Games Like League of Legends – Free To Play Online

Want to play some games like League of Legends? From the list below I guarantee you will find what you are looking for! League of Legends is a real time strategic video game that is largely based on the Dota. There are two teams that start on opposite sides of the map. To win, one team has to destroy the Nexus on the other teams’ side. Usually this game is played either a 3v3 or a 5v5. If you die, you re-spawn and continue on like nothing happened.

The main path to the opposing teams’ base is called a “Lane”, and more often than not, there are turrets that populate this path which makes it very difficult to travel. This game is all about how you play with your team and strategy is a key factor. If you are looking for free games like League of Legends, then check out the list below for some ideas. Each of these games cost nothing to play and are all pretty sick!

Top Free Online Games Like League of Legends

Land of Chaos

land of chaosLand of Chaos is an online strategy game that mixes real time strategy tactics and action role playing elements to bring you a unique and thrilling 3D online game. Many people compare it to the popular game, Dota, and I have to agree it has many similar aspects. The large difference is that Land of Chaos features 3D graphics rather than an over head view. It still allows for awesome player vs player battles and also features player vs environment game play.  There are two unique modes to choose form within Land of Chaos including Battlefield and Annihilation. Battlefield allows for up to 5 players on each side where as Annihilation allows up to 8 players per team.  Land of Chaos is an awesome game with eye catching 3D graphics and will live up to all of your expectations.

Features of Land of Chaos

  • Great skill system
  • 2 very distinct modes both with unique aspects
  • All equipment and weapons are up-gradable
  • Plenty of unique characters to choose from
  • Ladder ranking system

Rise of Immortals

rise of immortalsRise of Immortals is a free to play online strategy game that is considered to be a Dota look alike and was actually inspired by it. One difference between these two games is that Rise of Immortals features a unique skill tree system which allows for continuous character progression rather than a level based character progression system. Rise of Immortals also features a unique social hub rather than a chat system where players can join together and show off their immortals as well as chat with one another and even browse the leader boards. Rise of Immortals has great graphics and even brings features such as those talk about above that Dota does not.

Features of Rise of Immortals

  • Player vs Player or Players vs Environments game play
  • Unique social hub
  • Great character progression system
  • Multiple immortals to choose from for your character
  • Very well balanced game play

Avalon Heroes

Avalon Heroes is a 3D fantasy game largely based off of the popular game Dota. It is free to play and there are over 35 different characters to choose from. Players fight it out against their enemies in individual matches that are largely based on teamwork and strength.

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth, or HoN for short, is a real time strategy game developed by S2 Games. This science fantasy game is very similar to League of Legends  in the sense that team work is key to becoming the victor. Heroes of Newerth is a team based arena style game and is truly amazing.

Warmage battle grounds

WarMage Battlegrounds is a free to play multiplayer game that is found online. It is a turned based tactical combat fantasy game  where strategy and teamwork are key. Build and control massive armies and use spells and deadly weapons to vanquish your enemies.

Khan Wars

Khan Wars is a medieval based online strategy game that is free to play. Its an MMORPG where players choose between 11 different nations and use strategic combat to lead and train different types of battle units. Defeat the other teams/players to become the ultimate medieval warrior.

More About League of Legends

League of Legends is a free to play, online, real time strategy video game. It was largely inspired by Dota and shares many similar features.

The game is played with 2 even teams of players either 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5. Each team starts on opposite sides of the map within an area called the “fountain” around what the game calls the “Nexus”. To win the match, a team must destroy the opposing teams Nexus or the other team surrenders.

To get to the opposing teams Nexus, players must go down a path that leads to the opposing teams base called a “Lane”. This path is lined with turrets that help protect the the enemy teams base and is no easy thing to get through.

Players can choose between 85 different characters in which they can level up during battles. Each character starts at level 1 every battle and can be leveled up as high as 18 throughout the level. Each character has 4 different specific abilities. To level up, players can do a number of different things. Some of these include: killing the opposing teams players, killing the other teams Minions or non player characters or defeating neutral monsters that roam the maps.

There are multiple different game modes that can be played within League of Legends. The five modes include the tutorial, custom mode, Co-Op vs. AI mode, normal mode and ranked mode.

  • The Tutorial is the game mode where new players are directed to learn the basic controls and goals of the game.
  • Custom mode allows players to manually create custom games that other players can join to play.
  • Co-op vs. AI Mode is where players are matched either alone or with other players to play against a team of bots.
  • Normal Mode is where the server itself tries to populate a game.
  • Ranked Mode is a lot like Normal Mode but with 2 main differences. First, players can ban two characters from the game so that no player can be them. Second, players can few the other teams characters before the match starts so that they can see whom they are matched up

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