Minecraft Multiplayer Review

Who would’ve ever thought that a game comprised of cubical blocks for constructing various structure would become such a global phenomenon! Minecraft has transcended from a single player game to multiplayer. Upon closer inspection, you’d find out that Minecraft Multiplayer is not very different from the single player. What both the modes have in common is ‘pure addiction’. For those who haven’t yet indulged in the multiplayer side of this highly immersive game, here are a few tips:

First and foremost is obviously finding a server. Simply using a search engine will reveal a plethora of results. Opt for a server which has high uptime and decent population size. After all, the gist of multiplayer is having diversity of user content. Once that is done, next order of business is finding the right game type. There are various options to choose from. There is PVP (player Vs. Player) which can be a little daunting at first for a newcomer as they face off against seasoned players. Other choices include role playing, capture the flag, and simple free style building, which is a lot of fun.

Every server has its unique set of rules and their implementation. Some servers allow players total freedom, but this is where anarchy reigns supreme. A new comer is bound to face looters and thieves. There are servers with strict rules and even stricter enforcement. In these kinds of servers, high ranking players are on the top of the food chain. There’s little room to let your imagination run wild while crafting.

In the end, a person’s Minecraft Multiplayer experience is heavily dependent on server selection. Selecting the right one will keep you entertained and amused whereas the wrong one will have you hopping from one server to another like a nomad.