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Games Like It Girl – Free To Play Online

it girl gameIt girl is a role playing game originally played through Facebook. There are other sites that host this game as well. It’s a game where you simply attempt to make a name for yourself. Being the richest girl of all, buying the best and hottest cloths and accessories, and partying the hardest will get you to the top of the popularity of women. Need to get more money? Don’t sweat it. There are care packages of money sent to just for being you in It Girl.

In It Girl, there are only female avatars so gentleman, this probably is not the game for you. It emphasizes strongly on picking out that amazing handbag or those flashing diamond earrings instead of purchasing upgraded swords and armor which is the case in most role playing games. It Girl can be played free online but even so, we have a list of top five games like it for those whom are interested. Enjoy!

Top free games like It Girl


IMVUIMVU is an online 3D social world where players can interact with others, chat, play mini games, and even shop! The game is geared toward females more than males because of the dressing up, shopping, and decorating of houses that the players participate in. It has more than 50 million registered users and is still growing!

Features of IMVU

  • Unique user content creation program
  • Worlds largest virtual goods catalog
  • Ton of mini games to play and win cool prizes
  • Virtual limitless world full of items and activities

Second Life

second lifeSecond Life is an online 3D virtual world where the possibilities are truly endless. Players take on the role of a single avatar and then take part in activities such as socializing with virtually anyone, going to live performances, developing and customizing their own land and house as well as even buying and selling virtual products.

Features of Second Life

  • Play mini-games within Second Life including going on quests
  • Build your own virtual objects with the three-dimensional modeling tool
  • Meet new people from all over the world
  • Create an avatar completely free of charge and customize him/her to your liking

Ty Girlz

ty girlz gameTy Girlz is an online virtual world for girls where they pick an avatar and participate in things such as shopping, chatting with friends, and playing mini games. It is definitely a game that will keep you involved and intrigued. If Decorating your home and dressing up your avatar is what you are looking for, then Ty Girlz will not disappoint you.

Features of Ty Girlz

  • Own and customize your own room
  • Play dress up games as well as multiple other mini games
  • Shop and customize your own avatar
  • Chat and interact with your friends online
  • Only for those own own a Ty girl doll

Oz World

oz worldOz World is a 3D social massively multiplayer online world. It differs from It Girl in the way that it is not just aimed towards girls, however it still has a lot of features that everyone will enjoy. Dressing up your avatar to your liking, decorating homes, fishing with friends; these are all possible activities within Oz World. It is mostly geared towards younger aged teenagers but all are welcome. 

Features of Oz World

  • Player housing available
  • Ability to go fishing with friends or alone
  • Buy cloths and customize your avatar to your liking
  • Unique marriage system
  • Great in game graphics and easy to use interface


ourworldOur World is a unique 2D virtual world where players can play games, chat, and buy clothing and accessories to create style for their avatars. With thousands of items to choose from within the game, creativity is all that matters. You can level up in Our World which then allows you to collect more items for your avatar. The game is geared towards the younger gamers in the world such as players 7 – 14 years old. 

Features of ourWorld

  • Dozens of mini games varying in types
  • Very in depth character customization
  • Player housing available for everyone
  • Browser based game play