Games Like Lord of The Rings – Free To Play Online

If you are looking for some games like Lord of the Rings Online then you have come to the right place. Lord of the Rings Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game based on the popular movie series. The game has many limitations but is still a pretty awesome game. Players are thrown in a world of elves, orcs, swordsman and a bunch of other amazing characters. Survival is the name of the game like most other MMORPG’s. Players can choose to go on quests either alone or with friends or even other people online.

Lord of the Rings Online does have a free trial up to like level 60 or something like that but why waste all that time getting a character to that level and then having to pay to keep playing?! Why not play a free game that allows you to do everything and anything you want forever without paying a dime!? You can check out the list of games below that are very similar to Lord of the Rings and they are all free to play.

Each one of these games brings something unique to the table of online games and each one seriously has amazing graphics and design. They list is built in the order of most relevant to least when basing it on Lord of the Rings. So basically the first game you want to try is the top one and then move on down the list! Have fun and let us know how your gaming experience goes.

Top Free Games Like Lord of the Rings Online

Conquer Online

Conquer Online is an unreal massively multiplayer online role playing game with a strong focus on player vs player combat but does feature player quests and exploration as well. It is the all in one pack when it comes to gaming and has even recently been redeveloped with a new look and design. It has a huge player base and with its new and improved graphics, it is attracting more players every day! Within the game itself you can do pretty much whatever you desire! Raid dungeons, battle evil enemies including orcs and dragons and even participate in scheduled tournaments to test your skills against all the best online players. There is also a unique auto walk feature built in allowing for easier quest play. No more clicking every 5 feet to make your character move! Check this game out and I bet you will fall in love right away! It is the best of all the games like Lord of the Rings Online that I have found.

Features of Conquer Online

  • Awesome auto walk feature
  • Some of the best graphics and design out there
  • Recently redone and completely redesigned
  • Huge player base already
  • Impressive skill animations
  • Scheduled player vs player in game tournaments

– Rappelz

Rappelz is a 3D fantasy based massively multiplayer online role playing game with out of this world graphics and one of the best designs I have ever seen for an online game. It probably has the closest look and feel to Lord of the Rings Online but not as many features as the game above. One awesome feature that Rappelz brings to the table is that players have the ability to own their own dungeon instead of a house or castle like most other MMORPG’s! There is also a pretty amazing pet system built in that allows players to catch, tame, raise and evolve pets to fight by their side. There is so much to do within Rappelz that you will virtually never get bored of the game. It is always being updated and the player base is so big the game will never die. Play Rappelz today and you will not be disappointed one bit!

Features of Rappelz

  • Best graphics of any MMORPG out there
  • Unique guild siege system built in
  • Amazing pet system
  • Completely free to play game
  • Tons of classes and races to choose from when creating your character