Legend: Legacy of Dragons

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is an online role playing game where you choose a player from one of two different races, The Magmars and Humans, which battle in an epic war for control of the fantasy world of Faeo.

Some cool features in Legend: Legacy of Dragons include a completely unique and new combat system in which you not only have the ability to fight computer enemies but any other player in the world. Also its not even just fighting individual battles but you have the ability to fight in large faction battles which allow you to lead an army and fight with teammates against warriors of the other race.

The game also includes over 250 quests which you can engage in with your teammates which can include sorcerers, healers, warriors and more. Also the best part is the entire game is free to play and you can play right now.

If you have ever played the popular game Diablo there is a pretty good chance that you will find this game to be a pretty fun experience as well! It is second on our top five games like diablo.