May 2012 iPad Game of the Month

Our staff has voted for what our favorite game of the month is for May 2012, and our team has decided to give that title to Kingdom Rush.  Kingdom rush is probably the best tower defense game ever developed for the iPad and could arguably be considered the best tower defense game of all time.


With over 75 levels (3 per map) there is tons of fun to be had.  Also the best thing about the game is it’s ultimate customization abilities.

For example there are four different types of towers you can choose from.  However that doesn’t even come close to how much you can do.  Each of these towers has tons of upgrade paths you can take.  For example you can build a wizard tower that has the ability to shoot highly damaging purple rays or you could decide to have your wizard tower become a defensive tower by creating a tower which lets you build giant stone warriors.

Also there are tons of different enemies with over 20 kinds of enemies with various types of resistances against the specialty towers it takes a lot of strategy to beat the maps.

One of the coolest things that’s been added to the game is the new hero’s option.  This new facet of the game allows you to choose from six “super warriors” how can quickly bolster you teams effectiveness.  Again each of these super warriors has special attacks which range from creating a clone that fights along side your forces to a warrior can throw exploding mines around the map.

It’s a pretty in depth game so instead of reading some long review we think you should just go download the game for your new iPad 2 and have the best iPad game of may 2012!