Lord of Ages

Lord of Ages is the ultimate strategic war based game that is also turned base. It is based in the medieval times and the ultimate goal is to rule the land either by yourself or with your friends. Fortify your castles cleverly, assemble and grow your armies and attack your enemies with no mercy is the motto when it comes to this game!

This game is absolutely free online and is easily one of the best strategic games I have played. I love that it is exactly like civilization except with a little medieval history built in. One hint that I will give you is that you should fortify your castles closer to if not in the wilderness! But that is all that I am going to tell you. To find out anything else you must play the game for yourself.

I give Lord of Ages a 4 out of 5 star rating. If you are looking for something like civilization then this is one of the games you need to try. I hope that it is as exciting for you as it was for me!