Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima is an online massively multiplayer 2D strategy game that is free to play. The game is based on collecting certain resources to ultimately develop huge cities and massive armies. You then battle against the other users in the game for power and prestige.

You start off with one single city in Lord of Ultima. This is protected from attack for seven days to allow you to do your “prerequisites”. After these are done, you can start building castles which then allows you to conquer the other players in the game. If you don’t own a castle then you will have to settle with raiding dungeons.

The game is strongly based on building cities which includes the construction of buildings, the creation of massive armies and the conquering of enemy territories. There are over 30 different structures that can be built within the game. Some of these structures include: resource generators (Mines, Quarry’s, Woodcutters Huts, Farms), support structures (Stonemason, Mill, Foundry), trade structures (Marketplace and Harbor), army structures (Barracks, Training Grounds, Stables, Castles), and City Walls. Each structure is started at a level 1 and can be upgraded to a maximum of level 10.

There are five resources that can be used to build structures and army units. These resources include wood, stone, iron, food and gold. Each city can only store a certain amount of resources within it except for gold. Players can store as much gold in a city as they want.

So do you have what it taked to become the “Lord of Ultima”?