Left 4 Dead

Games Like Left 4 Dead – Free To Play Online

Left 4 DeadAre you looking to play some free games like Left 4 Dead? I think we can help you out with that with the list we provide below. Left 4 dead is a first-person shooter video game. As a player in this game, you are considered one of four survivors of an outbreak called the “Green Flu”, a very contagious virus that causes extreme aggression and loss of the higher brain functions; in other words, you are fighting zombies.

There are four modes that are available to play; campaign, versus, survival, and single-player. All these modes are obviously different and each has something new and exciting to showcase. Overall this game did pretty well on the market selling around 11 million units in total. It is no wonder people are looking for games similar to Left 4 Dead that are free just due to this fact.

Left 4 Dead was also named Best Multiplayer Game of 2008 by IGN.com. So if you are one of those video game players looking for free alternatives to Left 4 Dead where killing zombies is your go to, look no further. Our list below should help you out. Note that these are all based on the idea that killing zombies is the main idea!

Top Free Games Like Left 4 Dead Online

MAT: Mission Against Terror

mission against terrorMission Against Terror is an online 3D first person shooter game. Players can either choose to participate in classical team death-match games or play the all time favorite mummy mode which is where you fight off zombie like creatures. Customize your avatar and your weapons in this traditional FPS.

Features of Mission Against Terror

  • Tons of game modes to select from
  • Very simple interface and design
  • Ability to recover health by dancing
  • Unique rank system

Dead Frontier

dead frontierDead Frontier is the ultimate survival horror MMORPG. It is played from an almost over head view but it is 3D and the graphics are not bad. Objective of the game? Well, just kill zombies and survive. You use different weapons (over 100 to choose from) such as machine guns or flame throwers and all the zombies are not the same.

Features of Dead Frontier

  • Battle for survival against massive amounts of infected zombies
  • Over 100 real world weapons to choose from and use
  • Fight against other zombie survivors in brutal player vs player battles
  • Massive zombie world to explore

Zombie Pandemic

zombie pandemicIn this zombie infested game, players are survivors and they need to fight for there right to live. This is a free MMORPGame that includes missions and combat against zombies. Players can also receive perks that will help them survive and they can also choose form hundreds of different weapons in which they can use against over 175 different enemies.

Features of Zombie Pandemic

  • More than 2100 unique locations
  • 1000 items that can be used while surviving
  • 150 different zombies that will attack you
  • Multiplayer and single player game modes

Urban Terror

urban terrorUrban Terror is a free multiplayer first person shooter made by FrozenSand. Players can play multiple game modes like capture the flag and team death-match to name a few. It doesn’t have the great zombie mode but is still a great FPS.

Features of Urban Terror

  • Ability to preform moves such as wall jumping and power sliding
  • Players have 4 weapon slots
  • Ability to pick up equipment from dead players
  • Numerous game modes available

Plants vs Zombies

plants vs zombiesThis game is not a RPG but let me tell you, it is definitely one of the most addicting games i have played, especially if you love to kill zombies! Players own a house and the goal is to keep the zombies from reaching it. How do you kill them? By using plants! Different plants do different things to the zombies.

Features of Plants vs Zombies

  • Various game modes available
  • Over thirty plants all with different abilities
  • Over 15 types of zombies
  • Play in dark or night

If the games like Left 4 Dead above are not what you are looking for then you should check out our Borderlands page!