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Games Like Maplestory – Free To Play Online

maplestory gameAre you looking for games like Maplestory that are free to play? It’s your lucky day then because we have a great list of games for you. Maplestory is a very popular 2D side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role playing game. Within it, players choose and develop a character by battling evil monsters around the land and also by going on quests. This enhances the characters skills, abilities and weapons like in most RPG’s.

Another great feature that Maplestory offers is that players can easily interact with other players online as well as go on quests with them and even battle side by side with them. You can also trade and complete mini tasks with other online players within the game.

There are three main islands in the world of Maplestory: Maple Island, Victoria Island and Ossyria. Maple Island is the main land where everyone starts their journey within the game. The other two will be found and visited after a little bit of exploration! Anyway, check out the list of games below, I think you will like them!

Best Free Games Like Maplestory


fiestaFiesta is a massively multiplayer online role playing game very similar to Maplystory except for one key difference. Instead of being 2D, it is a 3D game with anime style looking graphics. Game play is virtually the same for players simply fulfill challenging quests while at the same time upgrading their character in ways such as better skills or weapons. There is more emphasis on exploration in an open game world rather than a linear story line which some might find very refreshing and unique. What i mean by that is there is still an awesome story line to follow while playing Fiesta but you do not have to stick to it at all times. You can choose to roam the open game world if you would like to.

Features of Fiesta

  • Beautiful cel-shaded graphics
  • Solid Item crafting and resource gathering systems
  • Awesome skill progression system
  • Easy to use interface and easy to play

Grand Chase

If you are looking for a game like Maplestory then this is it! The graphics and design are very similar but it has even more to offer its users and is completely free to play! Grand Chase is a 2D side-scrolling action based massively multiplayer online role playing game with awesome animated styled graphics and plenty of quests to complete. A very unique thing about Grand Chase and one of my favorite things about it is that as you progress through the game you unlock different characters. You can then switch freely between these characters at any time and you level up each one individually! This game prides itself in its awesome co-op game mode as well. Play with your friends and take this world on together!

Features of Grand Chase

  • Play as multiple characters
  • Awesome co-op gameplay
  • Tons of quests to complete
  • 3 different continents to explore


luvinia Luvinia is a 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game. It’s not the traditional 2D side scrolling type of game close to how Maplestory is, but it is very similar in game play and in graphic style. It revolves around a fairly linear story line but does allow players to explore the world within if they so choose. The graphics are cute cel-shaded anime style graphics and in my opinion are some of the best out there of any game.

Features of Luvinia

  • Very extensive class system
  • Bright and colorful style 3D graphics
  • Diverse and unique game environments
  • Player vs player combat available


florensiaFlorensia is a fantasy based massively multiplayer online role playing game with awesome cel-shaded graphics. It is very similar to Maplestory except for the fact that it is a 3D open world game instead of a 2D side scrolling game. Players still get to explore a vast world and take on tons of challenging quests including one awesome quest that involves players working their way through a 100 story building where each story gets harder than the next. Another unique feature of this game is that it can be played on land as well as at sea and players have complete control over a ship. Like your character, your ship can too be leveled up and upgraded with different weapons and equipment. There are 12 classes of characters to choose from and 5 classes of ships to choose from before you start game play.

Features of Florensia

  • Ability to play on land or at sea
  • Unbelievable graphics and design
  • Great skill tree system
  • Ability to level up your character as well as a ship
  • Player vs player battles with both duel and team battles available


lataleLaTale is a 2D side scrolling online game the reminds me exactly of Maplestory. Players are in control of a character in which they battle monsters with and take part in quests as well as some other activities within the game. There are five classes of characters to choose from including Knights, Warriors and Wizards. these characters all share four statistics which are power, stamina, magic and luck.

Features of LaTale

  • 5 starting classes including warriors and wizards
  • 6 different game skill sets
  • Ability to create and associate with guilds
  • Ability to raise pets which assist you in battle and exploration
  • Ranked and unranked player vs player battles

Ghost Online

ghost online Ghost Online is a 2D side scrolling massively multiplayer online role playing game. The objective of the game is to defend the world from ghost monsters which you may have never been able to guess from the name! While doing so, players also develop their character’s skills, weapons, and abilities. The best way to gain experience and gold is by defeating as many monsters as possible.

Features of Ghost Online

  • 5 different classes to choose from after the beginning class of Peasants
  • Unique graphics and design with a darker theme to the game
  • Interaction with others include trading and chatting
  • Players can go on quests alone or with others as well as participate in player vs player battles
  • This game is no longer available to play


wind slayerWindslayer is a fantasy based 2D massively multiplayer online role playing game. One great feature of the game is the arena based player vs player action that is available. It adds a little something to Windslayer that most other 2d side scrolling MMORPG’s lack. Windslayer and its great anime graphics and design is a great game that is under looked and has the same look and feel that Maplestory does.

Features of Windslayer

  • Many player activities including friend lists, trading and chatting
  • Extensive crafting system
  • Team or solo player versus player fighting available
  • Everyone starts out as a novice class until level 10 and then chooses from 6 secondary classes
  • Variety of objects along with amazingly colorful game graphics

Dragon Fable

dragon-fableDragon Fable is the prequel to the popular online game Adventure Quest. It is an online single player role playing game that is browser based with 2D based graphics and design. Within it, players control a character and take him/her on quests  and journeys. During these quests is when most of the battles take place which is also where players gain their experience for their characters in the game.

Features of Dragon Fable

  • Supports up to 3 v 3 player battles
  • Huge player base although the graphics are very low rated
  • Player housing available
  • Huge variety of pets and items
  • Weekly updates to the game making it user friendly


elsworldElsword is another 2D fantasy based side scrolling massively multiplayer online role playing game. It offers both co-op and competitive game modes. Elsword is full of dungeons in which players need to beat to move onto the next one which makes it a fairly linear game. However, each dungeon players battle through is different in its own way so players are not playing the same thing over and over.

Features of Elsworld

  • Very stylish graphics and art work
  • Both co-op and competitive modes
  • Player vs player mode where players receive rankings
  • Huge variety of gear, accessories, and cosmetic items
  • Multiple class paths making all characters unique

Three Kingdoms Brawler

three kingdom brawlersThree Kingdoms Brawler is a 2D side scrolling action fantasy game that is largely based on player vs player fighting. Players choose a character from three classes; The Azure Dragon, The White Fighter, and the Phoenix. By going on quests players can level up and begin to build their character throughout game play.

Features of Three Kingdoms Brawler

  • Unique fatigue system
  • Each character uses different weapons and are capable of fighting on their
  • 3 character classes that all branch to 4 secondary classes
  • Very deep and unique crafting system
  • Daily in game events available


dragonica-onlineDragonica is an amazing 3D side scrolling massively multiplayer online role playing game with great graphics and shares many of the same features that Maplestory does. There are 75 game levels for players to work their way through with the main mission being to stop a dark force called Elga from spreading throughout the world any further.

Features of Dragonica

  • Level cap reaching as high as 80
  • Unlike most side scrolling MMORPG’s there are 3D graphics
  • Combat is action based and is set in real time
  • 6 basic classes each with a unique skill tree
  • The game offers Co op missions available as well as single player

If the list above games do not suit you, then check out more games like Maplestory on our Adventure Quest page!