their own virtual product on this catalog. Users of IMVU can also fully customize their own homepages, set up public or private chat rooms and even participate or create user groups.

Being that as it may, people are still looking for alternatives to IMVU whether it is because they are sick of it or they have done everything they believe is possible within the game. Well, with social entertainment websites becoming very popular recently, there are a few games that are exactly like IMVU and maybe even better. These are all completely free to play and can be found online.

Best Online Games Like IMVU

Second Life

second lifeSecond Life is an online virtual world with truly amazing and eye catching 3D graphics and design. Players simply take the role of an avatar which is fully customizable in every aspect to look like anything the owner wants. Make him/her look exactly like you, make it an animal or even a combination thereof. There are virtually no limititations to what your avatar looks like. Let your imagination get the best of you.

second lifeOnce your avatar is made, the options within Second life are nearly limitless; meet other avatars online, instant message, socialize, participate in individual or group activities. There is even a built in software that is a three-dimensional modeling tool allowing players to build their own virtual objects. Players can build virtually whatever their mind can dream up and go on selling that item on the Second Life market if they so choose.

Along with doing everyday things like going shopping or out to dinner, Second Life allows its users to own a virtual piece of property as well. It can be a mainland piece of property or even a private island. This piece of property is fully customizable allowing players to turn it into whatever they would like. If you want to put a house on it go ahead. You could even build a store or mini mall if you would like. Second Life truly allows you to do whatever you want with almost no restrictions. It is a great game and already has 1 million active users.


woozworldWoozWorld is an online social entertainment website that is said to be a game like IMVU for kids. It is aimed at kids around the ages of 7-14 but can be played by any one. Players create an avatar and jump right into the game playing mini games, designing their own virtual space, throw exciting parties or events and even totally customizing their avatar how ever they would like.

Woozworld strongly encourages creativity for most of the world within the game is created by its users. There are new contests and activities all the time in this awesome virtual world and millions of kids have already joined the fun. The site is completely safe and secure for all its users.